Lollipop – Grant/Jason

Grant sat at his desk facing Jason looking at paperwork in his hand, sucking on a tootsie roll pop. Jason, sitting across from him, watched as the red candy ball disappeared between his lips, making those disturbing slurping sounds. “G,” he said sternly.

Grant looked up at him, taking the tootsie roll pop out of his mouth and licking his lips. Jason shifted in his seat as the noticeably red tongue traced the even redder and slightly swollen lips. “Yeah, Jay?”

Motioning towards the stationary camera set up in their office Jason told Grant, “Stop it.”

Grant smiled. “Stop what?” he asked, snaking his tongue around the base of the lollipop and pulling it back into his mouth.

Jason growled and glanced over at the camera nervously. “Stealing candy from your kids again?”

Grant pulled the sucker out of his mouth with an audible pop that sent shivers up Jason’s thighs. “Oh, this? I bought it at the gas station. I like to suck on things while I read over paperwork, you should know that.” He smirked, licking the lollipop seductively for emphasis.

“I see you’ve upgraded from Werther’s Originals then,” Jason grumbled, trying desperately to concentrate on the computer screen in front of him and not the candy that kept disappearing between the seductive lips across from him.

Grant grinned. “There’s just something satisfying about the feeling of something moving against your tongue. Don’t you think so, Jay?”

“Jesus tapping-dancing Christ,” he muttered. Reaching across the desks, Jason grabbed the offending sucker from Grant and threw it in the trash.

Grant pouted, looking down into the trashcan. “Now what am I going to suck on?”

Jason went back to typing. “I can think of something,” he mumbled, praying the camera couldn’t pick it up.

However, Grant did. “What was that, Jay?” he asked, getting up from his desk chair. He grabbed a TAPS ball cap and walked over to the camera. Jason smirked as Grant reached up and placed it over the lens, effectively blocking its view.

Jason rolled his office chair back as Grant approached him. Leaning over him, Grant whispered, “What did you say?”

“I said, I can think of something for you to suck on,” Jason whispered back, praying the video cameras were not picking up this conversation.

Grant ran his hand along the bulge in Jason’s pants. “What would that be?” he asked innocently.

Jason growled again. “Oh, I think you know.” He was sure the camera caught the sound of the zipper being pulled down. In his ears it was so loud in the quiet room.

Grant carefully unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out Jason’s throbbing cock. “Was this it?” he asked, settling himself on his knees in between his legs.

“Oh yes,” he whispered as Grant’s hand ran down his shaft. “That was definitely on my mind.” Jason spread his legs wider, resting his head on the back of the chair.

“Was this on your mind, too?” Grant asked, bending down and licking around the spongy, wet head. He was answered with a low groan and the feel of large hands in his hair. Taking the hint, Grant sucked hard, working his red lips down Jason’s shaft. Running his hands up the denim clad thighs, Grant pulled back up, bobbing his head slowly, taking his time, alternating intensities. Jason groaned and bucked up into the wet heat engulfing him, only to have his hips be forcibly held still by Grant’s hands.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Wilson,” Jason groaned softly, running his hands through Grant’s hair.

Grant pulled back and licked along the leaking slit, eliciting another deep moan. Jason watched as his entire cock disappeared into the depths of Grant’s mouth, feeling his head hit the back of his throat as it relaxed around him. His grip in Grant’s hair tightened as his body started to thrum. Grant hummed softly, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked and worked his tongue along the shaft. Jason’s hands grabbed onto the side of his head strongly holding him into place, his body tensing, spilling hot liquid down Grant’s throat.

Grant stood up, licking his lips as Jason readjusted himself, buttoning and zipping his pants. He walked over to the camera and removed the hat, throwing it on the table. Sitting back down in his chair, Grant pulled out a blueberry tootsie pop from his drawer. “You owe me another lollipop, by the way.”

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