Broken Hearts – JC/Eminem (Past)

A Songfic

JC was throwing shirts and pants in his suitcase when Justin walked into the room, cursing himself every time he missed.  “C..,” Justin started.

JC stopped midmotion and his shoulders slumped.  “Justin don’t, please.  Just don’t.”

There’s no one quite as blind

As a victim of the game

“I was just going to ask if you needed any help.”

“I’m fine… just… go.. Please?”

Justin could tell he was fighting back tears.  He wrapped his strong arms around his best friend from behind.  JC fell into him.  “It hurts so bad, Ju.”  Justin squeezed him tighter, dropping his forehead to his shoulder.

And it don’t matter who you are It treats everyone the same

All you need’s a heart

To be a victim of the game

“What happened?” Justin whispered.  JC’s body shuddered against Justin’s frame.  He let out a loud sob.

“I know you guys told me.  You kept telling me.  He’s gonna hurt you.  He’s gonna break your heart.  You’re falling too hard, C.  You gotta stop.  I didn’t listen.  I loved him, Justin.  I gave him everything.  We made lll.. No… we fucked,” he spat out,” we fucked, and he threw my clothes at me, and told me to get out.  He said, ‘I’m done with you.  I don’t want to see you anymore.’  And he left the room.  That’s it.  A year.  A fucking year Justin.  And he throws it out like that.”  Justin sighed.

You were standin’ way too close

To see it all fall apart

And there were things you couldn’t hear

‘Cause you were listenin’ with your heart

Justin started to rock him slowly back and forth.  “It will go away, C, don’t worry.”

“I don’t want it to go away, Justin.  I want him back.  I don’t understand why he would do this.”

“Joshua.  It’s Eminem.  Think about it.  You really expected him to be with you?  With a man?” Justin whispered in his ear.

“Yes,” he whispered back.

But you can’t say I didn’t warn you

Now there’s no one else to blame

There’s on one quite as blind

As a victim of the game

Justin sighed, defeated.  He rubbed JC’s back.  “You gonna be ok, C?”

He shook his head no.  Justin nodded and left.


“Victim of the Game” by Garth Brooks

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