Evidence Review – Steve/Grant

Steve shoved Grant down on the floor in his office. Moans and grunts were exchanged as Grant’s shirt was ripped off his body. Lips crashed together, tongues viciously dueling as Steve’s hands roamed newly naked flesh. Grant slowly pulled his lover’s shirt up, revealing the colorful tattoos. He flipped them over, pulling Steve’s shirt off as they went. His tongue traced the intricate designs causing the younger man beneath him to moan and squirm in pleasure and impatience.
“Grant…,” he moaned. “I want to fuck you.” Grant leaned down and nipped at Steve’s bottom lip with his teeth. Standing up he shed himself of his pants, watching Steve do the same on the floor.

Grant was quickly pulled back down to the floor, Steve’s hungry mouth covering his once again. Pulling away, he smiled down at him, running his hands down his chest. Steve closed his eyes as feather light kisses were traced over his throat, a tongue licking at his Adam’s apple. The soft lips moved down his chest, teasing each nipple to a tight pink peak. Needy kisses traced his treasure trail down to Steve’s thick cock.

Steve closed his eyes, loving the administrations on his heated skin. He moaned, running his fingers through Grant’s hair. He closed his eyes and flung his head back as wet heat engulfed his hard cock. He moaned loudly as that wicked tongue wrapped around his now weeping head. The tongue slid down his length as Grant started to hum softly feeling the head hit the back of his throat.

“God… I’m gonna…stop… I can’t….,” Steve groaned out, desperately trying to pull Grant back up to him. An audible pop and cold air hit Steve’s cock.

Quickly, Steve flipped them over, pulling up one of Grant’s legs and placing it on his shoulder. His hands ran down the older man’s body, letting his thumb trace up the underside of his cock. Grant groaned beneath him, shifting his hips, trying to get more body contact, needing some sort of release. He wet his fingers with the precum leaking from Grant’s throbbing tip. Grant groaned as he felt those fingers move down over his balls to his tight entrance. Steve pushed in one finger first, gently pumping it in and out before adding a second finger. He twisted his fingers around until he felt Grant’s body pulse beneath him as he stroked over his prostate.

Steve pulled his fingers out and positioned himself at Grant’s tight ass. Grant watched the fireworks behind his eyelids as Steve entered him, the head stroking roughly over his prostate. Steve felt the muscle tighten around his cock and he almost lost it there. He bent down and kissed up Grant’s neck, around to his lips. “Please,” the older man moaned. He ran his hands down Steve’s back and to his ass, begging for movement, release.

Sucking on an earlobe, Steve slowly began to pump his hips. Grant groaned in his ear out of appreciation, moving his hips in time with him. “Faster,” he whispered. Steve smiled into his neck, pulling Grant’s arms over his head and pinning them there with one hand. The other wrapped around his lover’s pulsing cock, pumping it slowly, in time with his hips. “Beg for it,” he whispered in Grant’s ear, rubbing his thumb over the tip.

His body was on fire. Trying to tug his hands loose caused Steve to hold them tighter. “Please, Steve,” Grant begged, fighting back tears of need. “Please, fuck me, fuck me.”

Steve sped his pace up slightly, feeling his balls start to smack against Grant’s ass. “Do you like it when I fuck you hard?” Steve whispered in his ear. Grant groaned, closing his eyes, and turned his head towards the sound of the voice, lips desperately seeking contact. Steve pulled away and whispered in his other ear, hand speeding up his momentum on Grant’s cock. “Answer me, baby.”

“Fuck, yes!” he screamed.

Steve smiled and let go of Grant’s arms above his head, fucking him harder into the carpet. He nuzzled down into Grant’s neck, his hand squeezing his cock gently as his pace quickened. Grant’s free hands clutched at Steve’s back, nails pulling down, grabbing at his hips. Both men grunted with each impact, Steve’s balls making a loud wet smack.

With a silent cry, Grant came hard squirting hot cum on Steve’s hand and his own stomach. His muscles spasmed and clenched down on Steve’s cock, sending the younger man over the edge. Violent fireworks shot off behind his eyelids as he emptied his seed into Grant, collapsing on top of him. Rough breaths filled the air as both men tried to calm their racing hearts.

Steve rolled off Grant and started collecting their clothes. “I love it when you help me review evidence.”

Grant smiled at him. “How are we going to explain the rug burn when we show Jay the evidence?”

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