Delayed – Jason/Grant

Note: Yes I actually stole the real tweets from Jay & Grant’s twitter accounts, misspellings and all. Right hand to God, yes they actually said that. The rest of the story is fictional… well as far as I know anyways.


Jason sat on the floor next to their suitcases staring at the Continental sign that had just changed from a departure time of 10:10am to 11:10am. He groaned, causing Grant to look up from his iphone and turn to look behind him at the monitor. “Oh geez, an hour?!”

Jason groaned again and stood, taking his cigarettes out of his pocket. He glanced over at the smoking room and turned back to Grant sitting in the chair. “I’ll be right back, G. You gonna be ok?”

Grant looked up at him, slight annoyance showing on his face. “No, I’m terrified of the big bad wolf. Go smoke your cigarette, just wash your hands before you come back.”

Jay nodded and stalked off. The automatic doors slid open, allowing some smoke to billow out into the terminal. He went directly to the corner, trying to stay away from other people so Grant wouldn’t bitch at him for his clothes smelling like smoke, even though he knew it was a fruitless effort. He inhaled deeply on the first puff, thoroughly enjoying the smoke in his lungs. It was the second best thing to calm his nerves. Turning around, Jay looked through the plexiglass at Grant sitting, typing on his iphone. Suddenly, his pocket vibrated. He laughed to himself. Grant was twittering. He opened the message

Grantswilson thinks everyone at the airport looks like a zombie… Slow moving, groaning, listless.. Jeeze, I think that guy is actually drooling…

Jason decided he was going to throw in his own tweet, vent his frustrations a little.

JcHawes Delayed now an hour. 4 for 4 Continental airlines. Great job, your at 100% with your screw ups.

Repocketing his phone and taking a final drag on his cigarette, Jason looked back through the glass. Grant was looking at him and smirking. Jason quirked an eyebrow at him as his phone vibrated again.

Grantswilson Oh wait… That drooling guy was Jay.

Jason snorted and fired off another tweet before snubbing out the remains of his cigarette and walking to the bathroom to wash his hands.

JcHawes Only cuz I was looking at you Wilson! Lmao. Ewe!

After washing his hands, Jason sent another twitter message. In the beginning this whole twitter thing seemed pretty stupid to the both of them. Now here they were tweeting like crazy schoolgirls with nothing better to do.

JcHawes Who the Hell wears a pink thong to the airport? Damn Grant, it just ain’t the right look for you!!

Seconds later as he was walking out the door of the bathroom, his phone vibrated in his hand. Walking back, he saw that it was just a text message from Grant, not a tweet. Jason stopped in the middle of the walkway and opened the message.

Who said I’m wearing any underwear?

He looked up at Grant who was typing furiously on his iphone again. Jason’s phone vibrated in his hand when Grant’s eyes finally met his. Walking forward again, he checked the message. This time it was twitter.

Grantswilson Ahhhh… I threw up a little… LOL

Sitting back down on the concrete in front of Grant, he quirked an eyebrow at him. Grant just smirked back down at him. “We’re still delayed. You smell like smoke.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll change before we get on the plane.” He wanted to ask him so bad, but how can you ask your guy friend in the middle of a crowded airport if he’s really wearing any underwear? Clearing his throat, Jason gestured towards his phone. “Really?”

Grant smiled at him. “Really what?”

Jason rolled his eyes. “You know what. … Are you really not?”

Grant stretched his legs out in front of him, resting his toes against Jason’s thigh. “I guess you’ll have to wait to find out.”

Jason grumbled and grabbed his phone. This conversation was not going the way he wanted it to, so he texted Grant. There’s a handicap stall in the bathroom we could use.

Grant laughed when his phone vibrated on his leg. He picked it up and typed a response back. That’s so romantic. Thanks, but no. Not tonight, dear. I have a headache.

Grant smiled at the ‘if we were not in an airport I would murder you’ look Jason was shooting him. Jason fired back a message. Handjob on the plane?

Grant rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“You’re driving me nuts here, GW,” Jason said, pulling his shirt down to try to conceal the evidence.

Jason looked around, trying to figure out how to get Grant alone. He sighed dramatically and typed a text message: That’s fine. I might be tired later so I guess I’ll just have to go into the bathroom and jack off now.

Grant looked at the message and snorted. You’re not going to be tired. You’re never too tired for sex.

Tonight I will be. Long plane ride. Reveal. Steve and Tango next door to us. No sex tonight.

Grant looked up at Jason, an eyebrow raised as if trying to determine whether or not he was serious. “We only have tonight, Jay.”

Jason shrugged back at him. “It’s a long day and I’m getting old. What can I say, G? Can’t do it like I used to.” He stood up, brushing his hands off on his jeans. He said, “Well, I’ll be back in about 10 minutes,” and walked back towards the bathroom.

Four steps away he felt someone grab his arm and tug. “Family bathroom, come on,” Grant whispered to him.

Jason leaned against the wall as Grant knocked and opened the door. He stepped in first, closing the door. Jason waited a full minute before knocking on the door and stepping inside and locking it.

Grant’s hands were on him, shoving him back into the wood. “Thought you weren’t in the mood, GW,” Jay chuckled.

“You can always convince me otherwise, Jay,” Grant whispered, his lips pressed against Jay’s.

Jason’s hands went to work removing Grant’s pants, noting the lack of boxers, while the other man had already pushed Jay’s down towards his ankles. They heard an announcement from the terminal announcing their boarding in less than 10 minutes. Jason grunted and forcefully turned Grant around towards the sink.

They knew the urgency. Grant leaned forward on the sink, silently praying that it could withstand the force of a very horny Jason Hawes.

Jay’s hand went to the soap dispenser, squirting it a few times onto his fingers. “I’m sorry, Grant. We don’t have any-“

“I know, it’s ok, just hurry.”

Jay’s fingers slipped inside the tight opening, scissoring and stretching the smaller man quickly but still trying to be efficient. Hurting Grant was the last thing he wanted to do, but they only had a limited amount of time.

Removing his fingers, he positioned himself against Grant’s entrance, pushing the head in slightly. “Ready, G? This might hurt.”

Grant just nodded and clutched onto the sink. “Do it fast.”

Jason pulled the cheeks apart, and drove in. Grant hissed in air, his body going tense. Jason’s hand reached around, stroking the leaking dick. “I’m sorry, relax and take it, G. We’ve done it dry before.”

Grant groaned as the hand slid over his cock and opened his legs more. Jason took that as a sign and flexed his hips. Swiveling his hips, Jay tried to find that one spot… Grant’s head dipped and Jason watched him bite his arm to keep from screaming. He assumed he had found it. Pistoning his hips against Grant’s prostate, his hand still working the now throbbing cock, Jason bit his lip to keep from groaning. The last thing they needed was to be caught fucking in the airport restroom.

Jason looked down to watch his cock disappear into the tight ass and laughed slightly at the sight of soap bubbles. Swiping his thumb over the head of Grant’s cock as he picked up his pace, Grant’s body tensed. Bending down, Jason kissed Grant’s shoulder blade, driving into him harder. “Let it go, G. I want to feel you,” he whispered.

A soft whimpered escaped Grant’s lips and his teeth bit harder on the skin of his arm as Jason was quick to grab a paper towel. Grant’s cock pulsed with his orgasm, hot squirts of cum soaking the paper towel Jason covered him with.

The flex of the muscle around Jason’s cock sent tingles down the back of legs. Throwing the paper towel in the trash, he grabbed onto Grant’s hips as the voice returned to the loudspeaker to announce initial boarding procedures. Grant braced himself against the sink as Jason fucked up into him, nearly lifting him off his feet with every push. Grant clenched himself around the intruding cock, sending it into spasms as hot liquid poured into him. Jason groaned against his shoulder, pulling out slowly.

Both men washed themselves off and pulled up their pants. “You know, that could be Continental’s new slogan,” Grant whispered.


Jason opened the door and stepped out, Grant following quickly behind. “Relax and take it.”

Jay snorted. Grant had a point. They walked back over to where they were seated and looked for their bags, but they were nowhere to be seen. Jason leaned down to the old woman that had been sitting just a few seats away. “Excuse me, ma’am. Did you see the bags that were sitting here?” She nodded. “Do you know what happened to them?” She nodded again. “Mind telling us?”

“They took them,” she said.

“Who took them?” Grant asked.

“The men in uniform.”

Grant groaned and Jason’s eyes went wide. “They confiscated our bags?”

She looked at them like they were idiots. “You left them unattended!”

Grant groaned again as Jason fumed. Overhead, they heard the final boarding call for Newark. They pulled out their tickets from their back pockets and walked towards the ticket counter. Grant put his hand on Jason’s shoulder as they walked through check-in. “Relax and take it, Jay. Just relax and take it.”


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