Spiders, Squirrel, and Cabins! Oh my!

Steve sat in the driver’s seat of the tech van, white knuckles glued to the steering wheel. Jason and Grant had already gotten out of their Yukon and were motioning for him and Tango to join them so they could greet the owner of the campground they were going to investigate. Steve looked over at Tango who just simply looked back at him with that deer in headlight look that had become so endearing at times like these. “We’re staying here, in the woods?” Dave asked him.

Steve nodded very slowly. He looked out the windshield at Jay and Grant who seemed to be getting impatient and plotted the most vicious ways of murdering them. Jason stalked over to Steve’s door and pulled it open. “Get out here. Don’t flip out in front of the campground owner or your balls will be mounted on my wall.”

“You didn’t tell me we’d be fucking camping,” Steve whispered through gritted teeth.
Jason clapped him on the shoulder, pulling him out of the van at the same time. “It’ll put hair on your chest, Stevie. Come on.”

Steve and Tango reluctantly joined their fearless leaders by the Yukon and greeted the owner. They toured each cabin, the owner telling stories of boy scouts and campers being run out by noises and shadows. Steve kept glancing in corners, noticing the spider webs in every cabin, inside and out, in the bathrooms, under the beds, in corners… He was sure there were giant spiders that inhabited each of those webs and they were just waiting for the lights to go out so they could pounce. Anything with eight legs was a freak of nature, he didn’t care what anyone said.

Saying goodbye to the campground owner, Tango smacked his arm and pointed towards possibly the largest squirrel Steve had ever seen. It seriously had to be a man eater… or at least a toe nibbler. He shuddered at the thought of waking up in the middle of the night with this giant squirrel nomming on his toes with crazy red glowing eyes.

Jason faced the little group after the owner left. “So apparently only two of the cabins are inhabitable. That leaves Grant and I in one cabin and you two in the other.” He smirked throwing the keys to the cabin at Steve. “Are you two going to be ok by yourselves? Should we leave you a can of spider-off just in case?”

“Can I sleep in the tech van?,” Steve asked him catching the keys.

“No. If there’s activity, then we need to be there to catch it and document it.”

“That’s what the cameras are for!”

Jason rolled his eyes. Grant smiled and went to grab their bags from the back of the Yukon. “Just sleep in the fucking cabin. No spiders are going to eat you.”

“I’m sleeping in the bathtub with the door locked then,” he grumbled walking back to the tech van to grab his bag.

Tango turned and followed him. “Dude, you’re leaving me alone in the room?!”

Steve looked at him, deadpan. “You can sleep in the tub with me, but I am not sleeping in that infested bed in that infested room.”

That night, Jason and Grant sat in one of the uninhabitable cabins with their video cameras and voice recorders. “Its nice to not have production here,” Jason whispered in the dark, sweeping the room with his camera.

Grant sighed from across the room, his face illuminated by the moonlight. “I think Steve is giving his spider phobia to Tango.”

Jason laughed under his breath. “I think Tango wants Steve to give him more than just a spider phobia.”

“Nah… You think?”

Jason laid down on the bed and squeaked the bedsprings. “Oh yeah.”

Grant sat down on the floor, laying his voice recorder down in front of him and pressing record. “My name is Grant; this is Jason. We just want to talk with you. If you could come close to this red light on the small device here and say your name really loudly we can hear it.”

“G, I don’t think there’s anything here,” Jason whispered from the bed.

“My friend Jason doesn’t believe that you exist. Can you move something? Prove him wrong?”

The bed springs squeaked again. “Grant. Turn your recorder off.”

“No, what if we miss something.”

Jason stood up and grabbed Grant’s recorder, turning it off and shoving it in his pocket. “G, there’s nothing here. Its all just stories. I mean, look at this place. It looks just like the campground from Friday the 13th.”

Grant sighed and stood up, facing Jason. “I guess, but these people believe they have something.” Jason bent down and picked him up depositing him on the bed. “Jay, not here.”

Jason smiled wickedly, settling his body on top of Grant’s, kissing around his jawline. Grant smirked and stole the recorder out of his pocket, clicking the record button again. “Why do you like to scare the people that stay here?”

Jason groaned and buried his head in Grant’s shoulder. “Seriously?”

“We don’t appreciate you scaring the guests that stay in these cabins. The owners don’t want you here.”

Sitting up, Jason just started unbuttoning Grant’s pants. He pulled them down along with his boxers. Jason eyed Grant’s socks for a moment. Grant watched the hamster on the wheel in Jason’s head and pushed ‘stop’ on the recorder. “Jay. What are you doing?”

Pulling off Grant’s socks, he climbed back up his captive’s body. Jason took one of Grant’s hands and tied it to one of the slats on the headboard with a sock, repeating with the other hand. Jason looked down at Grant’s face victorious, only to be met with very angry eyes. “What?” he asked.

“Jason, we’re here to do an investigation, not fuck in a haunted cabin.”

Jason pushed Grant’s shirt up around his shoulders, kissing down his chest to his belly button. “I am doing an investigation.”

Grant snorted, pulling on his binds. “Jay, this is charted territory.” He pulled harder at the socks around his wrists. “Dude, these are really tight.”

Jason hummed his agreeance around Grant’s right nipple where his lips were latched onto. “I know its charted territory, but you’re acting different, so you must be possessed.”

Grant snickered as Jason stood up to shed himself of his clothes. “So what? You’re going to fuck the ghost out of me?”

“That was my plan,” he answered, climbing back over his body, positioning himself between Grant’s legs.

“Jay, untie me.”

“Nope,” he said, stroking Grant’s dick roughly to its full length, feeling him tense and pulse in his palm.

“Jay, please,” Grant begged, his voice filling with need. Jason lubed himself and Grant up with the precum collected on his fingers, stretching the man beneath as he writhed. “God, Jay, please untie me.”

With a swift movement, Jason entered him. Placing his hands on the bed by Grant’s head, he started to move slowly. “No, you’re possessed remember?” he groaned. Bending down he moaned in Grant’s ear, “I have to reclaim you.”

Spreading his legs wider, Grant moaned and started to meet each of Jason’s thrusts as they became more heated. “Oh Jay,” Grant grunted as a large hand wrapped around his weeping cock.

Jason bent down, capturing Grant’s lips with his own. Each man groaned into their kiss, their movements becoming more desperate. Grant gave up trying to pull free from the binds, instead holding onto the bedframe, using it to push against Jason, creating the friction he needed. With a deep grunt and a quick nip to Grant’s shoulder, Jason shot deep within him. Grant released between them, spurting hot liquid on Jason’s hand as his cock pulsed against his prostate.

“Holy fucking Christ!” They heard Steve shout across the campground.

Jason grumbled. “I guess playtime is over.” Slowly he pulled out of Grant, kissing him passionately, gently pulling at his bottom lip with his teeth before untying him. Rubbing his wrists, Grant rolled over, searching for his pants in the dark cabin.

“Tango! Get it off!”

Grant laughed to himself. Steve must have gone into a spider nest. Or at least think he went into one.

Jason bitched to himself under his breath while he quickly got dressed. Hearing Grant’s zipper, he deemed it safe to fling open the door. “Steve! What the fuck is your problem?” he shouted across the campground. Tango’s eyes flitted between Steve doing what they had declared the ‘spider dance’ a long time ago and their two lead investigators who were quickly closing the distance between them. As the older men drew closer, Tango saw the look in Jason’s eyes. It was one of anger, yet devilish fun. The same look that he had when he had made Steve wear the red feather boas to teach him a lesson.

“Steve! They’re not on you anymore! I don’t seem them!” he told him, shining his flashlight at the dancing man.

Jason stalked up to him, clamping both hands down on Steve’s shoulders to hold him still. “Steve, calm the fuck down, dude. All of the spiders are gone.”

Steve stopped, but still looked down at himself. “Are you sure?”

Jason and Tango nodded, while Grant smiled to himself.

Blowing out a thin stream of air, Steve said, “I’m sorry, guys. It was… there were like 50 of them on me.”

Tango rolled his eyes. “There were not 50. There was like two and I got those off of you before you took off running. You probably got more on you running through the woods than sitting in the cabin.”

Jason looked at Grant with a shitting eating grin. He knew he was right about Tango’s crush on Steve. Grant shook his head and turned back towards the cabin. “Its late guys, we have three days here. Let’s wrap for the night.”

Jason followed Grant back to their cabin, leaving Tango and Steve in the darkness with one flashlight. “Are you really not sleeping in the cabin?”

Steve looked at Tango. “I’m sleeping in the tech van. I don’t give a shit what Jay says.”

They performed their nightly routines, with only two spider checks, and headed out to the tech van with pillows and blankets. “Do you have the keys?” Steve asked Tango.

“No, I thought you had them. You drove,” he replied, clutching his pillow to his chest.

Steve tried the door to the van only to find it locked. “Shit, I bet Jason stole them.”

“So you’re saying, we’re not sleeping in the tech van.”

Steve looked at him in the darkness and back to the cabin. “I guess so.” Even the cabin looked like a giant spider with the branches from the trees creating shadowlegs in the moonlight.

Steve walked into the small bathroom in the cabin, looking at the clawfoot tub and the tile floors. He didn’t really see any spider webs. That was a good sign. A very good sign. He laid one blanket down to shield him from the cold porcelain and set his pillow at the opposite end of the faucet. Just as he was about to climb in, he heard Tango behind him. “Do you want to sleep in here too?”

Tango nodded, still clutching his pillow to his chest like a scared child.

“Ok, come on,” Steve said, climbing in the tub. Tango laid his pillow at the opposite end of the tub and went to climb in, but Steve stopped him. “No way am I going to be smelling your feet, man. Sleep this way, next to me.”

Tango felt his heart start to race. “Dude, there’s not enough room that way.”

“Its ok, Tango. Its not like we’re going to advertise to Jason and Grant that we slept together in the tub.”

Tango sighed and climbed in the tub, putting one foot between Steve’s ankles and laying down sideways, half on top of Steve. “Because this isn’t weird.”

Steve grumbled and shifted so that he was on his side, back to Tango. “Better?”

Looking down at the oh so close proximity of his growing dick to Steve’s ass, no, it definitely wasn’t better. “I guess.”

Suddenly, Steve tensed and his body shot back against Tango’s, crushing the smaller man against the side of the tub. Out of instinct, Tango wrapped his arms around the man in front of him. “What’s wrong? What just happened?”

“There’s a spider, Tango. Right there, looking at us,” Steve whispered.

Patting Steve’s chest, he said, “Its ok. That big bad spidey won’t get you while Dave Tango has you.”

Resting his head against Steve’s shoulder, Tango started to drift off into sleep. An hour later, he awoke with a start, only to find Steve still wide awake, body tightly wound. “Steve, you have to relax. You need sleep.”

“How the hell did that spider get in here, Dave. We checked the bathroom out.”

Tango started to rub Steve’s chest reassuringly, slowly easing his hands lower and lower with each stroke. “Relax.”

“I can’t relax with a fucking spider staring at me,” he whined.

Tango decided he was tired and he couldn’t take much more of Steve being awake, waking him up from a spider scare. He reached down and stroked him through his pajama pants. Steve took in a sharp intake of breath as one of Tango’s magician hands worked its way in pajamas and boxers. “Tango, what are-“

Steve’s thought processes ceased when the magic hand rubbed the flat palm over the head of his cock as the other hand massaged his balls from outside his pajama pants. “Shhhh,” Tango whispered. “Just relax.” He placed a soft kiss at the back of Steve’s ear. His hand started working the shaft, alternating speeds and twisting slightly. A soft gasp was his reward as his lips found Steve’s neck, gently nipping and sucking at the soft skin. His pace quickened on Steve’s cock, his hips now rocking in time with Tango’s movements. Steve groaned softly as hot liquid spilled out onto Tango’s hand. Kissing Steve’s shoulder Tango noted, “See, you’re less tense now.”

Steve groaned, “Tango, I’m fucking goo.”

He smiled and rested his head against his shoulder again, wrapping his arms tight around Steve. “Good, then go to sleep. I’m exhausted.”

Steve closed his eyes, finally. They did have two more days of investigation to go.

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