Sunrise – Grant/Jason

Grant leaned his head back on Jason’s shoulder, his chest warm behind his back, as strong hands ran down his arms, interlacing their fingers. The water in front of them was still as a looking glass. Every small breeze made slight ripples, rocking the boats gently, creating a perfect soundtrack to their tired thoughts. Grant closed his eyes and turned his head to nuzzle into the rough stubble. Jay smiled and rested Grant’s hands on his bent knees, wrapping his arms around the man leaning against his chest. “We need more trips like this,” he whispered into the cool dawn air.

Grant smiled sleepily into Jay’s neck, rubbing his hands down the outside of Jay’s thighs. “You mean to a different country, away from our real lives?”

Jason watched as the sun started to appear in the distance, looking as if it was emerging directly from the calm waters. “G, the sun is coming up.” Grant sighed. Jay shook the shoulder he was laying against. “You’re falling asleep. We wanted to watch the sunrise!”

Grant opened his eyes and looked towards the water. “You wanted to watch the sunrise,” he grumbled. “I said let’s go back to the hotel.”

Jay placed a gentle kiss on the side of Grant’s temple. “But you would have fallen asleep.”

Sitting up a little and running his hands over his tired face, Grant grumbled again, “That was the idea.” The sun slowly ascended, burning pinks and violets in the skyline. Cranes started swooping down over the water. Grant sighed, resting back against Jason again. “We haven’t done this in awhile.”

Jason wrapped his arms back tight around him, leaning his forehead against Grant’s shoulder, breathing in his scent. Grant’s hands ran down the backs of Jason’s thighs and rested just before his knuckles touched the ground. The world was waking up around them as the birds sang in the trees. They could hear the traffic start in the distance, sounds of morning motorists trying to beat rush hour. Jay turned his head slightly, placing a string of gentle kisses up Grant’s neck to his ear. “I love you,” he whispered.

Grant turned his head, capturing Jay’s lips with his own. A soft kiss, not searching, not needing, just loving. Grant pulled back and sat up, stretching his arms above his head. Jason scooted back and stood up, dusting his pants off and offering a hand to Grant, interlacing their fingers as he stood. They walked back up the hill to the hotel and up the stairs to their room.

Grant sighed happily as his head finally met the pillow. Jason climbed in the bed behind him, wrapping a strong arm around his hips, pulling him close. Grant smiled against the cotton. “I love you too,” he whispered and drifted off to sleep.


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