Black Bag of Tricks – Jason/Grant

Grant’s eyes went between the black bag sitting next to him and Jason standing at the foot of the bed. “Um, I think we need a code word,” he mumbled.

Pulling Grant’s shirt over his head, Jason nodded. “What do you want it to be? Something that you’ll remember, but not something that would just come out.”

Grant thought for a moment. Jay stood in front of him, taking the younger man’s face in his hands. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Grant smiled up at him. “I do, I’m just nervous. Can’t I even just peek at what’s in the bag?”

Jason smiled devilishly. “Nope. What’s the fun in that then?” His lips softly brushed over Grant’s. “Code word?”


Jason snorted. “Monkey?”

Grant crossed his arms over his bare chest. “Monkey.”

Jay stood back and nodded his head, a smirk still on his face. “Fine, monkey.” Unzipping the bag, he told him, “Now climb up to the top of the bed.”

Grant’s eyes lit up. “Are we starting?”

Jason’s eyes roamed his body possessively as his hand reached in the bag, “Oh yeah, we’re starting.”

Slowly Grant backed up the bed, never taking his eyes off Jason and what he might bring out of the magical black bag. Resting his back against the headboard, he felt his heart race in his chest.

Jay just smiled at him. “Close your eyes.”

Grant opened his mouth to protest, but closed it at Jay’s quirked eyebrow response. He sighed and closed his eyes. The bed sank lower. Grant felt the heat climb up his body as Jay climbed higher over his prey. Rough hands moved up his chest from his stomach. Grant let a sigh escape his lips at the familiarity of the move, resting his head back against the headboard. Slowly Jason’s hands trailed down his left arm, pulling it up and wrapping a cuff around it. Grant’s eyes flung open. He watched Jason tether the leather cuff to the headboard and move for the other arm. “Holy shit, you’re serious.”

Jason grinned down evilly at him as he fastened the other arm to the headboard. “You’re mine now.” Lips crashed down onto his and Grant sucked on them eagerly. Jay’s tongue ran along his bottom lip before pushing past them, ravaging his mouth. Grant moaned into the kiss, trying desperately to pull his arms from their binds.

Pulling back, Jason reached back into the bag and pulled out what Grant instantly recognized as a blindfold. “Monkey!” he screeched.

Jason looked at him. “You’ve got to be kidding me? You’re going to monkey on this?”

“I want to see want you’re doing,” he answered, squirming. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”

Jason rolled his eyes. “I’m not letting you monkey on a blindfold. You’re going to feel what I’m doing and that’s going to be better.” Quickly he slid the blindfold over Grant’s head and adjusted it around his eyes. Straddling Grant’s body, he leaned down and licked the outer shell of his ear. Moaning, he turned towards the touch. “Trust me, GW,” he whispered.

Grant nodded his response. Jason ran his hands down his chest to the waistline of his pants. “You’re so tense.” He unbuttoned and unzipped Grant’s jeans and pulled them and his boxers off his body, flinging them behind him. Standing back, he admired the scene before him. Grant Wilson was spread out before him, naked, blindfolded, with his wrists tethered to the headboard. The urge to take a picture surged through him. Quickly Jason dug through his suitcase for his digital camera. He stood back and snapped a quick picture.

Grant’s head snapped up. “Was that a flippin’ camera?” Jason grinned and kept snapping pictures. “Jay, seriously. Evidence man. What if someone sees those?”

Jason rolled his eyes. “Would you stop being so fucking paranoid?” He set the camera down, stripped off his own shirt, and straddled Grant.

“Seriously, Jay. If those get out-“ Warm lips around his cock ceased all further argument.

The lips were removed and replaced by a rough tongue licking from the base of his cock up to the tip. “You were saying?” Jason asked.

Grant groaned. “Tease.”

Jason kissed up Grant’s chest, up his neck, and to his lips. He hovered just above them. “What did you call me?” he whispered.

“I called you a fucking tease.”

Jason tweaked a nipple hard between two fingers, causing Grant to squirm beneath him. “Want to try that again?”

Grant just groaned in response.

“That’s what I thought. Never call a man names who has you chained to a bed, G.”

Grant heard the rustling from the bag and what sounded like metal on metal. He was pulled roughly down the bed, so his head was lying on a pillow, his arms extended out at full length. A small chain was laid on his stomach as Jason’s large, warm hand wrapped around his cock. He groaned happily as that hand moved slowly, stroking him. The hand left him and Grant felt himself pout. He heard a bottle being opened and spread his legs wider, waiting for the familiar fingers at his entrance. Jason laughed under his breath. “Not there yet, G. You have to earn that.”

Grant’s pout deepened as the lubed up hand returned to his cock. Jason stroked him, covering his entire cock in the lube, going down and rubbing it around his balls, massaging them roughly. Grant groaned and dug his heels into the bed. “God, Jay, I think I’m lubed enough.”

Jason blew on his cock. Grant’s eyes flung open behind his blind fold. “Oh my, God,” he groaned. Heat arouse wherever Jason blew. His cock and balls pulsed with the warmth.

“Warming lube and massage oil,” Jay whispered, squirting some onto his thumb. He swiped some over each nipple and bent down, blowing on them. Grant groaned beneath him. Jay flicked his tongue out, teasing each into a hard peak, running his tongue along the perimeter of each nipple. He felt Grant’s rapid heartbeat through his heaving chest.

Jay leaned up and kissed Grant with lube-stained lips. Grant hummed at the recognition of the taste. “Mm, strawberries,” he whispered against Jay’s lips. The kiss deepened as the hand found Grant’s cock again. He jumped at the sensation of cool metal being slid down to the base of his cock. “Jay?” he whispered.

Jason kissed around to his ear, his hand working Grant’s cock rhythmically, feeling him grow and pulse in his hand. “Cock ring,” he answered.

“Jay, its tight,” Grant moaned.

Jason laughed, sitting back up, picking up the chains from Grant’s stomach. “Its supposed to be.” Warmth engulfed Grant’s right nipple. He felt the tongue flick over it, the teeth gently graze it and then cool air return. He rolled his head over to his left shoulder, knowing that was where the warmth was headed. Jay repeated the motion, sucking and teasing until the left nipple was a raw bud. Sitting up, he admired his work. He squirted more warming lube on his thumbs and rubbed over each red, raw nipple as Grant squirmed and moaned beneath him.

Grant heard the metal clank before he felt the roaring pain through each nipple. “Fuck, Jason! Nipple clamps?!” He pulled roughly at the wrist cuffs, but to no avail. “Shit! Monkey! Fucking monkey!”

Jason smiled and blew on each nipple, activating the warming lube. “No monkey. Stop moving so damn much.” Reaching down, he stroked Grant’s cock to calm the man down. He picked up the leather strap attached to the cock ring and connected it to the chain hanging down off the nipple clamps. He smiled devilishly and whispered in Grant’s ear, “Careful, G. Now every time you move, you’re going to pull on that cock ring.”

Grant groaned in frustration and pleasure as Jason kissed his way back down his body. Arching into the touch, he figured out just what he had meant by pulling on the cock ring. Not only did the movement tug on the metal at the base of his cock, but also at the clamps securely fastened around each throbbing nipple. His chest heaved, lungs begging for air; his heart beat like he was running a marathon and his arms hurt. Grant groaned. His nipples felt like they were on fire and his cock was throbbing against his stomach.

The sound of Jason’s zipper caught his ear and he felt his entire body go warm and angry with hunger and lust. He felt the bed dip as Jason crawled over him again. Grant rocked his hips up, trying to make contact with the man above him, but he was too quick. Jason moved away and laughed breathily. “Can’t get enough of it, can you?”

Grant groaned at the missed contact. “Only yours.” His cock twitched at the sound of the lube bottle being opened once again.

Fingers danced around Grant’s entrance, one slipping in, working itself in and out. A second pushed in, scissoring and stretching. Moaning, Grant pushed himself down on the fingers, his cock throbbing against the cock ring.

Jason laughed huskily and held his fingers still. Grant groaned at the lack of movement. “Jay…”

“Beg for it, G,” he whispered to him.

Grant moved himself on Jason’s immobile fingers, “Please, Jay, God. Please.”

“Please what?” he asked, removing the fingers and crawling back up his captive’s body.

Grant felt Jay above him and arched his hips up, grinding hard cock against hard cock, ignoring the pain ripping through his nipples. “Fuck me,” he moaned. Jason growled above him, ripping off the blindfold. “Clamps, please,” Grant moaned. Jay pulled them off, letting them fall to the side.

He pulled one of Grant’s legs up and over his shoulder, swiftly entering him in one stroke. Placing both hands on the wall in front of him, he fucked deep, rough, and fast into Grant. The lube warmed at his entrance with Jay’s pounding movements. Both men could feel the heat burning between them and deep down in their balls. Reaching down, Jay pulled the cock ring off Grant, stroking him frantically in time with his movements, heating up the lube from earlier.

Wrapping his other leg around Jay’s waist, Grant groaned in his ear, “My arms, Jay, please.”

Leaning down, Jason possessed Grant’s mouth, pausing to use both hands to unsnap the cuffs. Instantly Grant’s freed hands found Jason’s back, running his hands down and clutching at his ass. Finding his rhythm again, he continued to pound down into the man beneath him, pumping the bobbing, dripping cock between their bodies. Grant met each thrust, moaning deeply as the head of Jason’s cock stroked over his prostate.

Groaning Jason’s name, Grant released between them, hot cum spurting onto both their stomachs. Jay moaned as the muscle around his cock pulsed with Grant’s orgasm, laying forehead to forehead, he felt his balls tense and he let go.

Jason kissed Grant deeply, wiping the sweat off his forehead before pulling out and going to the bathroom for a wet washcloth. “Your begging needs help.”

Grant grumbled. “Well, next time you’re the one cuffed to the bed.”

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