The Museum of Sex – Grant/Jason

Grant wrinkled his nose as the thermal cam swooped across the artifacts. “Strap ons? Really? I cannot believe this place would be haunted.”

Jason chuckled under his breath. “People can get attached to objects that they loved, G.” Grant made an indistinguishable sound next to him in the dark and Jason had to laugh again. “Hey, you love that blue dildo so much, maybe when you pass you’ll follow that dildo around.”

Grant scoffed. “Your cock gives me more pleasure than that dildo. Shouldn’t I be more attached to your cock after death then?”

An image came to Jay’s mind and he quickly swept it into the gutter where it belonged. Instead he whispered, “I’m not seeing or feeling anything in here, G. Let’s move on to the next room.”

Next to him, Grant nodded and followed him along, attached by the cord of the thermal. Jay pulled out his flashlight to read the name of the exhibit in the next room. “Men Without Suits: Objectifying the American Male Body,” he read outloud. He could almost feel Grant’s eye roll. He looked back at him. “This looks promising.”

“I just can’t wait for this to be over,” Grant mumbled.

Walking into the exhibit, Jason’s flashlight swung around the area. All around the walls were pictures of naked men, some buff, some not. Handing the thermal cam to Grant, he walked up to a picture, shining his flashlight on it. “Jason!” Grant whined.

Jay whirled around and shone his flashlight at Grant. “What?!”

Grant gestured towards the picture. “What are you doing?! We’re supposed to be investigating!”

Jay sighed. “We’re in a sex museum, G. Don’t think I’m not going to look!”

Grant grumbled, taking over operation of the thermal as Jason meandered through the pictures. He really didn’t feel like the place was haunted. It was pointless to continue investigating, but he really didn’t care to look at pictures of naked men. There was only one naked man he was interested in and there was no way that was going to happen while on an investigation, even if it was at a sex museum.

“Hey, Grant! We haven’t done this position yet!” Jason yelled at him from across the room.

Grant blushed a deep crimson and quickly closed the space between them. “Keep your voice down, Jay!”

Just then, Jason’s walkie came alive with Steve’s voice. “Hey, Jay, Grant!”

Jason unclipped the walkie from his back pocket and answered, “Yeah, Steve?”

“Tango and I are going to take a coffee break. Are you guys ok?”

Jason grinned wickedly at Grant in the dark. “Yeah, we’re good. Take your time, I don’t think anything’s here.”

“I don’t either. Out.” Jason took the thermal from Grant and set it and the walkie down on one of the benches in the center of the room. “Come on, G. Check these out.”

“Jason, I don’t…,” Grant started, unease evident in his voice.

Jason took his hand and pulled him over to the wall. “Don’t tell me you’ve never looked at porn before.”

Grant blushed again. “I have, just not uh… gay porn.” Jay raised an eyebrow. “You’re the only naked man I need in my life.”

Taking his head in both his hands, Jay kissed him deeply. “Just look, G.”

Grant sighed and switched on his flashlight. Intertwining their fingers, Jason led Grant around. He tried desperately to not look at the pictures, but the warmth of the hand in his, the body so close to him that he rarely got to have anymore it seemed, caused that familiar stir in his groin. His eyes drifted over the erotic pictures. The flashlight bounced across the naked men in compromising positions.

“G, look at this,” Jason whispered, warm breath in his ear. Grant turned towards the picture Jay’s light illuminated. It was a mural of different gay sexual positions. “Let’s see what we haven’t tried yet.” Grant snorted. “Hey! We haven’t done this one yet!”

Grant looked at the drawing of a guy sitting on the lap of another guy facing out. “No, we did that one.”


“At the office… don’t you remember? Tango came in.”

Jason laughed. “Oh yeah.” Their flashlights roamed over the poster again. “What about this one?” His flashlight shone on an image that, to Grant, looked damn near impossible.

“NO, Jay. You can’t hold me upside down for that long and we both know I can’t hold you like that.”

Grant wrapped his arms around Jason from behind, laying his head against the back of his shoulder. “What’s wrong with our sex life now?”

Jay leaned back into him. “You mean aside from the lack of opportunity?”


Jason turned around in the embrace, wrapping his arms around Grant. “This looks like a perfect opportunity.”

Grant grinned up at him. “How long do you think Steve and Tango’s coffee beak is going to be?”

“Long enough,” Jason said, bending his head down. His lips hovered just above Grant’s before pressing against them softly.

Grant groaned up into the kiss, wrapping his arms tight around Jason’s neck, pulling him down farther into it. Tongues massaged against each other as hands roamed overly clothed bodies. Jay pulled G’s shirt up and over his head before removing his own. Both men dropped their pants and boxers to the ground, kicking them away.

Jason pulled Grant back, flush against his body. They both hissed as their cocks met naked warm flesh. “Lube, Jay. We don’t have any,” Grant whispered against his lips. Jason grinned and left him momentarily to rummage through the pockets of his jeans. Pulling out a small tube, he returned to Grant, taking him back into his arms. “You plan this?”

Jason just grinned. “Lay down on the bench.”

Moving the thermal and the walkie, Grant laid back on the bench,legs bent, ass hanging off the end. He watched as Jason opened the tube and squirted lube on his fingers. Grant opened his legs and closed his eyes as the larger man approached him. The familiarity of this was oddly comforting as fingers brushed against and entered him. Soft lips kissed up his stomach. Two fingers entered as a tongue brushed over sensitive nipples. Grant moaned into the dead air of the museum. His cock throbbed hard against his stomach as Jay’s fingers slowly worked inside of him, stretching him. It had been too long. Opening his eyes, he ran his hands down Jason’s back as the tongue switched nipples, teasing the other into a tight bud. The pictures around him seem to come alive in the darkness. It felt appropriate that they would be having sex in the middle of the naked men exhibit of the sex museum.

Jason’s fingers left Grant’s body. Large hands ran down his legs, pulling them up at the knees to wrap around Jay’s waist. Grant pulled his face down, kissing him deeply, passionately. It had been far too long. “Ready?” Jay whispered against his lips.

“Always,” Grant whispered back.

Slowly, Jason entered him. Grant felt each inch as it pushed past the muscle. His heart pounded in his chest. His lungs begged for air, but Grant would never say stop. Just as slow as he entered, Jason began to move. “Hold on to me tight,” he whispered into Grant’s ear.

Wrapping his legs tighter around the narrow waist and arms tight around the thick neck, Grant felt himself being lifted. Gravity pulled him down farther onto the intruding cock. Burying his face in Jay’s shoulder, he moaned deep and long. Grant’s back met with the wall. Lips found lips as Jason positioned his hips. Keeping his hold on Jason’s naked body, Grant rested his head against Jay’s, forehead to forehead, nose beside nose. The hands on his ass, holding him up, parted the flesh slightly as he felt Jason move inside him. Their heartbeats were racing and G knew he was holding back.

“Harder, Jay,” he encouraged, clenching his muscle around Jay’s cock.

Jason groaned his response, bucking his hips more forcefully. Sweat began to bead on his forehead as his hips pistoned into the smaller man. Both men were moaning in unison. Hot breaths mingled together between their bodies. Jason’s paced quickened, pounding Grant back into the wall. Biting his lip, Grant barely held back the screams of intense pleasure that were fighting to escape. One hand left Jay’s neck and came in between their bouncing bodies. The hand wrapped around the bobbing, dripping cock, pumping it furiously. Gravity pulled him down harder and harder each time Jason pounded up into him sending waves of pleasure coursing through his body.

Grant let out a strangled cry as he came against their stomachs. The muscles clenched down, pulsed, and held as orgasm overtook him. Jason moaned into Grant’s sweaty shoulder, shooting deep inside him.

Carefully, Grant untwined his legs from Jason’s waist, setting one foot down on the ground at a time. Jay helped guide him down the wall to sit before sitting next to him. Grant breathed in deep, trying to regain his composure as Jason really wished he could smoke in the museum. “If I die before you do,” Grant whispered in the darkness. “I’m haunting your cock.”

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