The Trailer – Jason/Grant

Jason grumbled as he sat on the couch of the trailer Grant had purchased. “Your backyard, G?”

Grant shrugged, sitting across from him on the small dining table. “This is where she wanted it.”

“Your backyard, G?” Jay repeated.

Grant sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “What did you want me to do, Jay? What did you want me to say? No, I’m sorry, Re. We can’t put the trailer in the backyard. See, the real reason why I bought it was so Jason and I could have a place to fuck that wouldn’t be our bed.”

“Or kitchen table.” Grant glared at him. “Or couch.”

Grant sighed again, laying down on the table, looking up through the blinds of the window at the afternoon sky. “Who camps in their backyard?”

Jay stood, positioning himself between Grant’s knees on the table. “Who has a 12 foot wall and mote around their house?”

Grant smirked and sat up, wrapping his arms around the older man’s waist in front of him. Jay wrapped his arms around Grant’s back, placing a soft kiss on his lips. “You had to marry the crazy one.”

“At least she doesn’t wear plaid,” he countered.

Jay stepped over to the sink, taking out a glass and filling it with water. “At least Kris doesn’t list ‘playing with needles’ as a hobby.”


“You sure she doesn’t drain you of a pint of blood every night? You seem to look worse every day you’re home, G.”

Grant stood and walked over to him. Jay set his glass down and wrapped his arms tight around the man he had spent the better part of 9 years falling in love with. Resting his head on Jay’s shoulder, wrapping his arms back around his waist, Grant closed his eyes. “I don’t know, but I feel like crap every time I’m home. I don’t know how much longer I can do this, Jay.”

“Maybe she’s poisoning you,” he mumbled into his ear.

Grant snorted into his shoulder. “That would explain a lot, but I doubt it. I think its-”

Grant and Jay shoved each other away, conversation ceasing as the door handle jiggled. Thankful for his good sense to lock the door, Grant walked over, peeking through the blinds to see Reanna with glasses of lemonade. Biting back a groan, he opened the door. “Re, I told you we’re working, don’t bother us.”

“I know but I thought some lemonade might be nice! Its hot out here today!”

“Okay, fine. Thank you,” he said, taking the glasses and handing one to Jay. “Now, please. Jay and I are meeting here so we have some privacy from the other TAPS members and the rest of the world.”

Reanna smiled, a little uncertain and desperate. “Okay, but I have a surprise for you both later tonight!”

Jay almost choked on his lemonade. Grant quirked an eyebrow at her. “What kind of surprise?”

“You’ll see!” she answered and walked back towards the house.

Grant closed the door, relocking it. He turned to see Jay inspecting his lemonade. “What?”

“Are you SURE she isn’t poisoning you? Because I don’t want to drink this…”

Grant grumbled, taking his glass and pouring it down the sink. “Just tell her it was good later.”

Jay bent and lifted up Grant, setting him on the small counter. “You know she’s watching out the window at us.”

Grant looked back at the window facing the house. “Blinds are closed. We’re good.”

Jay smirked at him. “You know I do my best thinking in bed.”

“And what would you be thinking about in bed?”

Jason lifted him up as Grant wrapped his legs around his waist, holding tight onto his neck for support. “How loud I can make you scream my name.”

He dropped Grant down on the bed in the back of the small trailer, climbing on top of him. The bed groaned under both their weights and Jay paused. “Will this thing support us?”

Grant wiggled back and forth causing the bed to quake. “Oh this will be fun.”

Jason snorted, shrugging his tshirt off and working on Grant’s pants. “Think she’ll figure it out if she sees the trailer rocking?”

Grant sat up, throwing his shirt in the corner of the small room. He lifted his hips as Jay pulled his pants and boxers down. “No. She’ll probably think we’re trying a new technique in ghost hunting.”

Ridding himself of the rest of his clothing, Jay laid down on top of Grant, kissing him softly. “We should try it as a new ghost hunting technique. I bet we’d get some great evidence.”

Grant snorted, running his hands down his back to the pale ass. He pulled his knees up as Jay positioned himself and pushed in slowly. Groaning, Grant closed his eyes, resting his forehead against Jason’s. Jay grunted as he started to move, burrowing his head into the curve of Grant’s neck beneath him.

Kissing the muscular shoulder of the arm wrapped around his neck, Grant chuckled softly. Jason pulled back, never ceasing his movements. “Not nice to laugh at the man fucking you.”

Running his hands down the chest he knew the older man had been attempting to sculpt, Grant smiled up at him. “Just thinking about how the longer we’re together, the less romantic we get.”

Jay stopped and looked down at him incredulously. “We’re in a trailer in your backyard with your wife probably watching out the back window. Or hell,” his hand swung wide, “she’s probably snooping around these windows. And you want me to be romantic?!”

Grant snorted and wrapped his legs around the back of Jason’s thighs. “Then fuck me harder so she knowsexactly what we’re doing.”

Bracing one hand against the wall in front of him and wrapping the other around the hard cock between them, Jason grinned. “I think I can handle that.”

Grant grunted at the force, his hips dipping down into the mattress with each powerful thrust. The squeaking of the bed and groans of the frame of the trailer drowned out his quiet screams of pleasure. Fingers clutched at pale skin as hips drove deeper and deeper. Jason’s own groans soon mingled with Grant’s. Their bodies slid easier against each other as a sheen of sweat glistened between them. “Fuck,” Jay whispered as Grant’s tigtening body signaled orgasm. Arms wrapped around his back, clinging tightly as his heels dug into his thighs. The spasms around his buried cock massaged him over the edge, dropping his head back down to the mattress.

With a soft groan, Jay rolled off Grant, pulling the younger man into his side, holding him. “I guess the bed holds up.”

Grant grinned and climbed on top of him, bending down, capturing his lips with his own.

A hard, metallic knock came at the door of the trailer. Grant grumbled into the kiss, quickly pulling back and throwing his clothes back on. Swinging open the door he saw Reanna there. “What?”

She tried to peer in but Grant bodily blocked her view of the bedroom area where he left Jay. “Just wondering when you all would be done?”

Grant sighed and ran his hands over his face. “Why?”

“We’re having a bbq tonight! I told people to be here by 7.”

Grant groaned again.

“What people?” Jay appeared behind him, fully clothed.

Reanna beamed at them. “Our families! I invited them all! Your families don’t know each other and that just doesn’t seem right that best friends’ families never met!”

The air suddenly felt very stale and the trailer felt cramped. Jason had the sudden urge to kill the woman in front of them but thought better about it for Grant’s sake.

“You invited our families for a bbq?” Grant asked her slowly.

She nodded, clearly excited about her event.

Grant groaned again. “We’ll be done by 7,” he told her, shutting the door in her face.

Turning to face Jason, he stood still. “So how do you feel about coming out tonight?”

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