Black Bag of Tricks Part 2 – Grant/Jason

Jason sat at command central glancing sideways over at Grant occasionally. The only word that the younger man had said to him that afternoon at lunch was, “Tonight.” Jason knew what that meant, and he didn’t like it. Grant had promised paybacks for the night he brought out the black bag of toys. Tonight was the night he was going to get it and that scared the hell out of him.

That night, Jason walked slowly back to their hotel room, quietly hoping someone would suggest going to the bar, or watch a movie, or anything that would involve him not having to go back to the room with Grant. Taking the room key card from his pocket, he slid it through the door. As the door swung open, he felt hands on his back shoving him in. The door slammed hard and Grant barked, “Naked. Bed. Now.”

Jason just looked at him as Grant pulled his own shirt off over his head, pulling the black bag out of his suitcase. “Are you going to do it or do I need to get the whip out?”

“Whip?!” Jason balked. “You’re kidding me. You ADDED to the bag?!”

Grant nodded and unzipped it. Jason compared his body size to Grant’s, as he had done numerous times before. He knew he could overpower the smaller man and he also knew that Grant loved that dominance. Crossing his arms over his chest, Jason stared him down.

“Are you not going to do as you’re told?” Grant asked, quirking an eyebrow and crossing his arms over his chest, mimicking Jay’s stance.

Jason shook his head ‘no’ and walked up on him. To his surprise, the younger man did not back down. They stood nose to nose as a knock came at the door. Jason stepped back and Grant went to answer it. Tango stood on the other side with a confidence Jason had only seen him have in his magic shows. That confidence struck him in an odd way that didn’t settle right in his blood.

Tango entered the room as Grant closed the door behind him, silent words being spoken as they looked at each other. Casually, Tango leaned against the closed door as Grant approached Jay once again. “I knew you’d be difficult, so I called in reinforcements.”

Jason almost snorted. Dave Tango was his reinforcement?

“Now, you, naked, bed or you’ll find out exactly why I asked Dave to join us tonight.”

Jason’s curiosity was piqued, and he considered taking Grant up on his offer as to exactly WHY Tango was there. But the addition of a second person, regardless of size, lessened his chances of winning a physical altercation so instead of fighting it, he shrugged off his clothes, dropping them next to his suitcase, and crawled onto the bed. He sat, watching as Grant placed the bag on the foot of the bed and slowly crawled up his body, their lips inches from each other; brown eyes searching blues. “You are going to lose control tonight, Jason Hawes. And you are not going to like it.”

Silently, Jason agreed. He wasn’t going to like it. He already didn’t like it. The amount of trust he had in Grant, though, was oceans deep and worlds wide. But Jason Hawes was a man in control and he did not give that up easy. Grant saw the fight flare up in his eyes as he reached back behind him in the bag, pulling out a pair of handcuffs. Jason’s eyes went wide and his hands flew to Grant’s wrists.

Grant stopped, handcuffs still in hand. “Are you sure you want to be doing that right now?” Tango moved from leaning against the door to standing at the foot of the bed, his arms crossed over his chest, staring down at Jason.

Jason growled up at him, “I can take you down.”

Grant rubbed his knee up against his balls, glancing back at Tango. “Really?”

Jason growled again, but released his hold on Grant’s wrists. He took the pale wrists in his hands, slipping a cuff on one. Grant’s tongue traced the chess piece slowly before bringing the wrists above Jay’s head and securing them to the headboard. Hot breath filled Jason’s ear as Grant breathed, “Tonight is your payback. And I don’t use safe words.”

Jason’s body involuntarily clenched. He pulled on the handcuffs above his head but to no avail. “I let you have a safe word!”

Grant chuckled, sitting back on his heels and pulling a tube of lube out of the black bag. “You never let me use it, so you don’t get one.”

Jason growled again, watching Grant squirt lube on his index finger. “Because you didn’t know how good it was going to feel.”

Grant grinned down at him as his lubed up finger danced around Jason’s entrance. “Neither do you.” The finger entered quickly, twirling, pumping in and out.

Jason wasn’t used to being entered and his muscle clenched down at the contact. Grant just looked up at him and smirked, working a second finger past the resistance. Crooking a finger, he flicked over the sensitive bud of the prostate and Jason’s head fell back against the pillow, his lips letting a soft moan escape.

Jay looked at the ceiling as the fingers worked slowly in his body. He tested the cuffs again, but they still wouldn’t open. There was no denying the throbbing cock that rested against his lower stomach, nor the fact that he had subconsciously opened his legs more to give Grant more space. Jay looked back down the length of his body to see Grant staring at him, eyes slightly glazed, his hand still pumping the fingers in his body. Glancing past Grant, Jason noticed Tango had taken off his shirt and God damn when had he grown up? A breathy moan escaped his lips and the fingers left him. Dropping his head back to the pillow and closing his eyes, Jay sent out a silent plea. “Ok, you’ve proven your point. We won’t use the black bag anymore. Now uncuff me so I can fuck you.”

“No,” was the harsh reply. Grant smiled at Tango as both men looked on at the formidable Jason Hawes laying naked before them, handcuffed to the bed, at their mercy. Jay looked back up when he hard the rustling from inside the bag. Unintentionally locking eyes with Tango, he felt his blood run warm. The intensity in the deep brown eyes made Jason’s cock twitch. The desire to throw the younger man down on the mattress overwhelmed and distracted him from what Grant had decided to pull out of the bag. A small cry of surprise escaped as Jason felt himself being entered slowly, ball after ball. Craning his neck, he could see the purple of the anal beads. Jason closed his eyes and let out a deep groan as he felt the size of the balls increase. “Please…,” he whispered, beginning to pant.

Grant ran his hand up Jay’s stomach, resting it on his chest, feeling the rapid heartbeat and the too-quick breaths. “Please what?” he asked, flicking a switch that caused the beads to vibrate.

Jason eyes rolled in the back of his head as he tried to arch up. He wasn’t sure if he was trying to escape the feeling or thrust deeper into it. One thought just kept flashing in his mind. “Please, I want to cum,” he whispered, biting is bottom lip hard and clutching onto the handcuffs. Tango chuckled softly behind Grant as he sat on the edge of the bed, one hand still on Jay’s chest. Jason opened his eyes and tried to give him a hard, angry look, but it only came across as desperate and pleading.

Slowly, Grant backed off the bed, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants as he went. They dropped to the floor as he stood up, leaving him in his boxer briefs. Jason watched as Grant kicked his pants off in the direction of their luggage, his fingers immediately going for Tango’s pants. They played gently over the button, Grant’s confidence failing him for the first time that night. He looked into Tango’s eyes, silently asking for permission. Jason watched as Grant shyly looked at Tango. He recognized that look. It was the same look Grant gave him right before…

Grant’s lips swooped in, pressing against Tango’s hard. Strong, young arms wrapped around his back as his fingers unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Tango pushed Grant back against the bed, shoving him down next to Jason. Ridding himself of his pants and boxers, he pulled Grant’s boxer briefs down his legs and off his feet.

Grant listened to Jason’s breathing hitch next to him as Tango’s mouth descended down, licking up Grant’s weeping cock. His own breaths shallowed as eager warm lips wrapped around the head and sucked gently. Grant turned, looking up at Jay as the lips worked down his shaft. Moaning softly as Tango sucked harder, running his hands up Grant’s thighs, he was struck by the pure, wanton lust clouding Jason’s blue eyes. With an audible pop, Tango let Grant’s cock go and stood up, pulling Grant with him. They stood, facing each other at the end of the bed, Jason’s eyes trained on them, waiting. Tango’s hands tangled in Grant’s hair as he pulled him in for a deep kiss. Reaching a hand between them, Grant’s lithe fingers wrapped around Tango’s cock, stroking it slowly as they kissed. As Dave pulled away from the kiss, Jason barely heard him whisper in Grant’s ear, “I want to watch you.”

Grant picked up the bottle of lube again and sat on the chair facing the bed. Tango lay down next to Jason, running tentative fingertips down his chest. Closing his eyes and groaning softly at the contact, he forgot about his captivity and made a desperate attempt to reach for the younger man. Tango smirked at him, reaching up and kissing him softly. Jason tried hard to make the kiss deeper, running his tongue along Tango’s soft lips, but he pulled away, smiling. “Just watch,” he whispered.

Jay followed his gaze to see Grant, one leg up on the TV stand next to the chair, fully displayed in front of them. As Grant squirted lube on his fingers, Tango picked up the remote between Jason’s legs. Watching as one finger disappeared inside the man in front of them, Tango turned up the vibration slightly on the anal beads. Jay let out a small whimper. A warm, soft hand wrapped around Jason’s throbbing cock and stroked way too slow for his needs. As Grant added another finger into himself, Jason watched them disappear deep inside, mimicking the movement he desperately needed at that moment. He thrust up into the hand, only to have it release its grip. “I don’t think so,” Tango whispered in his ear.

Jason growled deep within his throat as his breath tickled his ear. “Payback’s a bitch, Tango.”

He could feel the smirk on his face as he growled back, “But you’re my bitch tonight.” Tango stood up off the bed and walked over to Grant. Taking his hand, Tango pulled him up from the chair and over to the bed. Grant crawled up on the bed on all fours over Jason’s body, his lips trailing up the heated skin of his chest. Grant groaned softly as they heard the sound of the lube top being opened. Jay tried to see over his shoulder, as to where Tango might be putting said lube, but Grant’s position with his hips in the air blocked his vision. A warm wet tongue snaked over his nipple and Jay didn’t care where Tango put the lube. He moaned loudly as he felt the familiar hand wrap around his pulsating cock and the lips travelled to the other nipple. Half lidded eyes watched as Tango kneeled on the bed behind Grant, taking his hips in his hands. Grant groaned deeply, forehead flat on Jay’s chest. Jason groaned and whimpered as the hand left him to plant itself on the bed next to him. Bed springs squeaked and the reality hit Jason. Tango was fucking his lover right on top of him and he couldn’t do a damn thing about it. He growled as jealousy burned through his veins.

Grant looked up at him, his eyelids heavy with lust, grunting with every thrust Tango made. Jay looked up at Tango. His eyes were closed, lips slightly open, and at that moment Jay realized the purpose of Tango’s inclusion. Grant watched as Jason pulled himself up by the handcuffs to a sitting position, the remote to the vibrating anal beads trailing with him. Reaching a hand forward to clasp onto Grant’s shoulder, Tango’s speed increased. Fast, wet sounds filled the room, mixed with quiet grunts. Jay hated that all he could do was watch the emotions and feelings play across Grant’s face as one of their best friends took his position, causing that display of emotion.

Grant reached between them, grabbing the remote control turning it up all the way. The vibration hummed through the room, in sync with the long low groan that emanated from Jason’s throat. He watched as Grant bent down and licked up his swollen cock, wet lips encircling the dripping head. It took every ounce of willpower he could muster at that moment not to thrust hard up into his throat. A quick swipe of the tongue and the warm mouth was gone. Frustration, anger and even a bit of envy swam through Jason’s blood.

Tango’s thrusts were becoming erratic. His hold on Grant’s shoulder was leaving marks that Jason didn’t like, but couldn’t do anything about. Two deep thrusts and a soft moan and Tango stilled behind Grant. Jason watched as he pulled out and slowly got off the bed sitting in the chair across from them, his cock already going soft.

Jason’s eyes locked with Grant’s. Turning off the vibration on the anal beads, Grant began to slowly pull them out one by one. Jason tried to relax the muscle, but the removal of each bead elicited a moan from deep within his chest. Tossing the anal beads aside, Grant pushed Jason’s legs apart and wrapped them loosely around his waist. He braced himself above the older man, sweat already shining on both their bodies. Leaning down, capturing Jason’s lips with his own, swallowing moans and grunts, Grant pushed in gently. He set up a steady rhythm, reaching one hand in between their bodies to stroke Jay’s cock, warm precum practically coating his hand. Both men heard the click of the door, but neither man gave sign of recognition of the noise.

Jason grunted, never losing eye contact with the man above him. “Please,” he begged softly, licking his lips between panting breaths. “Please, let me go.”

Grant gave in, bending down and kissing his lover while reaching up and flicking the switches. In one swooping motion, Jason had them rolled and Grant pinned down on the mattress. Grant’s cock smacked wetly against his stomach as it left Jay. With his wrists pinned down by his head, Jason bent down to Grant, kissing him roughly. He whispered, “You suck at being in control.”

“Guess I didn’t have a very good example,” Grant countered.

Jason growled down at him, shifting so all of his weight was on the smaller man beneath him. Positioning himself, Jay pushed his throbbing cock to the hilt in Grant’s already abused ass. Grant let out a strangled cry at the sudden entrance, arching back, Jason’s mouth swooping down to attack the exposed neck. He bit and nipped his way over to the shoulder where Tango’s fingermarks could still be seen. Biting down hard on the shoulder, covering the marks with his own, Jason’s hips found a punishing rhythm. Grant arched up, his cock coming in contact with Jason’s stomach, giving it just enough friction for him to cum hard between them. Jason rode the wave of Grant’s orgasm, the muscles clenching around his buried cock, throwing him into his own orgasm. Collapsing on the sweaty man beneath him, he struggled to catch his breath. “Was that a better example?” He was answered with a small grunt.

Jason rolled off Grant, groaning as his body hit sweat soaked sheets. Grant curled up at his side, resting his head on his chest, listening to the calming heartbeat. “That was evil.” Grant chuckled softly, already drifting off to sleep. “But why Tango?”

Grant yawned dramatically, smacking his lips. “Because he’s too cute for you to kill him.”

Jason closed his eyes and whispered into the darkness, “He’s next.”

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