Can I Come In? – Steve/Grant

Grant heard a knock on his hotel room door. He looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand and down at his Superman pajama pants and white undershirt. He was not willing to get out of his warm bed to answer the door at 6 in the morning after a long night of ghost hunting. The knock came again and Grant decided against ignoring it.

“Steve?” he asked.

“Can I come in?” Steve asked, also clad in his pajama pants.

Grant stepped back to let Steve enter, but he didn’t move.    “Steve?”

The younger man stepped cautiously in the room. Grant closed the door and gave him a questioning look. Steve sucked in a deep breath and shoved Grant against the wall in the small hallway, crushing their lips together. The kiss caught him off guard, but Grant quickly regained his composure and wrapped his arms around Steve, sucking on his bottom lip eagerly. Hands roamed, as moans escaped their dueling lips. Steve’s hands found the bottom of Grant’s white tshirt and tugged it up and over his head, quickly following it with his own.

Grant ran his hands down his lover’s naked back, running his fingers around the waistband of his sleep pants. “Got plans?”

Steve smiled and nipped at Grant’s bottom lip, pulling him towards the bed. He turned them around and put his hands on Grant’s shoulder, pushing him down on the bed. Grant sighed as soft lips brushed against his. Slowly Steve moved down, licked across his lover’s Adam’s apple, and placed feather kisses across each nipple. Grant sighed, appreciating the feel of lips against his skin. The feather kisses were replaced by eager sucking. A flick of Steve’s tongue across a sensitive bud sent a sensuous shiver across Grant’s body. “Tease,” Grant whispered softly. He felt Steve smile against his skin and moved down, kissing down his stomach.

Grant moaned as Steve started to pull down his Superman pants. Steve’s warmth left him as he felt his pants fall off his feet. He felt the bed shift as Steve knelt in between his legs. A tongue snaked up Grant’s cock. His back arched as he felt Steve’s lips closed over the tip, his tongue flicking and lapping up the precum that had accumulated. Grant ran his fingers through the younger man’s hair, moaning his appreciation. Steve breathed in Grant, loving the smell of his sex. Running his hands lightly up Grant’s legs, Steve’s mouth took in more of his cock. He started a slow movement, sucking gently, not wanting him to let go yet. Grant moaned loudly, spreading his legs wider. “Steve, please,” he begged.

Moaning, Steve deepthroated Grant, running a finger around his tight hole.   He pulled away with an audible pop. Steve sucked on his fingers, making sure they had some amount of saliva on them before pushing first one finger and then the second into his lover. Grant moaned loudly, watching as Steve’s mouth closed over his cock once again, feeling the thick blunt fingers inside of him scissor, loosening him. When he felt Grant’s muscle relax around his fingers, he pulled away, kissing his way back up to Grant’s mouth. Grant wrapped his arms around Steve’s back, his eyes and body begging for satisfaction. He ground his hard and leaking cock against the tattooed man’s hip. Steve hooked one of Grant’s legs over his shoulder and positioned himself against the loosened entrance. “Ready?” he whispered in Grant’s ear.

Grant moaned and ground his hips down against the cock he wanted inside of him. Steve took that as a ‘yes’ and gently pushed into him. Grant’s hand clutched at tattooed shoulders as their hips met. “Fuck me, Steve,” he moaned.

The sound of moaned profanity coming from his lover’s mouth cause Steve’s cock to twitch deep inside. Slowly he pulled out and pushed himself back in again, trying to maintain his composure. With a loud grunt, Grant rolled them over, pinning Steve beneath him. “You’re such a cock tease,” he moaned, inches from Steve’s face.

He straddled the younger man’s hips, moving himself on Steve’s cock. Loving hands roamed Grant’s naked body, fingers pulling on nipples before the hands moved down to the bobbing cock between them. Grant nearly collapsed on top of the man beneath him when the warm hand closed over his throbbing shaft. Steve rolled them back over, one hand still pumping the older man’s cock. “So you want to be fucked?” he growled.

Grant moaned as Steve’s thrusts became more forceful, the headboard starting to bang against the wall. His body twitched beneath the younger man. His hands grabbed at the sheets desperately trying to find something to ground himself as Steve’s cock stroking over his prostate sent him flying. “God, Steve!” Grant cried out as the wave of orgasm came over him, releasing over Steve’s hand and his stomach.

Steve pumped twice more into the convulsing man beneath him before spilling his own seed deep inside. He bent down and kissed Grant tenderly on the lips before rolling over and finding his tshirt to wipe them off. Settling in to sleep, Steve wrapped his arms around Grant and kissed the back of his neck. “So what brought you here?” Grant whispered into the dark room.

“The heat in my room wasn’t working,” he answered and closed his eyes.

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