I Want To Be… – Nick/Eminem

Chapter One

Marshall stared across the bar, the Crown and Coke being watered down by the melting ice from the heat of his hand. His eyes were fixed on the two men leaning too close, smiling too much, blushing, touching. Jealousy and rage sung through his veins.

Oh god, I wanna be that

Marshall ordered another Crown and Coke after determining the last one was lost to the cause. Dre came over and sat down. Tired, guarded conversation between the two men. Dre nudged him. Marshall grunted, “Don’t worry about it, Dre.” The older man just nodded and left the bar stool. Marshall sat and drank, still staring at the two men across the room.

‘Cause I hate to be alone
And if you’re out there with him
somewhere and just about to kiss

JC came up to the bar right next to Marshall and ordered a drink. He glanced over at the rapper and nodded in acknowledgment. Marshall grunted and shifted his gaze back to his prey. Nick sat in the corner still, waiting for JC to come back with the drinks.
Instead of winning what I want
I’m sitting here in second place

The bartender was taking his sweet time in fulfilling JC’s orders. Marshall decided that he should waltz over to Nick and make sure his presence was known. He grabbed his drink off the bar and started straight for Carter’s corner. Nick was distracted watching the way JC leaned over the bar, still trying to get the bartender’s attention. Marshall sat down in the seat that JC vacated, trying to act smooth. Nick, sensing the presence of another person, turned to tell him that the seat was taken. Recognition turned to fear in his eyes. `Think cool,’ thought Marshall. “How’s it going?” he said.

Well I’d rather start off slow
This whole thing’s like
some sort of race

“Um, good,” Nick blubbered. “What, um, what are you doing in, um, a…, um…”

“A gay bar?” Marshall finished for him.

Nick blushed. “Yeah…”

Marshall smiled cynically. “We all have secrets. Don’t worry, I’m not going to pound your ass. Well, not that way anyway.”

Nick smiled and laughed nervously, flipping a glance over to JC who was finally talking to the bartender. JC glanced back at their corner after placing the order and seeing the rapper talking to Nick.

Instead of being out with me
you must be out with them

Marshall noticed his shortened timeline. He pulled out his Slim Shady business card and handed it to Nick. “My cell phone is on that card. If you ever decide you’re interested, give me a call. No threats, no future song lyrics in the mix.” With that, he was gone. He walked out of the club, gulping down the fresh air. He can curse out anyone that comes up to him; he can battle with the best; he can go toe to toe with anyone anywhere, but put him in a situation with a hot guy or girl and his dick goes between his legs. Now, Marshall decided that all he had to do was wait. And hope, God just hope.

I wanna be that someone that
I’ve got to be that
someone that you’re with

Song: Someone That You’re With
Artist: Nickelback


Chapter 2

Marshall crouched in the alley beside the club, behind a few empty boxes left from the earlier shipment to the club. Pulling out his cell phone, he went to call the driver to come pick him up when the door down the way opened. Marshall’s head snapped up at the recognition of their voices.

Nick stepped out last behind JC. “I swear I didn’t call him over. He just appeared!” he said, throwing his hands up.

JC wheeled around on him. “What the hell was he doing in a gay bar? How did he know to find us there?” His gaze was accusatory.

Nick shrugged. “I asked him the same thing. He said that everyone has their secrets. Maybe he’s gay too.”

JC laughed. “The great and terrible Eminem a gay man? That’s the best joke I heard all damn week, Nick.”

Marshall cringed in his crouch behind the boxes. His mind went back and forth between interrupting or just letting them fight it out. In the silence, he could hear someone breathe.

JC inhaled deep. “I need to get back to the hotel. The other guys will be waiting on me, I’m sure. Come by the room if you want. You know which one it is.” With that, JC left around the corner.

Marshall risked peeking over the boxes. He saw Nick leaning against the wall of the club, rubbing his eyes with the index and forefinger of his right hand. He pulled out the business card that Marshall had given him. Taking in a deep breath, Marshall felt his heart leap. All at once it crashed again as Nick tossed the card to the side.

Marshall shot up. “Hey! I fucking gave that card to you!”

Nick nearly jumped out of his skin. His already pale face going even paler. “Jesus Christ!! What the fuck?! How long have you been there?!”

“Long enough to see you toss my fucking card away,” he said, stomping up on him. “You gonna disrespect me like that?”

Nick looked confused and angry. The wave of terror had passed. “Disrespect you?! You KNEW I was there with JC! But you come over and try to hit on me! You trying to get me in trouble with my man? Who’s disrespecting who here?” Nick got in his face.

He had a good few inches and lots of weight on him. Shit. Marshall sighed and backed up, putting his hands up in front of him. “I’m sorry man. I didn’t know that you had a thing with that Nsyncer. I thought ya’ll were just flirting or whatever.”

Nick backed down as well. He sighed and ran his hand nervously through his hair. “Yeah, well it’s kind of a thing. I like our thing.”

Marshall smirked. “But it seems like your boy isn’t too secure in the relationship. Some man comes and sits down next to you and he throws a little hissy fit.” He jammed his hands in his pockets. “Sounds like someone is dating a diva.”

Nick laughed slightly. “Yeah, he can be a diva.” The younger man paused. “So are you gay? Or bi?”

“Bi. I try to hide it as much as I can. I had Dre here tonight, but I lost him somewhere. Not too many of my people know.”

“I can respect that,” Nick said nodding. “I don’t think Kevin or Brian can even spell the word gay, let alone let it be associated with me.”

Marshall nodded. He knew how it felt to not be accepted. Hell, that was what he was raised in. “So, you gonna keep that card or do I have to give you another one? Cause you know these things are expensive.”

Nick grinned. “You can afford it. Bastard. You really that interested in me?”

Marshall blushed. Oh shit.

Nick’s grin widened. “Awww, he’s blushing!!” Nick made a move to pinch his cheeks, so Marshall slammed him against the brick wall of the club. Nick could feel the pulse of the bass on his back. Swooping in, Marshall kissed him hard, sucking on Nick’s luscious lips, pinning his hands to the wall. Pulling back Marshall whispered, “Yeah I am that damn interested in you.”

Nick’s face was stuck in shock. Marshall took out another of his business cards from his wallet. Pulling up Nick’s shirt, he shoved it down the front of his pants, and patted it to make sure it stayed in place. “Don’t lose this one.” Marshall turned and walked out of the alley, flipping open his cell phone to call his driver, leaving Nick still gasping for air against the wall like a fish out of water.


Chapter Three

Nick Carter sat on his bed in his hotel room flipping Eminem’s card in his fingers. His mind kept wandering to that kiss in the alleyway. If he thought hard enough about it, he could still feel Marshall’s hands on his wrists, the power behind them. Then his mind went back to JC. They’ve known each other for a long time. However, they had just started actually seeing each other last month. Nick sighed. JC was a good guy, but yeah he can be a diva. But that’s mostly because he is a diva. Even his hair screamed diva. His jewelry. His perfectly manicured hands and feet. His closet. JC, Nick decided, is high maintenance. Nick rolled over on his stomach, the card still in his hand. Maybe he would just plug the phone number into his cell phone so he could call at a later time if the mood came across him. Put it in as Marshall so JC wouldn’t suspect anything… Nick wondered why his fingers were shaking as he pushed the numbers.


Eminem sat in his favorite chair opposite the living room tv. It was four in the morning and he didn’t feel like going to bed. He sat drinking, watching damn infomercials. He didn’t want to do this either though. His heart wasn’t even in drinking. His drink sat in his hand on the armrest of the chair, ice melting just like back in the club. His mind kept traveling back to the alley. Did he do that right? Was it right to kiss him? God damn it was good. The boy had a nice thick body. It was a body that could take anything thrown at it. Marshall wanted to test Nick’s limits. He wanted to see if he could take the……

He shook his head. He didn’t feel like jacking off either. Turning off the tv, Marshall got up and made his way to the kitchen to put his glass in the sink. He fumbled his way up the stairs, the exertion over for the night. No more thinking, considering, suggesting. Done. Sleep. Tomorrow he had to meet Dre in the studio.


Nick found it hard to concentrate on the drabble unfolding from JC’s lips. He just didn’t care about NSYNC. Well, he CARED about the guys in NSYNC, but as a music group, he could care less. They were basically off the map now anyways since Justin’s whole solo career is skyrocketing. Nick felt bad for JC though since his didn’t take off like it should have. Of course, Nick’s didn’t either. That’s how they ended up here, dating. JC called Nick and said that the two B-listers should celebrate falling down the charts together. Nick accepted and it was history ever since. But now, as he sat there at a small, lesser known café in the back roads of LA, staring across at JC as he sat there talking, arms flailing, he caught his mind drifting. Suddenly, JC started laughing. Nick took the cue and smiled, shaking his head. “That’s
crazy, baby,” he said.

“I know! I couldn’t believe Joey and Chris did that! But it was so damn funny!” JC smiled. It looked like he actually believed that Nick had been listening the whole time. If only he knew where Nick mind had drifted.…


Dre and Eminem sat in the studio listening to some kid that Fifty had brought in. Apparently Fifty thought this kid had talent. But apparently Em was going to have to reteach Fifty what talent is exactly. “Okay, that’s enough,” Dre said, stopping the kid’s stutter.

Fifty came over. “What do you think of my man? Did I tell you he could flow or what?!”

Em sat back in his chair, nodded toward the kid, and said, “He can’t flow. He can’t even get the words out. Fifty what the fuck is this?”

The kid looked pissed and stormed out of the room. “That’s my cousin, man,” whispered Fifty and took off after him.

Em looked at Dre, who sighed. “You need to take a shit or what? You’ve had that same damn scowl on your face all day. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“My heart’s not in it today, Dre. I’m sorry.” Em put his head down on the table. The dreams of Nick last night had jolted him awake at several points. His head was pounding from the
inconsistent sleep.

Dre nudged him. “Go home. We don’t have to lay the tracks today. You know we’ll just record over them tomorrow anyways cause your bitch ass won’t like them anymore.”

Em forced a smirk. “My bitch ass. You’re the one that accepts imperfections.”

“I don’t have to worry about it with you. You correct them on your own.”

Eminem stood up. “All right. I’m gonna go home and sleep. I’ll catch you tomorrow, Dre.”

Dre threw a baggie of weed at him. “Here, stop thinking.”


Chapter Four

AJ sat watching Nick finger his phone. They always made fun of Nick whenever he made that face. Mostly because he was confused about which game to play or what movie to watch. This time though, AJ sensed that it was more serious since it didn’t appear to involve a tv. He sat down next to his best friend and nudged him with his elbow.

“Hey Bone,” Nick said, distractedly.

“Sup Frack?” Aj tried to lean in and get a look at the cell phone. Maybe Nick was playing games on his cell.



“Them to call us for the shoot.”

“That’s not all you’re waiting for.” Nick shot AJ a “Fuck you” look. AJ smiled. “Whoooo’s supposed to be calling?”

“Nobody,” Nick said, putting his phone away and grabbing his coke from the 7/11 they stopped at.

“Aw, come on, Nick. We’ve been best friends for how long now? You got a girl? I didn’t know you had a girl. Or you lookin’ at one?”

“Neither. I don’t have a girl.”

“Oh, so it’s a boy then?”

Nick shrugged, defeated.

AJ howled. “Nick Carter has himself a man. Now, who might this strapping young lad be?”

Nick shrugged again.

AJ nodded. “Your right hand. Well, that’s a one-sided relationship, but I do believe it is very rewarding.”

Pushing AJ to the side, Nick groaned. “No, dude! Come on, it’s not my right hand.”

“Then who is it, Nicky? I can’t help you if you don’t tell me. And you look like a man that’s in need of some help.”

Nick sighed again. Fuck it. “Eminem and JC Chasez.”

When AJ didn’t respond Nick looked at him. His mouth was hanging open and his face was frozen in surprise. A slow whistle escaped his lips. “Damn that’s a hot threesome.”

“NO! Separately. JC doesn’t know about Eminem, but he knows that he’s interested in me.”

“Eminem is interested in you?,” AJ asked, not believing Nick. The kid was known to live in a fantasy world in his head after all.

“Actually, he started it.”

AJ fell out of the chair. “What the fuck?! Nick you have some fucked up kind of love life.”

Nick sighed again. AJ was certainly not helping the damn situation. “What do I do, Aje? I mean, JC is fun to be around, but I don’t love him. Hell, half the time I don’t even know what he’s talking about. But Eminem. Jesus fucking Christ. I don’t even know what to think about that. He hit on me in the middle of a gay bar while C was getting us drinks. He gave me his card and got mad at me when I tried to throw it out. What the hell am I supposed to do?”

AJ sat and thought for a second from his position on the floor. This certainly was a dilemma. “Are you and C, like, exclusive?”

Nick shrugged. “We never really talked about it. It was just kind of a thing.”

“Do you do more than have sex?”

Nick snorted. “Yes. I’m not even that shallow.”

“Is he someone you would be interested in keeping as a partner?”

Nick had to sit and think about that. Would he keep JC as a partner? That almost sounds like commitment. And commitment was something Nick was definitely not looking for. He’d keep him as a friend. He’s nice, he’s great in bed, and hell, sometimes they do have a good time when they go out together, like at the club. At least, they were having fun until Eminem decided to drop in and pay him a little visit at his table. “Long term, probably not. But I seriously doubt I would want Eminem as much more than a lay.”

“Then lay him,” AJ said, getting up and brushing himself off.

“What?! I can’t do that to JC,” Nick screeched.

“Nick, you’re not doing anything to JC. You don’t know if you have an exclusive relationship, you’re not looking for a long term commitment from JC, so what’s the big deal if you fuck someone else once or twice. It’s Eminem. I SERIOUSLY doubt it’s going to get out that you two tumbled in the hay.”

AJ had a point. If he fucked Eminem, no one would know except for himself and Eminem. And well now AJ. Damn the man’s logic.

Nick whipped out his cell phone again and dialed Marshall’s number.

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