Just an Affair – Jason/Grant

Chapter One

Jason sat on the front porch of the cabin just staring at his cell phone. He clicked the button to allow him to listen to the voicemail again.

Hey, Jay. Reanna isn’t… she’s being…. I don’t know if I’m going to make it to the cabin for the weekend. I’m really sorry. I’ll call you later.

I love you.

The last part was whispered, telling him that the wife was in cling mode. Jason grumbled to himself and grabbed a beer from the fridge he had painstakingly packed full of Grant’s favorites. He looked at the makings of chicken alfredo in the fridge and slammed the door shut. Walking back out to the porch, he twisted the top off, throwing it in the corner of the room since Grant wouldn’t be there to bitch at him. With a loud grunt, Jason sat in the rocking chair looking out at the lake, their lake, and propped his feet on the ledge in front of him.

He took a long swig out of the longneck bottle just staring out at the dark water. A crane swooped down through the calmness. In the distance, he saw a fish jump and watched the ripples dissipate. It was calm and serene. Exactly the reason why he and Grant had decided to rent this cabin so consistently. But now apparently Grant had chosen the wife over him, again. Jason took another long drink out of the bottle. He knew he shouldn’t be this jealous. They had an agreement that the wives came first when they started this…. this affair. That’s what this was. An affair. Sleeping with each other in random hotel rooms, finding moments for a single touch, a heated glance across a room. But that’s all it could be. Just an affair.

Jason finished his beer and wondered when his life had become so full of secrets. Three hours and eight beers later, he wandered back into the small cabin. He laid down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. Without Grant here the place seemed cavernous. He rolled over on his side, stretching his hand out to Grant’s side of the bed. Silently he wished that the blankets would suddenly just start lifting off the bed, being magically filled in by Grant’s presence. He would be here, looking back at him, smirking knowingly. He would trace his goatee with his thumb softly before kissing him.

Jason sighed and rolled back over on his back. This was not how he had planned to spend this weekend. He had wanted to sit on the porch with Grant, talk and drink beers, then move on into the kitchen and watch him make dinner. There was something about Grant that was magnetic when he was in the kitchen. Jason loved to just sit and watch him. One of his favorite memories in this cabin was Grant making breakfast naked at four in the morning. Jason had watched then, until he couldn’t take not touching anymore. He had pulled Grant into a deep kiss, settling his hands on his hips, Grant’s arms wrapped around his back, resting forehead to forehead, and they had danced, naked in the kitchen as the pancakes burned.

With a grumble, Jason got up from the bed. He was going to make the Alfredo. It probably wouldn’t be nearly as good as Grant’s, but he was hungry and admittedly a little drunk. He had seen this made hundreds of times. He opened the fridge and pulled out all the ingredients he thought he needed. Jason’s eyes flicked between the eggs, cheese, and cream. There was more… he was missing something… He sighed. He was missing the damn cook.

Jason looked toward the front door. If this had been one of those sappy romantic movies, Grant would just come walking through that door in a flourish, kiss him, and tell him not to worry about dinner, he’d have it ready in no time, so sorry he was late. But it wasn’t. Instead, Jason grabbed another beer and picked up an egg from the carton. He tossed it angrily at the wall in the kitchen, feeling a minor amount of satisfaction at the sound of the shell breaking and the subsequent yellow stain on the wall.

He sulked back to the living room, beer in hand and sat down heavily on the sofa. Outside Jason could hear thunder in the distance. It was the perfect end to a really shitty first day of vacation. All he needed now was for the power to go out and zombies to attack the cabin. He snorted at the thought. He picked up a movie from the pile he had packed that morning. It was some random anime something that looked like a movie Grant would have really enjoyed.

Jason drunk shuffled his way over to the dvd player and put in the disc. He shuffled back to the couch, nearly tripping on the coffee table. He sighed at the empty space next to him on the couch. Scooting over, he stretched out in the middle, spreading his legs and arms, trying desperately to take up more space so that it didn’t feel so damn lonely. As the opening credits started to roll, Jason unclipped his cell phone from his belt and looked at it. He replayed the message Grant had left him earlier, just to hear his voice, just to hear him say, I love you.

His drunk fingers were typing before his brain could catch up to their plot. Just a simple I love you too and he turned back to his movie.

Seconds later, Jason’s phone lit up in his palm. He blinked at it. A text message from Grant. Jason couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face. What are you doing? it asked.

Watching damn anime shit he answered.

Why are you doing that?

Because if you were here this is what we’d be doing. Jason stopped and held his breath. Pissing off Grant or making him feel guilty was not what he wanted to do.

If I were there, that’s not what we’d be doing.

Jason swallowed hard. Then what would we be doing?

Guess you’ll have to use your imagination.

Jason grumbled. He didn’t want to use his imagination. He wanted his goddamn boyfriend here to fuck into the mattress. But no amount of grumbling could stop his imagination from running wild with the idea of what exactly Grant had in mind.

He remembered the last time he had watched anime with Grant. It had been at his house, the wife and kids gone for the day.

Jason’s shirt hit the floor as he the memory played out in his mind.

Grant had straddled him as the closing credits rolled. He smiled down at him, wrapping his arms around his neck. The force of Grant’s lips on his had surprised him.

Quickly, he texted Grant back. Using my imagination.

Before Jason could get his pants down around his ankles, his phone lit up on the couch where he had laid it. Good. Don’t forget, I swallow.

He groaned and fell into the couch. How the fuck could he forget that? Jason ran a large hand down his stomach, giving his growing cock one long stroke. He closed his eyes.

Grant had pulled his shirt off over his head and kissed a heated trail down his chest, paying careful attention to each nipple. His flat tongue massaging each sensitive bud before working down to his pants.

Jason groaned into the cabin. The sun was sinking into the lake, throwing shadows in the cabin, leaving him in partial darkness. His right hand slowly worked his shaft, the left reaching down to cup and rub his balls.

Grant worked his pants open, licking his cock through his boxers. It took every ounce of will power Jason had to not buck his hips as Grant breathed hot air on his sensitive skin.

Jason swiped his hand over the leaking tip, using his own precum as lubricant. His left hand had travelled to his hip and up his stomach, casually playing with the hair like Grant liked to do when he took his time.

Jason had groaned, begged, and pleaded for Grant to just fucking suck already, but the man on his knees in front of him was not complying. His wicked tongue was dancing around his angry cock, casually lapping at the tip and dragging it down the underside. Jason didn’t know how much more teasing he could physically take.

The hand working his cock sped up, twisting, tugging, and squeezing. His heartbeat raced as small beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

Jason loved the feel of his hands in Grant’s hair. He loved the feel of Grant’s wet tongue sliding along his shaft, the head of his cock repeatedly hitting the back of his throat. He especially loved the small gagging sounds Grant was making every time Jason lifted his hips.

Jason’s hand was working furiously, the arm muscles quaking beneath his skin, his breaths coming quicker. He felt his thighs tingle as his balls and stomach tightened.

He erupted down Grant’s throat with a loud cry, holding his head in place until he felt himself soften on his tongue. Pulling back, Grant licked his lips and smiled up at him.

His eyes still closed, Jason focused on his breathing. He reached for his shirt and cleaned himself off. Naked, Jason reached over to the coffee table and picked up his beer, turning back to the anime movie. The wives came first. After all, that’s all it could be. Just an affair.


Chapter Two

It was a phone call Grant did not want to make. They had been planning this trip for months to the cabin. However, Reanna was very adamant that he stay in her calm manner that rarely seemed to leave her.

“Well, it would be nice if you stayed, since we never get to see you anymore. But the boys and I understand you need a vacation,” she had told him. She was excellent at playing the guilt card and using the boys as a ploy.

Grant had cursed under his breath. He was sure she had heard it, but she made no motion to acknowledge it. Did she know? Was that why she was being like this? He looked at the time and dialed Jason’s number. Relief washed over him as his voicemail picked up. Telling him he wouldn’t make it to their weekend away was not something he wanted to face Jason with directly. Grant knew that if he actually talked with him, heard the disappointment and anger in his voice, wife be-damned, Grant would be in the car and on his way up to the lake.

At the sound of the tone, Grant took a deep breath and left a message that ripped his heart.

“Hey, Jay. Reanna isn’t… she’s being….” He smacked himself in the forehead. “I don’t know if I’m going to make it to the cabin for the weekend. I’m really sorry. I’ll call you later.” He heard Reanna coming down the stairs. Quickly he whispered, “I love you” and hung up.

“Did you call him?” she asked, wrapping her arms around her husband’s neck.

Grant rested his hands on her hips and nodded. She kissed him quickly. “I’m glad you decided to spend the weekend with your family.”

Grant watched her head towards the kitchen and waited for that pang of guilt to come. It didn’t. The only guilt he felt was that of leaving Jason alone in the cabin for the whole weekend. Briefly he wondered if he could sneak up there while Re was asleep and be back before morning, but he threw that idea to the side. Once he was at the lake, there was no way he was going to leave.

He regretted not being able to watch Jason sleep, watching his chest rise and fall slowly, even listening to him snore in his ear. Grant loved the feeling of that heavy arm around him while he slept, the comforting hand flat against his chest. Letting a sigh escape his lips, he grabbed the first child that ran by up in his arms for tickle torture. It was going to be a long day and an even longer night knowing that he could have been sharing a bed with Jason.

That evening, Grant stood in the kitchen collecting dinner plates and silverware to put on the dining room table thinking that the boys should really be put in charge of this job when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out, glancing at it as he set the plates down. A smile played on his lips as he read the text message from Jason.

I love you too.

Had he just gotten the voicemail? Grant looked at his watch. He left that like six or seven hours ago. What the hell had he been doing this whole time at the cabin by himself? Quickly Grant fired back a short message. What are you doing? He barely got the plates on all the placemats as his phone vibrated loudly on the table.

Watching damn anime shit Jason had replied.

Grant smirked. Jason was not an anime person. He was an action movie person. What the hell? Why are you doing that? he asked and slipped the phone in his pocket.

He placed the silverware around the table, arranging it just so. Reanna called for the boys as she walked two steaming plates in the dining room. Grant smiled to himself as his phone buzzed in his pocket and the rumbling of three young boys came full steam down the stairs. Sitting down at his place at the table, waiting for Re and the boys to be settled, he pulled out his phone, hiding it from view.

Because if you were here this is what we’d be doing

Grant resisted rolling his eyes. Jason was such a romantic but never wanted to admit it. Grant could picture him sitting in the small living room of the cabin on the hideous couch, drinking a beer and moping because he wasn’t there. He knew that was the only reason he was watching anime. It reminded Jason of him. Grant looked up as Reanna sat down at the opposite end of the table and the boys plopped themselves in the chairs at opposite sides.

“Would you like to lead the prayer?” she asked him, folding her hands in front of her.

Grant smiled. “No, go ahead. Its nice the way you do it.”

She nodded and bent her head closing her eyes. The boys folded their hands in front of them and closed their eyes, their legs still restless under the table. Grant bent his head and as Reanna started to ask God to bless their table, he pulled out his phone and sent a response back to Jason. If I were there, that’s not what we’d be doing.

Re finished her prayer just as Grant hit the send button and slid his phone back into the depths of his pocket. Within seconds, an answering buzz vibrated on his leg and Grant was thankful for the clink of spoons hitting glass that hid the sound. He forked a piece of chicken and dropped it on his plate with one hand, pulling his phone out with the other. He held the phone under the table, pressing the buttons by memory to open the text message. Pulling it forward slowly he casually glanced down, making like he was adjusting the napkin in his lap to read the message.

Then what would we be doing?

Wicked thoughts ran through Grant’s mind. What the hell does he think they’d be doing? But he knew Jason’s game. Guess you’ll have to use your imagination. he replied quickly.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” his youngest asked next to him, trying to lean over to see under the table.

Shit Grant thought, pocketing his phone. Re looked up from her conversation with their oldest sitting closest to her. “Trying to catch my silly napkin that keeps wanting to slide down to the floor,” he told him causing the child to giggle and Re to smile. He knew Jason was going to message him back. How was he going to get out of getting caught? He looked up at Reanna. “I’ll be right back. Forgot to wash my hands.”

“Okay,” she said and smiled at him, cutting a piece of chicken for one of the boys.

Grant practically ran to the bathroom, feeling his cell phone vibrate in his pocket on the way. He pulled it out as he shut the door behind him. Turning the faucet on, he checked the message.

Using my imagination.

Grant bit his lip. He knew exactly what Jason was doing and wished he was there to see it, participate in it. He licked his lips at the memory of the taste of Jason’s skin, the feel of Jason in his mouth. Rubbing himself through his jeans, Grant tried to will his erection away, pleading with it. At the dinner table with his family was not the time to be thinking about going down on Jason Hawes. He could feel it pulse in his jeans and knew that it was a losing battle. Grant washed his hands and decided to send a final message to Jason. Good. Don’t forget, I swallow.

Walking back to the table, Grant smirked. He knew that would be enough to distract Jason from texting him back. However, it was also enough to distract himself from his family. Every time someone passed the butter he thought of that one time they were out of lube… And then the dinner table. Jason’s naked ass had been where Reanna’s plate sat right now. Briefly he wondered how Re would react if he told her that he blew Jason where she was sitting. Then the kitchen. Grant smirked again. He had commissioned Jason’s help in installing a new sink, complete with disposal, sprayer, and two other nozzles that he still hadn’t discovered a use for yet. The thing was a surprising pain in the ass to install so to celebrate their success, Jason had fucked him hard against the kitchen island. Reanna still hadn’t discoveredexactly how her collection of ceramic roosters she had kept up there had gotten broken.

Finishing dinner, Reanna sent the boys to watch a half hour of tv before bedtime. Grant helped her collect the plates and silverware, following her into the kitchen. “You were awful quiet tonight,” she said.

Grant turned crimson. “Just not feeling well I guess,” he answered, standing next to her putting the dishes in the sink.

She smiled and turned to him, running her hands over his still hard dick. “Would this have anything to do with it?”

Grant tried to swivel hip his way away from her, but she wrapped her fingers through his beltloops. “Really, I’m too tired. Not tonight, Re.”

She tried to pull him closer. “That’s fine. You can just lay back and I can take care of it.”

Grant closed his eyes. Now the guilt seeped in. He gently removed her hands from his hips. “No. Not tonight. I’m sorry.”

She sighed and turned toward the dishes, turning the water on. She huffed angrily, “It’s been three months, Grant. You’re finally…” She motioned towards his crotch. “And you’re too tired?”

Oh yeah, there’s that guilt wave. “I’m sorry.”

“You should have just went on that trip with Jason,” she said, clanking dishes together in the dishwasher.

Grant couldn’t agree more, but there was no way he was going to verbally agree to that statement. “I’m going to take a shower.”


Turning, Grant looked at her back and thought about leaving tomorrow for the cabin and just never walking through the front door of this house again. However, the loud giggles coming from the den kept him from doing just that every time the idea crossed his mind. Grant trudged up the stairs and into the master bath. He pulled out his cell phone, laying it on the counter. Slowly Grant shed himself of his clothing. He stroked himself once, wondering if it was even worth jacking off. He had pissed Jason off he was sure by not showing up today and now he had just pissed his wife off by telling her he didn’t want to have sex with her. Looking down at his cock, he felt the situational irony. He stretched and turned on the shower, letting the water heat up. Glancing in the mirror, Grant considered briefly growing his facial hair back out. Then decided against it just as quickly. Reaching down into the cabinet to pull out a q-tip, his fingers came in contact with his black toiletry bag he took on trips. Trips with Jason. An evil smile spread across his face. Grant yanked the bag out of the cabinet and unzipped it, pulling out his treasured blue dildo.

Steam began to fill the bathroom as the water in the shower heated up. Grant pulled the small tube of lube out of the bag and spread some on his fingers. He raised his leg up to rest his foot on the counter, desperately trying to avoid looking at himself in the mirror. One finger played at his entrance, pushing in slowly. He worked himself open, pumping his index finger in and out a few times before adding his middle finger, scissoring himself. Expertly he crooked his finger and rubbed once over his prostate, sending shivers down his spine and precum leaking from the tip of his cock.

Grant pulled his hand away and took his leg off the counter. Grabbing the dildo, he stepped into the shower, breathing in the steam. He had determined long ago that the shower was the perfect size for him to rest his back against and pull one leg up, resting his foot against the opposite wall. Taking the dildo he slowly eased it into himself. Closing his eyes he imagined Jason. So many times they had been in showers like this.

Jason had spun him around, his soaped fingers immediately going for his entrance. Groaning, Grant had rested his head against the tile wall, spreading his legs for easier access. With each movement of his fingers, Grant’s cock inched closer to his stomach.

Slowly Grant worked the dildo in and out of himself with one hand, just resting his other hand on his cock, rubbing his thumb over the head. He groaned at the feeling of being filled.

Jason leaned his body into Grant’s, resting his pulsating cock between his ass cheeks. “Are you ready, G?” Grant simply nodded. No intelligible words were possible at this moment, but yes, yes, he was so ready. His heart had sped up at the feel of the head of Jason’s cock push through the tight muscle, working its way in slowly. His hands had tried desperately to grab onto something, but were just met with cool, slick tile walls.

Grant laid his head back against the wall, moving his hand slowly on his cock, twisting and squeezing slightly, knowing that this stimulation was not his main focus. His other hand expertly worked the dildo, moving it so it stroked perfectly over that wonderful spot that set off the fireworks behind his eyelids and the tightness in his balls.

Jason moved against him roughly. His breath was hot against his ear. Grant laid his head against the tile, Jason’s right hand moving from his hip to the wall, entwining their fingers together. Grant smiled into the porcelain and gripped his fingers tighter as Jason hit his prostate stroke after stroke.

With each movement of the dildo, Grant had to bite his lip to force himself not to moan out. His body was tightening. He worked his hand over his cock faster, harder, the strokes becoming feverish as the dildo worked in him deeper and deeper, the movements becoming frantic and erratic. The hot water beat down on him, but he couldn’t feel it anymore. His mind focused on Jason, imagining it was him moving inside of him.

Every time he felt Jason cum deep inside him it was a surprise. The rare times the moment came over them and they were without condoms. This time was no different. Jason came with a loud grunt in his ear, his cock spasming inside of Grant. He had cum against the shower wall, Jason’s hand on his cock until it went limp. A brief kiss to his shoulder as he pulled out, cool air replacing the warm body on Grant’s back.

Grant wobbled as he pulled the dildo out of himself, pulling his leg down from the wall. He slid down the back wall of the shower, letting the dildo rest on the floor, being washed by the spray. Grant sighed happily, closing his eyes, noticing that the water was starting to run cool. Sitting there on the floor of the shower in his master bathroom, Grant decided that he was going to the cabin that next morning, because, honestly, deep down inside, he was tired of the wives coming first. It was just an affair, but he knew he didn’t want anyone else.


Chapter Three

Grant rolled over for the hundredth time that night and looked at the clock on the nightstand. As each minute rolled into the next, he wondered why he was still here, in this bed. He knew he should just wrap his arms around his wife and close his eyes. But Grant didn’t want that. His mind kept drifting back to that bald-headed, goateed man sleeping alone in their cabin.

He sat up in the bed, resting his elbows on his knees and hanging his head. It was time to follow through with the decision he made last night. It was the only way Grant knew he would find even a remote sense of happiness, at least for this weekend. Slowly and carefully he got out of bed. Checking to make sure Reanna was still sleeping, he pulled his still-packed bag out of the closet and retrieved his toiletry bag from the bathroom. He quickly changed into jeans and a tshirt and slipped on his Crocs. Quietly, Grant crept out of the bedroom with his bags, setting them down in the hallway. He went to each boys’ room, kissing them on the forehead as they slept, giving them a silent goodbye.

The entire drive to the cabin, different scenarios ran through his head. Scenarios of what state he would find the cabin in, especially if Jason had decided to cook. What would happen when he showed up? Would Jason be happy? Upset? Send him home? Then there was the aftermath. Reanna hadn’t necessarily given him permission to go to the cabin. Especially not permission to leave in the middle of the night. Turning onto deserted county road 61 leading to their little dirt road, Grant cursed. He had forgotten to leave a note. He looked at his watch. It was nearly 7am. She would be waking up soon to tend with the boys. When he got to the cabin, he would text her, and then call her later. He was already in deep, might as well savor the morning with Jason.

Half an hour later, Grant pulled his Mini onto the dirt road leading up to their cabin. Walking up to the front door with his bags in hand, he noticed the nice collection of beer bottles surrounding the rocking chair on the front porch. Those would have to be recycled later.

Grant walked through the cabin towards the bedroom, noticing the tornado that had hit the living room had also hit the kitchen, bathroom and the bedroom where Jason was laying naked on top of the bedsheets, snoring so loud the pictures on the walls were shaking. He dropped his bag in the closet, and his toiletry bag in the bathroom. Looking at Jason sprawled out on the bed, he decided that he would rather clean up while he was still sleeping off the imminent hangover.

Grant rummaged through the cabin, collecting trash and beer bottles, picking up things that had been knocked over, no doubt by Jason stumbling around. He dropped the bags on the front porch and headed for the kitchen. The eggs, milk and cream were out on the counter. A yellow stain had appeared on the wall by the fridge that Grant couldn’t place until he noticed the eggshell on the floor. He sighed, wondering what could have sparked Jason to throw an egg at the wall and hoped it wasn’t him, knowing that it was. Grabbing a wet sponge and some soap, Grant got to work cleaning off the stain. He tossed the eggs, milk, and cream with a sigh. Peering in the fridge, he saw what must have been intended for dinner last night- the makings of Alfredo sauce. His heart panged. The loud snores were still reverberating from the bedroom. He had time. Grant grabbed his keys and headed down to the local grocery. He would only be gone twenty minutes, tops.

Jason rolled over in the bed at the banging sound. He couldn’t quite place the sound in his hazy state so he simply went back to sleep. He’d worry about it when he woke up.

An hour later Grant returned from the store, armed with groceries and grumbling about the distance. He would have sworn that store was closer than it actually was. Stepping in the door, he noticed the snoring had stopped. Quickly he dropped the bags in the kitchen and ran for the bedroom to greet Jason. Opening the bedroom door he was met with Jason’s naked back and ass. Grant sighed. He had just rolled over. Dragging his feet back to the kitchen, Grant’s stomach growled. Pancakes sounded amazing. He pulled out the ingredients, turned on the stove and greased the pan. Mixing ingredients, Grant thought back to the time they had almost burned the cabin down. He was making pancakes, naked, at four in the morning. Jason had come up behind him and kissed his shoulder. He had turned and lips had met lips. In that moment, Grant remembered nothing but the feel of Jason around him. He sighed happily, pouring the first few pancakes into the pan to cook. While those were starting, he made coffee, knowing that the sleeping bear would be scrounging for some when he woke.

Jason stirred once again. This time he definitely heard banging in the kitchen. And was that…. Was that coffee he smelled? God, he hoped Reanna hadn’t called Kris to tell her he was alone up here. He shuffled out to the living, preparing for the fight after he told her to go home. Coming around the corner to the kitchen, he had to blink twice. Grant was flipping pancakes. And humming. Grant. Flipping pancakes. The man at the stove turned when he felt Jason’s presence, smiling at him. “Hey Sunshine.”

Jason let out a needy grunt, pulling Grant towards him, crashing their lips together. His hands clutched at Grant’s back, desperately wanting, needing to pull him closer, proving to himself that this image was real. Jason released the kiss. “You came.”

Grant smiled. “I couldn’t stand the thought of you being up here alone.” He smacked his naked ass and went back to making pancakes.

Jason grabbed a mug, pouring coffee into it. Leaning against the counter, he took a sip. The egg yolk had been washed off the wall, he noted. And the place just smelled… clean. “How long have you been here?”

“About two hours,” Grant answered, flipping another pancake.

Jason nearly dropped his coffee mug. “You didn’t wake me?!”

Grant snorted. “I was cleaning up your mess from the mope-fest you had last night. Eighteen beers, Jason?”

Jason grumbled. Eighteen? Shit, he should have alcohol poisoning… The headache at the forefront of his brain and the pounding behind his eyes agreed. “Over eight hours! When did you start counting my beer bottles?”

Grant flopped the finished pancakes on a plate and poured the last of the batter in the pan. “When I was putting them in a trash bag. And anime? And Alfredo? Mr. I’m-not-romantic.”

“Anime and Alfredo is not romantic. I was just hoping to get laid.” Jason sipped more from his coffee mug, catching a downward glance at himself. Standing, half hard, in a kitchen, naked, with a fully-clothed Grant making pancakes. He smiled to himself. As Grant flipped the pancakes in the pan, Jason’s fingers teased along the hem of his shirt. “Remember that one time you made pancakes at four in the morning?”

Grant smirked. “Yes. We nearly lit the place on fire.”

Jason’s hands ran up Grant’s chest under his tshirt as he kissed behind his ear. “I wouldn’t say I was that good.”

Grant flopped the last of the pancakes onto the plate and turned the stove off as Jason pinched a nipple. “Breakfast,” he whispered.

Jason pulled his tshirt up and over his head, his lips returning to the back of Grant’s ear, nipping down at the earlobe. His hands wandered down slowly from his chest to his jeans, making quick work of dropping them to the floor. Grant kicked them off and turned around in the circle of Jason’s arms, wrapping his arms around his neck. Jason rested his forehead against Grant’s and slowly began to sway them back and forth. Grant smirked up at him. “No pancakes to burn this time.”

Jason smiled back and kissed him softly. He didn’t know what kind of grief Grant had to go through to get here, but he was so glad he made it. Nuzzling his nose against Grant’s he whispered, “I love you.”

Grant’s arms tightened around Jason’s neck as he kissed him, eagerly, desperately. This moment confirmed and washed away all of his doubts and fears. “Jason, ti voglio bene, mi amore, mil coure. Senz’ altro ti volgio più tutti i giorni.”

He wasn’t quite sure exactly what that meant, but the beauty of the words sank directly to Jason’s heart. He kissed Grant deeply, running his hands down his back, cupping his ass, bringing the smaller man closer. Grant groaned into the kiss, grinding himself against the taller man. Pulling away slightly, nosetips touching, Jason asked, “What does that mean?”

Grant laid his forehead on Jason’s chest for a moment. He took a breath and looked up into Jason’s blue eyes. “It means: Jason, I love you, my darling, my heart. Without a doubt, I love you more every day.”

The hands cupped around Grant’s ass picked him up. Wrapping his legs around Jason’s waist, his lips kissing around the goatee, Grant felt himself being carried to the bedroom. Jason laid a hand on his back and gently laid him down on the bed, climbing over him. Their bodies melded into one as hips ground against hips, lips crashed and mouths sucked at patches of skin. Jason sat up to get the lube, but Grant’s hand on his arm stopped him. He shook his head, pulling him back down on top of him, grinding his hips up into Jason’s. “I want it to be like our first time,” Grant whispered.

Jason smiled down at him, settling his body on top of Grant’s. “But not nearly as awkward?”

Grant ground his hips up, creating the desperately needed friction between their cocks. “Not nearly.”

Jason rested his elbows on the outside of Grant’s shoulders, settling his hands behind Grant’s head, fingers entwining in his hair. Kissing along Jason’s jawline, Grant hooked a leg over his, resting his hands on Jason’s hips. He watched over Jay’s shoulder as his back arched, gently sliding cum-slick cock over cum-slick cock. Grant groaned at the contact, closing his eyes and nuzzling into Jason’s neck. “Ti voglio bene,” he whispered again. Jason kissed up his neck to his lips, whispered against them, “I love you, too.”

Slowly Jason moved against him, lips caressing each other, Grant’s hands roaming Jason’s body. Grant moaned into the morning air of the cabin as Jason’s cock slid against his. His hips involuntarily bucked against the man above him. Jason ground faster, harder against the soft pale skin of Grant’s hips. Their chests heaved against each other. Jason could feel Grant’s heartbeat as it escalated. He swam in the rhythm, slowly increasing his own in synch with his lover’s. Grant moaned deep in his ear, short fingernail clutching at his body. Jason felt his body tense beneath him, sensing that same familiar tingle start in his own thighs and stomach. Reaching a hand between their bodies, Grant took both their cocks and pumped twice, sending both men over the edge.

Jason collapsed, half on Grant and half on the bed. Grant reached up and grabbed a handful of tissues from the nightstand cleaning them both up. Jason smiled a lazy, sex-drunk smile at him, wrapping him up in his arms as they lay facing each other. Grant rested his head below the goateed chin and sighed happily, closing his eyes. “Ti voglio bene,” Jason whispered.

Grant smiled. “I love you, too. *Più tutti i giorni,” he whispered back, and drifted off to sleep.

NOTE: *translated: “more every day”

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