Anger – Justin/Eminem

A Songfic (Em/Justin)

Eminem sat in the waiting room at the hospital in LA.  Clenching and unclenching his fist in front of him as he leaned forward on his knees, he cursed to himself.

I want to take his eyes out

Just for looking at you

Em looked across the waiting area at Justin’s friends.  Only two had come clubbing with him- JC and Joey.  Both looked distraught and upset.  Both also kept throwing confused glances his way.  He scowled at them.  They weren’t there for Justin either.  They were his fucking friends.  They should have had his back.  He knew if some guy had tried to knife him in a club Dre and 50 would be right there.

And I want to rip his heart out

Just for hurting you

He laid his head back against the cold plastic of the seat.  Eminem sighed loudly.  Closing his eyes, he put his hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt.  The scene replayed in his mind behind his eyelids.  Seeing Justin across the room.  Nod of recognition.  Mental agreement on meeting in the back of the bar they were in.  Watching Justin’s body slide across the room, hands groping him as he goes by, eyes intent on Eminem the entire time.  Em almost got hard thinking about the determination and lust in Justin’s eyes as he walked across the room towards him, long, muscled arm holding a drink high above his head.   Then he got whirled around.  Grabbed by another man.

I want to take his hands off

Just for touching you

He saw Justin smile that smile, his hips sway a little, do a little dance as the man’s fingers tried to lace into Justin’s belt loops.  He saw Justin shake his head and turn to move on, locking eyes back with his lover, the determination and lust still evident.  Then shock and pain took over his beautiful features.

And I want to rip his heart out

Just for hurting you

Eminem flew through the crowd, catching Justin as he started to sink to the floor.  He looked up to find the guy, but he was gone.  Pulling out his cell phone he dialed 911.

Yes I do

Looking down at Justin, seeing pain written across his face, he dialed Dre’s number.

And I want to break his mind down

The doctor came through the door of the waiting room.  Eminem felt him more than heard him.  He shot straight up, along with JC, Joey and their gaggle of worthless bodyguards.  “Mr. Timberlake will be fine in about three weeks.  He was given some blood and he has sixteen stitches up his side.  However, he is conscious and on painkillers.  You can go see him, but I suggest one at a time so you don’t overwhelm him.”

Eminem looked over at JC and Joey.  He sat down, feeling defeated since they had no idea why he was there in the first place.  JC cleared his throat.  Em looked up at him.  He motioned towards the door, “You can go first, if you’d like…”

Em smiled slightly.  “Thanks.”  He had to mentally count his steps as he tried so hard not to run to Justin’s door.  Knocking softly, he opened it.  Justin was flipping through the channels on the tv, a sour expression on his face.  He looked comfortable, propped up on about eight pillows as he was.  Justin looked over as the door opened and smiled what looked like a drunk smile as Eminem opened the door.

And I want to make him

Take back all that he took from you

“Marshall,” Justin breathed, setting the remote down.

He came all the way in the room and shut the door.  “Hey baby.”  Swiftly he made his way over to the bed.  “How are you feeling?”

Justin shrugged with one shoulder.  “I’m k.  Doctor said that he didn’t hit any organs just flesh and meat so I was lucky.”

Eminem leaned down and kissed him on the lips softly, lovingly.  Justin smiled into the kiss.  “I’m sorry I wasn’t there.  I could have stopped him.”

Justin kissed him again.  “You were there.  You caught me.  I don’t even know who the guy was that did it.  But you were there for me.”  Em sniffed, rubbing his hand over Justin’s bald head.  J gawked and feigned surprise.  “Marsh, have you been crying?”

Em rubbed at his eyes.  “What would make you say that?  Having the one man that matters the most to me almost taken away?  Holding you in my arms thinking that I might be feeling your last breaths?  Knowing that I could have stopped that guy that groped you?”

Justin smiled triumphantly.  “You were crying over me.”

“Shut up.  Aren’t you supposed to be in pain and hurt and demanding pity and throwing a diva fit?” he quiped.

J yawned.  “Now that you mention it.  The events of the evening have made me rather tired.”  He leaned up and kissed Em chastely on the lips.  “Love you.”

“Love you too.  JC and Joey are outside,” he said, walking towards the door.

“Go ahead and send them in.”

Em nodded and left, giving Justin one more last loving look.  He walked past JC and Joey and nodded in their direction as he walked out of the hospital.  They nodded back and got up to go see Justin.  Eminem ran down the hospital stairs, throwing the hood of his sweatshirt over his head.  His cellphone rang in his pocket.  Taking it out he flipped it up and put it to his ear.  “This is Em.”

“Dre.  I got the guy’s location.  You want us to wait?”

“Yeah, give me directions.”

And I want to make him

Regret life since the day he met you

Yes I do


“Yes I Do” By Nickelback

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