Tequila – Jason/Grant

Jason sat at the bar watching his very drunk best friend sway on the bar stool next to him. Looking down at his four empty beer steins and over at Grant’s four empty shot glasses, it confirmed his belief in the wonderfulness of beer. Staring at him through one open eye, Grant asked him, “Whatcha thinking, there Jay? Jay… Jason Hawes!” He screamed it as if they were not sitting directly next to each other at a very uncrowded hotel bar and erupted into a fit of giggles.

Jason did his best to not laugh, but he couldn’t help it as Grant randomly started spinning on the barstool, both eyes now wide open, still giggling like a school girl. Grabbing his knee on the next go-around, Jason stopped him and whispered in his ear. “Don’t do that, G. You’re gonna make yourself sick.”

Grant leaned forward into the warmth that emanated from Jason’s body. “You’re not drunk,” he whispered back, eying him again through one open eye.

“No, I’m not. What’s up with your eye, dude?”

Grant blinked rapidly and went back to staring at Jay through one eye. “I think it hurts…,” he said and broke out in another fit of giggles.

Jason laughed and looked down into his beer, downing it in one gulp. He threw a fifty on the bar and took Grant by the upper arm. “Ok, Mr. Giggles, its time to get you back to the room.”

Grant’s eyes went wide and he playfully smacked Jason’s arm. “Don’t think you can get me advantage and take drunk of me.”

Jason snickered as he guided the wobbly and heavy man out the bar door. Then he heard the familiar squeal of recognition and cringed inwardly. Grant leaned heavily into Jason’s side, trying his best to look sober. The young fan approached them cautiously. “Are you Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters?!” she asked, nearly whispering. They both smiled and nodded as the girl squealed again. “Oh my God! I love your show! I never miss it!”

Jason tried to guide Grant away, nonchalantly holding him up like it was something they did every day. “Thanks! We really appreciate meeting our fans!”

Not getting the hint that they were trying to escape she kept going. “Are you guys doing an investigation here?”

“Nope… Jusssst paasssssing through!” Grant hissed, cutting his hand through the air for emphasis as he slurred.

Jason pinched the younger man’s side. Grant waved at the girl as he practically stumbled over his own feet. “Well! We have to go. He’s taking me back to the room,” Grant said with a wink and patted Jay’s chest.

Jason rolled his eyes and turned away from the gaping fan, practically dragging a giggly Grant with him. “Dude, just hush until we get to the room, ok?” Thoughts of videos being put up of this on YouTube flashed through his mind. “You do not need video of you drunk off your ass on the internet.”

Grant grinned up at him as they stepped onto the elevator. “But you’re here to take care of me.” He patted Jason’s chest again.

Jason smiled down at Grant, drunk warm and leaving against him heavily. He was lucky Grant was smaller than he was. Or rather, Grant was lucky so Jason could help him up to his room.

Grant’s fingers tugged on the hem line of Jason’s tshirt. “When did you get this shirt, Jay?” he asked, looking very serious.

Jason frowned and looked down at his shirt. “I don’t know, G. Maybe Kris bought it for me.”

Grant shook his head as they stepped out of the elevator. “I hate it on you. You should take it off.”

Jason just shook his head and wrapped his arm tighter around Grant’s back guiding him down the hallway. “I am not taking off my shirt for you, G. Where’s your room card?”

Grant sighed dramatically. “My front pocket. And it really looks terrible on you, Jay. Here, lemme take it off.” He started pawing at Jason’s body, pulling the shirt up.

Grabbing Grant’s hands, he pulled Grant towards him and leaned him against the wall space next to his hotel room door. “Which front pocket?”

He fought for freedom from Jason’s death grip on his wrists, winning as he twisted his body off the wall and started to fall forward. The ground was coming closer rather quickly, but his body stopped midfall. One of Jason’s arms was wrapped around his hips, the other had a flat palm on his chest. “Whoa there, G! I got you,” he was whispering in his ear.

With both feet securely back on the ground, he leaned back into Jason’s chest, letting the larger man hold him. “Which pocket?”

Grant’s mind couldn’t wrap around the concept of pocket. Though the warmth from the body behind him was definitely distracting him. And was Jay…? He leaned his hips back and ground his ass against Jason’s hips. He determined, through strictly scientific experimentation, that Jason was hard against him. Grinning wickedly he wrapped his arms behind them and grabbed onto Jay’s ass, bringing their hips together as Grant worked his ass against him. Jason’s breath hitched in the younger man’s ear. “G…,” he whispered breathily. “Get your hotel room key out.”

“Front pocket,” Grant whispered back, still working his hips.

Jason’s hands let go long enough to dive into each of the front pockets of Grant’s jeans. When his index finger brushed against what he could only assume was a hard cock, his hands stopped. He brushed his index finger over the hardness at the side of the pocket and Grant moaned into the stale air of the hotel hallway. Digging down deeper, Jason found the hotel room key and pulled it out triumphantly. Quickly he turned and slid the card in the slot, opening the door and dragging Grant into the room.

Grant fell heavily against the closet door, clutching to the door knob to keep his balance. Jason followed him into the room, closing the door behind him. “Come on, G. Let’s get you into bed,” he coaxed, taking him by the arm and tugging him towards the king bed.

His hands went from the door knob to Jason’s hips, falling into the larger man. Jason barely caught Grant as he fell forward. Sighing contentedly with his forehead against Jay’s shoulder, Grant wrapped his arms tightly around Jason’s back and mumbled. He felt the rumble of laughter in the larger man’s chest as strong arms wrapped around his back. Hot breath was on his ear as Jason whispered, “I can’t understand you when you mumble into my shoulder.”

Grant picked his head up, laying it sideways against the same shoulder, gazing up into the blue eyes smiling down at him. “I said stay with me tonight.” Jason sighed and looked around the room. Grant’s hands worked their way under the back of his shirt, warm against his skin. He looked back down into the brown eyes looking up at him. “Please?”

Bodily walking Grant backwards to the bed, he nodded his head. “Fine, I’ll stay. But you have to act not hungover in the morning. Don’t need Steve and Tango giving me shit for getting you drunk.”

Grant drunk smiled at Jason, flopping back on the bed, pulling the larger man down on top of him. Jason landed with an “oomph” on top of Grant. “Jesus, G! I could have-“ He was shocked into silence at the taste of tequila on his lips. A quick kiss and a seductive look as Grant’s hands pulled Jason’s shirt up his body. “G Dub…” Grant kissed him again, longer, slower this time.

Jason’s body went rigid. Grant’s lips were soft against his own. “Please, Jay,” he whispered against the unyielding lips, his eyes closed tightly. “Just give me this.”

Closing his eyes, Jason took a deep breath and allowed himself to be kissed. Grant’s warm hands were on his face, thumbs caressing his cheeks, as his tongue caressed against Jay’s. He felt himself loosen, giving into the warmth and the kiss.

Grant pulled back, laying his head down on the mattress, smiling contentedly. “Thank you.”

Jason licked his lips, the tequila still very present, but now he could taste it inside his mouth, along the insides of his cheeks. And there was that look that Grant was always giving him, except now it was coming through a haze of alcohol. For some reason, he understood it better now. It was a look of pure desire and lust. Jason licked his lips again. “So you don’t like my shirt?”

Grant smiled wickedly at him. “Hate it. You should never wear it again. In fact, you should never wear any shirt again.”

Jason chuckled, pulling the shirt up and over his head. “Happy?” Grant answered him by pulling his face down and kissing him again. The kiss was more intense, more feverish than before. Warm hands were running down Jason’s naked back and he sighed into the mouth attached to his. Breaking the kiss, he whispered, “What do you want, G? This is so-“

Grant silenced him by a soft kiss and a whispered, “Fuck me.”

Sirens went off in Jay’s brain. “Fuck you?”

Grant bucked his hips up into Jason’s, sending streaks of pleasure through both men’s bodies. “Fuck me. Lube is in my suitcase, front pocket.”

It didn’t register in Jason’s mind that he had gotten up and gone to the suitcase until the small bottle of lube was in his hand and he was walking back to the bed watching Grant drunkenly try to shed himself of the rest of his clothing. He couldn’t maneuver his left foot out of the leg of his jeans so he had rolled halfway on the bed and was in danger of..

Jason knew it was going to happen, but there was nothing he could do. Grant landed hard on the floor, but his foot had come out of the jeans in the fall. “Maybe you’re too drunk for this,” Jason said, helping him up.

Within seconds, the smaller man had him pinned down on the bed. “Never too drunk for you. Never too anything for you.”

Grant’s drunk numb fingers worked on the fly of Jason’s jeans, finally achieving their goal and working them and his boxers off his body. Laying naked, Jason reach up to Grant, lube still in hand.

Grant took the lube from Jason, straddling his hips on his knees. He opened the lube top and squeezed some out on his fingers. Throwing the tube in the vicinity of his suitcase, Grant leaned forward, placing one hand on Jason’s chest, locking his brown eyes with ocean blue.

Jason watched as the hand with lube disappeared behind Grant and a look of pure pleasure wash over his face. Grant moaned his name as he watched the show above him. Jay stroked himself, lubing up his own cock with the precum that leaked from his head. Bringing his hand back around and wiping it on the covers beside them, Grant grabbed Jay’s cock with one hand, lowering himself down onto it.

Jason moaned as heat enveloped his cock slowly. Sitting all the way down, Grant rested his hands on Jay’s chest, breathing deeply. “Done this before?” Jay asked him.

Grant smiled down at him. “What do you think?”

Jason bucked his hips once up into him. “I’d think you have some experience in this.”

Grant picked up Jay’s hands and rested them on his hips as he slowly started to move against him, closing his eyes. “They all look like you, you know. As close as I could get anyways.”

Jason closed his eyes. “Shut up, G. You’re drunk mumbling.”

Clenching his muscle around Jay’s cock inside of him, he moaned, “No, I think I’m drunk fucking.”

Jason hissed and ground up against Grant. “Then just shut up and move.”

Leaning down, Grant rested on his forearms, kissing him deeply. Jason rolled them over, holding Grant’s arms above his head, returning the kiss and setting his own pace. Wrapping his legs around the pivoting waist, Grant moaned. Jason kissed the tequila lips, hesitation disappearing as he drove his cock home into the depths of the writhing man below him. “Harder, Jay, please,” Grant moaned in his ear.

Closing his eyes and dropping his head down to nip and suck at the neck stretched out before him, Jason pulled Grant’s legs out wider. His pace quickened, the bed starting to bang against the wall. Panic rose in his blood but quickly dissipated as Grant’s hand came between them and started stroking his own cock. Muscles clenched down and Jason saw stars as he came hard and without warning deep into Grant.

Grant threw his head back against the mattress and moaned Jay’s name as he came against his stomach. Jason fell heavily on the bed next to Grant’s body, watching his chest heave. His body felt heavy, his eyelids drooped. Grant whispered next to him, “I don’t want to talk about this in the morning.”

Jason silently agreed.

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