What Tango Found

Tango opened the door to Steve’s closet, their closet, trying to find a place to put all of his stuff. The move in hadn’t been nearly as daunting as he thought it would be, but one thing lingered. They had to clean out the closet. There was just no way they were going to fit Tango’s clothes, Steve’s clothes and all of the random assortment of junk on the floor in the tiny space.

Tango looked down. Just what the hell was all of that? On his hands and knees he started pulling stuff out of the bottom of the closet. Shoes were tossed into a pile, many he was certain hadn’t been worn in awhile, some just needed to be thrown away. A box of paperwork was set aside for Steve to go through. But there was a black gym bag in the back… Tango was impressed by the weight of it as he pulled it from the back of the closet. Unzipping it, his face lit up in surprise.


Steve flopped down on the bed in his boxers and tshirt, listening to Tango get out of the shower. “Hey Dave! Why is there a pile of shoes in the corner?”

Tango walked out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist as he rubbed another over his hair. “I cleaned out the closet today.” Steve raised his eyebrows. “So there’s some things you need to go through.” He pointed towards the shoes. “That pile being one of them.”

Steve groaned. “You should have just tossed it all.”

Tango hung the towels up in the bathroom, slipping on his boxers. “There’s a box of paperwork though that you might need.” He shrugged. “I didn’t want to just toss your stuff.”

Crawling on the bed, he straddled the tattooed man. His knees on either side of his hips, Tango leaned down and kissed Steve softly. “I found something else in the closet.”

Steve smiled and leaned up, kissing the younger man again, hands running up his thighs. “What’s that?”

Tango pulled away, climbing back off the bed and opening the closet, retrieving the black bag.

Steve’s eyebrows raised dramatically. “My old police bag.”

Tango nodded and dropped it on the foot of the bed. “You’ve never shown me this stuff before…,” he said, coyly.

Steve sat up and pulled the bag up to him. “Its just police equipment. Nothing special.” He unzipped the bag, pulling out the forgotten items. “My old handcuffs, baton, belt, shirt…”

Tango picked up the handcuffs. “I know. But you’ve never shown this stuff to me…,” he said softly, clicking and unclicking the cuffs.

The light went on in Steve’s brain. “Oh… OH… Well, do you want me to show you how this works?”

“Are you going to arrest me?” Tango asked, looking down at Steve on the bed from under his long eyelashes.

Steve stood up from the bed, taking his shirt off and clipping on his utility belt. “I think I may have to. You tampered with personal property, Dave Tango.” His brown eyes glancing over his body as he approached him, hand on his empty holster.

Tango smiled. “What if I resist arrest?”

Steve took his hand and whirled him around, resting his front to Tango’s back. “I don’t think that would be a good idea. Now put your hands against the wall,” he whispered.

Tango could feel himself growing hard as he placed his hands against the wall, feet spread out like he saw on the Cops tv show. Steve bent down and ran his fingertips down the outside of Dave’s legs. Tango dropped his head, trying not to flinch at the tickle of the light touch. The finger tips travelled back up the insides of his legs, sending shivers up his back. Steve stood up as his hands got higher, kissing a trail up Tango’s spine. The moan that he had been fighting back escaped Tango’s lips the feather light touches met at his balls, massaging them gently through his boxers. “I think these need to come off, Mr. Tango,” Steve commanded from behind him.

Shakily, Tango did as he was told, resting one hand against the wall to keep himself from falling over. He tossed them to the side and resumed his position, both hands against the wall, ass out and feet spread apart. There was a loud click and he felt Steve at his back again. A warm hand ran down his back and squeezed his ass check. Tango jumped at the sensation of something plastic and blunt rubbing up behind his balls. It curved around and ran up the crack of his ass. “I should throw you in jail for this offense,” Steve said huskily, lust evident in his voice.

Tango felt his balls tense and shivers run up his legs as those rough familiar hands grabbed at his hips, baton having been placed back in the utility belt. His head dropped backwards, moaning loudly, as Steve ground himself against Tango, running his hands around to his chest. Soft lips caressed his shoulder and neck. Steve ran his hands from his chest down Dave’s arms. Stepping back slightly, he pulled his arms from the wall to behind his back, cuffing them. “You have the right to remain silent,” Steve whispered in his ear. “But I love it when you scream.”

Tango moaned loudly. His handcuffed hands quickly found the clothed cock pulsing against his ass cheek, running his fingertips over it through the thin, cotton material, eliciting a thrust from Steve’s hips. Tattooed arms wrapped around his chest, hot breath in his ear. Tango’s heartbeat thumped against his ribcage, his pulse racing, matching the rhythm of the pulse beating against his back. Licking his lips, Tango groaned, “Is there something I can do for you officer, to make you forget about my offense?”

He felt Steve’s lips smile against his skin. A lewd lick behind Tango’s ear and he hummed. “I think there might be something you can do.” The warm body left him, save for a single hand, used to balance them both. Tango watched over his shoulder as Steve discarded his boxers, his hard cock bobbing at its freedom.

All it took was a slight pressure on his shoulder and Tango was on his knees, lips eagerly wrapping around the wet head of Steve’s cock. Hands ran through his hair as incoherent, babbled words filled his ears. With every inch deeper Tango took him in, with every long, lingering suck and flick of a tongue Tango gave, Steve’s voice seemed to lower an octave. Pressure again on his shoulder and he pulled back, lips slightly swollen and red.

Steve helped him stand back up, facing him, kissing him passionately. Breaking the kiss, Steve moaned, “Turn around.”

Tango turned, and was immediately bent over. A finger quickly entered him, twisted, and was gone. The rough hands returned to his hips, thumbs pulling his cheeks apart. The blunt, hot head of Steve’s cock, pushed its way deep inside Tango, almost causing him to lose his balance. His hands tugged as Steve grabbed onto the chain linking the cuffs with one hand, the other still at his hips, as he started a slow rhythm.

Tango moaned Steve’s name with each slow deep thrust, his toes curling on the carpet. The teasing was almost too much to bear as Steve’s hands thwarted his efforts to push back against him, trying to quicken their pace. Tango groaned in frustration. “Faster.”

Steve chuckled softly behind him. Slowly his hips picked up speed and momentum. A small swivel, and Tango screamed his name, rising up on his toes as Steve stroked his prostate. Both men grunted with each thrust, their hips working against each other. Tango’s hands wrapped around the wrist that held the cuffs, using it as leverage to pull against. Steve groaned low and deep as Tango’s hips did a dirty swivel of their own, burying him deeper inside. Their hips moved to a punishing rhythm, their bodies smacking together loudly, breathy moans and musk filling the air in the room.

Tango stilled as Steve’s hips went momentarily erratic, fingers clenching tight on his hip and hands. A low groan of his name as Steve released deep inside. Not missing a beat, softening cock still buried inside Tango, Steve pulled him up against him, right hand wrapping tightly around his weeping cock. Tango writhed against him, moaning loudly, taking only seconds until he spilled onto Steve’s hand and his own stomach. Pulling out and resting Tango against the wall, Steve retrieved the key and unlocked the handcuffs, tossing them back into the bag. As Tango cleaned up in the bathroom Steve slowly collected the scattered remnants of his old life, zipping them back up in the gym bag.

Tango fell onto the bed, rubbing his wrists. Steve laid down next to him, wrapping an arm around his hips. “So now you’ve seen my police gear. What did you think?”

Dave smiled and kissed him softly. “I think we need to get the fuzzy handcuffs for next time.”

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