Masochist – Eminem/JC Chasez, past JC Chasez/Justin Timberlake

*NOTE: This story does not seek to pass judgement whatsoever.  There is a fine line where kink can evolve into abuse.  This is a story about that fine line.

Chapter One

Eminem cursed as he got out of the limo. “Fucking paparazzi. Fucking award shows. Fucking everything.” He ran his hands down his shirt. He looked over at Dre who nudged him forward. Slowly he made his way down the red carpet, answering questions of the reporters, nodding in all the right places. Funny how being a rebel still means fitting between the lines. Running his hands down his face he walked through the front doors of whatever the hell building they were in this time. `Fuck they all run together,’ he sighed. The young girl led him and Dre and the four other large black men to their seats. He slumped down into his seat. He let out another sigh and Dre looked down at him. “Dude, think about it this way: this is research for future albums.”

Em laughed. “Good point, but fuck Dre, I hate these damn things. They’re all fucking rigged anyways.” Dre flicked him in the head and leaned over to talk to the man on the other side of Em.He sighed again. A large crowd started coming down the aisle next to them. He looked over, semi-interested to see who it was. He groaned. Justin fucking Timberlake and his entourage.  They were stopped along the way of course- talking to different celebrities, signing random autographs. Em watched them, scowling. `Fucking popstars,’ he thought to himself. He eyed the entire entourage, sizing them up. There was one guy at the end of the line that didn’t seem to fit. He was wearing the clothes, his hair was perfect, you could tell he was wearing makeup. But something didn’t fit. Em frowned. The guy looked pissed. He smiled to himself recognizing the guy. JC Chasez. Member of NSYNC and newly turned solo artist. `Ha,’ he thought to himself. `Jealousy among the NSYNC crowd. This night just got interesting.’ He smiled again.

Dre looked down at him. “Find something amusing?”

“Possibly some song material.” Dre laughed. He watched as the same young girl that led him to his seat lead the NSYNC entourage to the row in front of Eminem and Dre and their entourage. JC Chasez sat one seat to the left of Eminem’s seat. Em looked down at him. Justin turned around and nodded hello. Dre nodded back and Em scowled at him. He cleared his throat and sat down. He looked over at the blond girl Justin had with him. Cameron Diaz. He laughed.

Dre looked at him again. “You feeling alright tonight, Em?” 

Em looked at him. “Fuck, Dre. I’m fine. Leave me the hell alone.”

Dre laughed, “Yeah, you’re fine.”

The awards show started and it went by very slowly. The winners had long speeches thanking everyone that made them beautiful and dubbed over their songs. Em sighed and looked down. JC Chasez looked bored and disinterested. He glanced over at Justin, who looked very interested and nodded along with everything that was said, fingers interlaced with Cameron. Em snorted. For once in his life he thought he might like to talk to JC Chasez. 

Eventually the award show ended. He walked away with Jack Shit. But then again, so did JC Chasez . Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake went home with three awards. Eminem, Dre, Bizarre, 50 Cent and their entourage ambled into the limo to be whisked off to an after party. Dre smacked Em on the arm. “They’re all bastards, Em, don’t worry. You’ll win at the BET awards.”

Em snorted. “Fuck it all. I don’t care anymore, Dre.” He slouched and stared out the window. Dre watched Em throughout the ride. Everyone in the limo was drinking, laughing, having a great time. Em was looking out the window sulking.

At the after party, Em sat in the corner with a Mountain Dew. “Fucking lawyers and fucking probation,” he cursed at his cup. Suddenly, heads around the room looked towards the door. He looked over out of curiousity. “Justing fucking Timberlake… again.” He cursed and shook his head taking another drink. He stopped mid-motion. JC Chasez walked through the door and headed straight to the bar. He smiled to himself. A drunk JC Chasez could be a talkative JC Chasez. He smiled wider. Album material.

Half hour later, JC was still by the bar, working on his fifth drink of the night and looking pretty trashed. Eminem walked over and ordered a water from the bartender. “How’s your boy?” he threw at JC.

JC scoffed. “Fuck him,” and took the shot in front of him. Em smiled and turned his back on the bar. “You not happy for him? Winning three awards, fucking Cameron Diaz.”

“Fuck him,” JC scoffed again. Then he full on looked at Eminem. “Why the fuck would you care anyways? Fucking Eminem. You hate us all. Call us fucking queers anyways. Why the fuck would it matter to you?” He ordered a bottle of vodka.

Eminem shrugged. “I don’t care. I’m bored sitting here. You looked bored and pissed. So I thought I’d make conversation.”

JC scoffed again. “Pissed.” He took a long swig out of the vodka bottle. He looked over at Eminem. He sat back on the barstool and looked him up and down.

`Fuck no,’ Em thought. He turned to leave. `To hell with this, I ain’t sitting here talking with a queer.’

He felt a hand on his arm. JC looked at him with begging eyes. “Don’t tell him.”

Eminem looked at him squarely. “I ain’t got shit to tell him fucker. You ain’t said nothing.” He stalked away back to his corner, plans ruined. `Fuck, I’ll use Chasez checking me out for a song.’

He watched as Dre made his way through the crowed, drinking, laughing, and talking with random people he knew. “I see the way you’re watching him,” he heard in his ear. Em jumped and swiveled, ready to throw a punch. It was Chasez, drunk off his ass.

“What the fuck do you want?” Em spit at him.

JC motioned towards Dre. “I know what you want.”

“You are fucking drunk. Shut the fuck up and go away.”

JC laughed. “You’re in denial.” He ran his fingertips up Eminem’s arm.

Em caught his wrist in his hand with a tight grip, nearly breaking the tender bones. “Fuck you, Chasez. All I fucking wanted was some material for my next fucking album. I think I got more than I needed now. You just proved me right. Ya’ll are a bunch of fucking queers.” He stared JC down.

JC looked up at him in pain. Eminem squeezed his wrist again, twisting it. He dropped to his knees in pain. Em smiled.  Fucking popstars on their knees. He bent down to him, “Isn’t this the way you like it, Chasez? Down on your knees. You’re a bitch ain’t you? Let me guess, Timberlake was fucking you and then he found a better ass, didn’t he?” JC dropped his head. Em stuttered. Fuck. He pushed JC away, watching him fall to the ground. He looked around to see if anyone was looking their way. He adjusted himself in his pants and picked JC up off the floor. JC looked at him in terror. “Meet me in the bathroom in 10 minutes. You’ll get what you want.”

He dropped JC down on the barstool he had just vacated and slipped away through the crowd. JC sat stunned holding his wrist. He looked down, rubbing his reddened skin on his wrist. Looking at his watch, he counted down the next 10 minutes. Eminem looked at himself in the mirror. “You’re fucking crazy,” he said to his reflection. He splashed water on his face and stared at himself for the next 8 minutes. He heard the door open and close and then the lock turn. Turning around, he came face to face with Chasez. Em nodded, “Bitch came.” JC nodded back and looked down to the floor.

Eminem walked into the last stall, farthest from the door. JC stood confused for a minute, deciding to follow him. He pushed open the door to Eminem’s stall. Em pulled him in, looking him straight in the face. JC nearly choked on his own saliva, his own face a mere two inches from Eminem’s. Blue ice looked into deep blue pools. “Whatever he did to you, you didn’t deserve,” Em whispered barely loud enough to hear. He crushed his lips onto JC’s. He gasped and stiffened, feeling Em’s hands pull his body closer to his. The kiss softened, Em’s tongue brushing over JC’s lips. JC opened, relaxing against the rapper’s body, wrapping his own arms around his back. Em pulled back and looked JC in the eyes. The blue ice had melted slightly.


“W-what?” JC stuttered.

“Call me Marshall.”

JC smiled. “I’m Josh.” He leaned in for another kiss and his lips were met by a cheek. He pulled back and looked at Marshall. The ice was back. JC shivered involuntarily under his gaze.

“Get on your knees and blow me, Josh,” Marshall ordered.

JC gasped. `So this is how it goes,’ he thought. Slowly, he slid down to his knees.

“Don’t even think about using your teeth either, bitch, or the whole world will know you suck cock.” JC unbuttoned and unzipped Marshall’s pants, pulling them and his boxers down. He smiled to himself, eyeing Em’s hard on. Something was obviously turning him on. He licked up Marshall’s shaft rubbing his hands up his fuzzy thighs.

Em closed his eyes and moaned, rubbing his hands through Josh’s hair. He ran his tongue over the head of his cock, flicking his tongue through the slit. Marshall moaned deep, “Fuck Josh, your mouth was made for this.” JC moaned, taking more of his cock into his mouth, sucking on him hard, working his tongue against the shaft. He felt jagged nails scrap across his skull. He looked up, giving Marshall a long, hard suck, watching his eyes close and his head fall back. Em looked down at him with lust-filled eyes.

Josh took him all the way into the back of his throat, keeping eye contact with the rapper. Marshall moaned as JC sucked him down his throat. “God, Josh…,” he pulled on JC’s hair hard, shooting his hot cum into JC’s mouth. Josh swallowed, without having a choice. His hands were on the back of his head, holding him still. The hands came down, rounding JC’s cheeks, pulling him up to stand in front of Marshall.

He bent down and pulled up his pants. JC stood rigid and waiting. He wasn’t quite sure what he was waiting for- to be dismissed, reciprocation, to be hit, anything. Marshall finished adjusting himself. He looked back at JC. “You suck cock like you were born to do it.”

JC shrugged.

“Are you gay?”

“Excuse me?” JC’s head shot up.

“I said are you gay?” Marshall looked at him seriously.

“No… I’m bi.” Suddenly the conversation was starting to get uncomfortable. “What… what about you?”

“I’m straight.”

JC looked at him, confused. “Then… what was this?”

Marshall looked at him, fury in his eyes. “Payment to keep my mouth shut about you and your boyband boyfriend.” JC’s mouth worked, trying to come up with something to say. “You want to say something to me, fag?” He stared down JC. He shook his head. JC looked down, turning to leave. “Josh?” He turned back.

Searing pain ripped through his head. He pulled his hand up to his eye, and wiped blood off his face. Anger and hurt roared through JC. Eminem pulled back and punched him again, breaking his nose and forcing JC out of the stall onto the floor of the bathroom. He held his nose, blood gushing from it. Eminem walked out of the stall and leaned down to JC, “You tell anyone about this, faggot, and I’ll tell the whole world about you and Timberlake. Think he hates you now? He’d really hate your faggot ass then.”

Eminem washed his hands and unlocked the bathroom door. He took one last threatening look over at JC, still huddled on the floor, and threw open the door. Standing outside was Justin fucking Timberlake. Justin glared at Eminem. Em stalked up to Justin, “You better go rescue your fucking boyfriend.” Grabbing Justin’s ass, he left the area, chuckling softly to himself.

Justin walked into the bathroom. JC was at the sinks, inspecting himself in the mirror. “So, C, get yourself all caught up again?” He looked at Justin’s reflection in the mirror, refusing to say anything. “You know, you could have done better than fucking Eminem. Fuck, C. I break up with you and you go after HIM?”

JC whirled around and met him face to face. “I didn’t go after him. He came up to me. I pursued and he asked me to meet him in here.”

“So what?” Justin asked. “Did he fuck you then hit you?  Did you tell him that that turns you on? Did you tell him that you like to be used? Did he fuck you hard JC?” He whispered in JC’s ear, “Did he cum deep inside your ass? Can you feeling his cum seeping out of you?” Justin ran his hands down JC’s chest, watching as he involuntarily shivered beneath the familiar touch.

“It’s none of your damn business, Justin,” he said, shrugging off Justin’s hands and making a move to walk out of the bathroom.

Justin caught him and threw him up against the wall, using his larger body frame to hold him there. He rubbed his body against JC’s. He leaned down and whispered in his ear, “He didn’t get you off. Poor JC.”

“Don’t worry about me,” JC sneered. “I’m fucking used to it by now. When was the last time you let me get off, Justin? A fucking year ago?”

Justin slapped JC hard across the face, causing the pain from the blows he took earlier to flare up again. “Don’ be a cunt, C. You loved the way I used your body. Do you miss it, Josh?” He rubbed his dick against JC’s leg for emphasis. “Do you miss me?”

JC turned his head away, trying to put anger and force into his voice. “Justin, let me go now.”

Justin laughed. “Fuck you, JC. I’ll do what I want.” He licked down JC’s neck, biting hard, leaving a mark and drawing blood.

JC winced at the new pain and whimpered, “Please let me go. I want to go home.”

“I’m gonna fuck you, JC,” Justin moaned into his skin. “Just like old times. And I’m going to make you scream, and beg, and bleed. Then, you’ll come crawling back for me.”

Josh had to fight to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. Suddenly, his body felt cold with the loss of body heat. Justin was whirled around by strong hands. Marshall stood in front of him. He wrapped his hand around Justin’s throat, squeezing it hard, cutting off Justin’s airway. Justin grabbed at Eminem’s arm holding on, trying to loosen his grip, being forced down to his knees. Em leaned down to Justin’s reddening face, and snarled, “Don’t you fucking touch him. Not now. Not ever. I will fucking kill you. I’ll smile when I tell the judge that I killed you. Don’t fuck with me.” He let him go and watched him fall, gasping for breath. JC watched the scene in horror.

“Fuck you,” Justin choked.

Em looked down at him, “No, I hear you’re the one that likes to get fucked. Better go get that girlfriend of yours before I go tell her you were in here trying to rape one of your old bandmates.”

Justin stood up, still regaining his breath and straightened himself. He got in Eminem’s face. “Fuck you, Eminem. This isn’t over yet,” he spat and walked out of the bathroom.

Marshall looked over at JC, who was looking at the door like it would come alive and eat him. Deep in his stomach he felt what he thought could be pity. Taking out a piece of paper and pen from his back pocket he scratched something on it and threw it at JC. “That’s my address and phone number.” JC looked at him, amazed. “If… if you don’t feel safe at your place… you can come to mine. Don’t worry about the time. I don’t really sleep.”

“Thanks…” was all JC could manage.

“Yeah well… don’t get used to it. That guy’s a fucker anyways,” Marshall said and walked out the door with a little wave.

JC crammed the piece of paper in his pocket and left the bathroom, not even bothering to clean up the blood.

Chapter Two

JC stepped into his foyer and set his keys and wallet down in the basket by the front door. He walked through the hallway and down into his sunken living room. Falling into the couch, he closed his eyes, wishing for death or sleep, whichever would make the pain go away. The phone trilled, breaking the silence of the room. Sitting up, JC picked up the cordless off one of the end tables and looked at the caller ID. “J Timberlake,” he whispered. “Yeah, not answering.” He set it back in the cradle and got up to find some pain killers.

In the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror.  Washing off the dried blood from his face, he could hear the phone start to ring again. He walked back out to the living room looking at the caller ID again. Justin. Again. He sighs and starts to walk back to the bathroom. The answering machine clicks on and he’s surprised to hear Justin leave a message. He stands in the door way and listens, “Josh, baby, I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I love you. I want you to come back to me. I’m coming over. I’ll be there in five minutes.” *click* Coming over. Five minutes. JC panicked.

He grabbed his wallet and his keys and left the house. He got in his BMW and drove around LA. He drove down by the water, making him think about the first time he and Justin had sex in the sand. He drove around downtown, thinking about him and Justin going shopping and having Justin tell him he looked sexy in the tight jeans. He sighed. He drove by his house. Justin’s car was in his drive way. There was no way in hell he was going to go inside. He had no place to go. He could go to a hotel. But he didn’t want to go to a hotel. JC thought back to the bathroom and Marshall throwing that piece of paper at him. `Did he mean it?’ he thought.

Scrambling around in his pockets, he pulled out the mussed up paper. The letters and numbers were a little smeared now. He stopped at a Kwik-E-Mart to get gas and he whipped out his cell phone, turning it on. The screen flashed “45 missed calls, 31 new messages.” He flipped through the missed calls menu. 43 out of the 45 calls were Justin. He deleted every voice mail he had. “Sorry, Mom,” he mumbled. Waiting for the gas to pump, he dialed the numbers from the piece of paper, starting over three times because his fingers were shaking so badly. It rang. He counted every ring. Four rings… on the 6th he was going to hang up… ok maybe the 8th…. His ear met loud music. “What?” the voice said on the other end.

“M…mmm…Marshall?” JC stammered.

“Who is this?” the voice demanded, barely heard over the music.

“Josh… JC… from the party….the bathroom….”

“I know who you are. Yeah this is Marshall.”

JC was silent. The music was lowered.

“You there, Josh?”


“You call for something or just to piss me off?”

“I… um… you said I could… um…” JC ran a hand through his hair. Fuck this was hard.

“If you want to come over just say it.”

“Can I come over?” he whispered.

“Timberfuck been bothering you?” JC heard the voice harden. He almost smiled. Almost.

“He won’t stop calling. He’s over at my house. I drove around. I can’t go home.” He could hear himself whining. He couldn’t stop himself.

“You know how to get here?”


“Do you have a pen and paper?”

JC grabbed a pen from the glove compartment box. “Yeah, why?”

“Ima give you the code for the gate. Ready?”


JC drove through the gate and up the driveway. He sighed as he saw the gate close behind him. `Safe,’ he thought to himself.

He parked his car and walked up to the front door. Knocking three times he tried to fix himself up a little bit so he didn’t look quite as disheveled as he felt. Marshall opened the door wearing grey sweatpants and a wifebeater. Headphones hung around his neck, the plug dangling by his hip. JC looked at him. “Damn, you were working. I’m so sorry.”

Marshall shrugged. “I wasn’t getting anywhere. Come on in.”

JC walked through the doorway. The house looked like 20 people lived in it. Clothes and take out containers were everywhere. “Um.. You live alone?”

“No. My daughters and my brother live with me, but they’re all asleep on the other side of the house.” Marshall disappeared through a doorway. JC stopped in the living room. He didn’t know whether he was welcome to follow the man or not. “There’s a bathroom down that hallway to the right if you want to wash that blood off your face. Let me turn the system off and I’ll be right back,” he heard from the doorway.

JC stumbled down the hallway, looking at the pictures on the walls. They were mostly of Hailie and another little girl. `Must be Laney,’ he thought. Others were him and Dre, pictures of places they’ve been on tour. JC’s house was full of almost the same pictures. He opened the first door on his right and looked in. There were couches and big screen tvs with Playstation 1 and 2 and X box and Gamecube and almost every game that was made for each of the systems. JC closed the door smiling to himself. `People don’t grow up,’ he thought. The next door he tried was the bathroom. He flicked on the light and looked around. He recognized the tile from the catalog that he looked at when he was picking tile for his bathroom. He couldn’t remember the name for it, but he had liked this marble. Eminem didn’t seem like the marble type, but whatever. He looked up into the mirror. God, blood was still on his face. He took some of the soap on the counter on his fingers and tried wiping at his wounds. Flinching in pain, he considered leaving the blood there, telling people he was attacked by an awful cosmetologist.

“You’re never going to get it off that way,” Eminem said from the doorway, leaning against the jab, smiling softly.

“Well if someone hadn’t gotten it in his head to bruise my eye and break my nose I wouldn’t have had to wipe blood off my face,” JC retorted.

Marshall walked the rest of the way into the bathroom looking into the mirror at JC’s reflection. His face grew serious. “I don’t know. Looks like your boy knocks you around a bit.”

JC tensed. His features grew hard. “He’s not my boy. Not anymore. And he has never drawn blood.” He went back to rubbing at the blood on his cheek, avoiding the darkening bruises as best he could.

“Let me guess. He only hits you where no one can see it.”

Marshall grabbed a towel from under the sink, wetted it and handed it to JC.”

“No… well… yes… but… it’s not what you think.”

“Josh, your nose is broken.”

“I know. You did it.”

Marshall laughed. “Its crooked.”

“Yeah thanks. You have officially fucked up my beautiful perfect pop star face,” JC growled, wincing in pain.

Eminem steered him over to sit on the toilet. JC looked up at him questioningly. “I can fix it, but it will be painful.”

“You’re not breaking my nose again,” he said trying to get up. Eminem held him down gently, but forcibly.

“Come on. Let me fix you.” JC sat back down, relenting. Marshall started to put his hands on his nose and JC pulled back. “Come on,” he laughed. JC shook his head. “Don’t make me wrestle you to the ground to do this.”

“Does it matter? Don’t want the world to know you broke my nose?” JC spit.

“You’re in my house. I’m trying to do something fucking nice for you. Let me fucking do it, Josh.”

JC grumbled. Next thing he knew he was laying down on the floor, his head between Marshall’s knees. He thought to himself, `If I wasn’t scared out of my mind right now, this would be kind of kinky.’

“Now you’re gonna let me do this.” He took JC’s nose between his hands. JC noticed a slight hesitation and felt the warmth from his hands sooth the pain throbbing in his head. Em twisted, hearing cartilage break again. JC screamed. Em felt hot breath on his crotch and flew his hand over JC’s mouth. Tears slowly streamed down JC’s cheeks. He let him get up, guiding him into a sitting position against the cabinets.  JC held his head in his hands, but felt the blood rush into his temples, causing more pain so he lifted his head back against the cabinets. He let the tears fall.

He didn’t care anymore. His life was falling apart. Justin had left him to be monogamous with a woman, he was going nowhere in his solo career, he got his ass kicked by Eminem in a bathroom at an after party right after he blew him, and now he was in Eminem’s very own bathroom. JC laughed out loud. Next thing you know, the moon really will be made out of cheese and eggs will be good for you again. Something cold hit his cheek. JC’s eyes flew open.

Marshall was over top of him, almost straddling his stretched out legs, rubbing the end of a towel over his cheek. “What are you doing?” JC breathed.

Marshall’s face was hard with concentration. “Wiping the blood off your perfect pop star face.”

JC tried to wave him off. “It’s cold and I can do it.”

“Yes, you were doing a wonderful job of it earlier. And it’s cold because cold water closes capillaries, warm water keeps them flowing. If you’d get into more fights, you would know that.”

JC looked down, noticing how close their bodies were together. He thought he’d take a chance. He rested his hands on the back of Marshall’s thighs, just below the soft curve. Marshall stopped, the soft end of the towel hesitating an inch above his cheek. JC dropped his hands. “Sorry,” he apologized.

“Your hands are cold,” Marshall whispered, and went back to wiping down his face. He finished and threw the towel in the general direction of the door. “You’ll be fine, just puffy and purple for awhile.” He got up and took the towel out the door.

“Thanks,” JC whispered to an empty room.

Chapter Three

JC heard Eminem out in the other room. He went out and found him in the living room. “Wanna watch a movie or something?” Marshall said, looking up at him as he walked in the room.

JC shrugged. “Sure.” He sat down on the overstuffed black leather sofa. “Whatcha got?”

“What do you like?” he asked, bending down to look at his DVD collection.

JC shrugged again. These conversations always seem to happen. “I’ll watch anything right about now as long as it isn’t an NSYNC video.”

Eminem snorted. “Don’t worry I don’t have any of those.” He pulled out a movie and put it in the player. He walked over to the couch and fell down into the cushions a good two feet from JC. He grabbed the remote from the coffee table and pressed the menu button. “God damn previews. Fucking DVD won’t let me skip them.”

“Doesn’t matter,” JC said stretching out a little, getting comfortable for the first time that night.  Marshall looked over at him and waved a hand in the air. “Do you need to like… vent… or anything? I don’t pry, but if you need to vent you can do it. I won’t tell people shit.”

JC shrugged again. Eminem shrugged back.

“I get off on it, ok?” JC shot out.

“Get off on what?” he answered, still trying to push the menu button.

He shrugged again. Marshall looked over at him expecting an answer. JC coughed. “I’m a masochist.”

Eminem’s face contorted then relaxed as it hit him. “You get off on being hit.”

JC blushed a deep crimson.

“Whatever, man. That’s your shit,” he said, and turned back to the movie, which ended up being Barbershop. 

By the end of the movie JC was getting tired and he could tell Em was too. Both their heads were bobbing. JC looked down at his watch 6:30 in the fucking morning. “Do you mind if I use your phone real quick?” he asked. Marshall just waved him over. JC picked it up and dialed his number to see if Justin would answer his phone. Six rings and the answering machine. Justin must have went home. JC let out a sigh of relief.

“Checking your messages?” Marshall asked, taking the DVD out of the player and putting it back in the case.

“Nah, checking to see if my house is clear. Thanks for letting me hang here. I really appreciate it,” he said, standing up, running his hand nervously through his hair.

Em shrugged. “Don’t worry bout it. You going home?”

“Yeah, I think so. Kinda miss my bed, you know.” Marshall nodded. JC started walking for the door and he followed him. “Thanks again, for um… letting me hang out,” he said nervously, rubbing his hand along the back of his head.

“Yeah man. Just don’t let it get known that I let you hide out here,” Em quipped, opening the door for JC.

Josh leaned in slightly, hesitating, then kissing Marshall, gently, sucking on his lips for a split second. “Thanks again,” he said and left.

Marshall was left holding the door open, shock written all over his face. He didn’t know whether he should chase after him and beat him more, maybe breaking his arms this time or just let it slide chalking it up to stress and misinterpretation on JC’s part. He finally closed the door when he heard the car engine of Josh’s BMW start up. Looking at the clock on the wall he cursed at himself. He went into his bedroom, closed the door, and fell down on the bed pulling the comforter over himself. “`Nother day,” he mumbled.

JC pulled into his driveway- no sign of Justin. He went into his foyer once again and found a red rose resembling the ones you buy at the gas station for a dollar in the dish where he puts his wallet and keys. Scoffing, he picked up the rose, opened the front door, and threw it outside. Walking into his master bedroom, he stripped down to his boxers and fell gracefully beneath the covers. Warmth enveloping his body, he chose to ignore the pain from his nose and eye and fell asleep.


At noon Lance called and woke up JC. “Yeah?” he mumbled.

“Whatcha doin?” Lance asked.

JC groaned. “Sleeping. Whatdyawant?”

“JC, its past noon. Get your ass up out of bed and come to lunch with me.”

He groaned again. “Whhyy? Dude, I went to bed at like 6:30 last night.”

“So you got five hours of sleep. You’ll be fine. I’ll pick you up in an hour.” Lance hung up. Sometimes JC really hated having friends. Hate. Bitterly hated. His head hurt bad. He got up and took six Tylenols and downed four glasses of water. He also really hated having hangovers. And he really fucking hated remembering shit that happened when he was drunk. Inspecting himself in the mirror, he noticed a slightly bruised and puffy nose and a very bruised and puffy eye. However, his nose did appear to be straight. Why had he done that for him? JC wanted to pick up the phone and call him and ask. He got in the shower instead. Wash away your sins.

When he got out, he looked at the rest of his body in the full length mirror in his hallway. No bruises anywhere else. He looked down at his wrist that Eminem had wrenched the night before.  It seemed to be fine. He could move it, and there was no visible bruising. Maybe some makeup to cover the nose… but he didn’t think he could cover up the eye. Sunglasses. Hmm. JC grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from his closet and dressed.


“Daddy!” Hailie jumped up and down on her father’s bed. He rolled over, waking up, but feigning sleep. When she tripped he grabbed and started tickling her mercilessly. She giggled trying to wriggle her way out of his grasp. Feeling his hands loosen, Hailie saw her chance and darted across the room. Marshall stretched in the bed. “Daddy?”

“Yeah, baby?” he asked lazily, scratching his stomach.

“Why was JC here last night?”

Eminem’s hand froze on his stomach. “What were you doing awake baby?”

“I had to go to the bathroom and I heard someone else’s voice so I looked. It was him wasn’t it?” She started to grow excited.

“Yeah, Hay Hay that was him.” Em closed his eyes. God fucking damn it.

She ran over and jumped on him. “Is he your friend, daddy? Can I meet him? Is he nice?”

Em’s face contorted. Friend? I don’t know. Acquaintance.  No. More than acquaintance. You don’t let an acquaintance suck your dick then invite him over and fix his nose. Then again. He never let his friends suck his dick either. Boyfriend? Oh hell no. Em gave up. JC was unclassifiable. “Yeah baby, he’s daddy’s business friend. He is nice. I dunno if you can meet him though. I don’t know when I’m gonna see him next.”

Hailie’s face dropped. “Aww.. Well okay.”

He smacked her butt playfully. “Go find something to do while daddy gets up. Maybe we’ll go shopping later.” She jumped up and ran out of the room.


Lance knocked hard on the oak front door of JC’s house.  Throwing on the sunglasses, JC ran down stairs grabbing his wallet and keys from the basket and opened the door. “So where are we going, Lansten?” he asked walking out the door.

Lance looked at his friend a little weird. Something about his face was different, but he couldn’t exactly put a finger on it. “Japanese Village Plaza down on 1st street,” he answered.

“Lance, you are awesome.” JC smiled brightly and got into the passenger side of Lance’s SUV.


Hailie was bouncing up and down at the front door singing a little song she had just made up about going shopping. Em came out of the kitchen, fiddling with his keys. “You ready, Hay Hay?” he asked.

“Yesss!! Daddy where are we going?!”

He opened the door for them and they went out. Turning around to lock it he said, “Down to the Japanese Village Plaza.”

Hailie’s eyes widened. “Can we feed the fishes in the pond, daddy?”

“Of course. Fishes need to eat don’t they?” he laughed and scooped her up carrying her to the car. He opened the passenger side and plopped her down.

“Daddy, I can’t wait to go shopping with you,” she gushed as he got in the driver side.

Em smiled. `Best damn thing I ever did, even if it was with Kim.’ “I can’t wait to go shopping with you either, Hay Hay.”

Chapter Four

“There’s something we need to talk about,” Lance began. He and JC were sitting across from each other at a small table in a family owned Japanese restaurant at the Village.

JC looked at his friend through the sunglasses, eyebrows furrowing. “What’s up, Lance?”

“Justin.” JC’s head dropped. “He called me crying last night from your house. He said you weren’t there and he didn’t know where you were. He was really worried.”

JC groaned. “Lance, it’s not what you think.”

“I don’t care what it is. You two have to talk this out. We love you both, C. We really do, but we don’t know what to do anymore. I know you and Justin had a really bad break up. Why didn’t you answer when he called last night?”

“I was over at a friend’s house,” he sighed.


“Lance. You’re prying,” JC warned.

Lance smiled an easy smile. “You found someone else.”

“Sure,” he laughed. Lance smiled and nodded. JC smiled back and shoved more rice into his mouth, looking up and out the window as he chewed. JC paled at who he saw walk through the door of the restaurant. He ducked down, trying to hide his face.

Lance looked up and noticed his friend’s posture.  Immediately Lance slumped down. “Who is it?” he whispered.

JC looked up at him. “Um.. Eminem and his daughter.”

He straightened up. “We’re hiding from him? Since when do we hide from Eminem?”

He shrugged. At the same time he heard a little girl squeal. He didn’t have to look up to know it was Hailie. He looked up and saw Hailie running towards him. Following behind her, was Marshall.

“JC!!” she squealed.

JC looked over at her and smiled. “Hey, kid! How’s it going?” He looked up at Marshall and nodded. He nodded back.

“I saw you out our house last night! Can I have your autograph?” she asked, thrusting a napkin at him.

He took the napkin and signed it, trying to avoid Lance’s gaze. “You must be Hailie then.”

“Yes! Oh my God, Amanda is going to be so jealous that I got to meet you. But since you and Daddy are friends, do you think maybe I could have her over the next time you come over?” she rambled.

JC had to laugh. Marshall shifted nervously. “Hailie, honey, don’t you think we should let them eat.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh! I’m sorry! I’ll see you later JC! Bye, Lance!” she waved and walked away with Marshall.

JC watched them walk away. Marshall looked back once. JC couldn’t read his eyes, but the look was certainly not hate.

“So, your friend?” Lance smiled and crossed his arms casually across his chest.

“Shut up, Lance.”

“Oh, hell no. I know something no one else knows,” he laughed. “So… Anti-gay Eminem.”

“We’re not sleeping together exactly.” JC pushed food around his plate. “And I don’t want to talk about this here. Like this.”

Lance nodded.

JC sighed and laid his head against the window of Lance’s SUV before he got in. He knew the questions were gonna start again. He wasn’t sure how he was going to handle them, but there was no getting around them. He opened the door and got in.

Lance started the engine and started to back out. “So…”  JC sighed. Lance laughed. “So what exactly is going on between you and Mr. Slim Shady?”

“I don’t know,” he answered honestly.

“You don’t know? No professions of love? No dates? No sex?”

“Lance, you’re prying again.”

“Hell yes I’m prying. This is Eminem, Jayce. He has a violent history so he’s probably gonna have a violent future. I’m trying to watch your back.”

“You never watched my back with Justin,” JC whispered, looking out the window.

“I trust Justin. But Eminem, he…” Lance paused. “What do you mean I never watched your back with Justin?”

JC waved him off. “Nothing, keep going.”

Lance pulled into a parking lot of a random building and turned the engine off. “Josh.”


“Normally I wouldn’t pry. Normally, I would let this slide.  But now you have me really worried. I love you and I love Justin.  You’re both my brothers. If Justin hurt you, please tell me.”

JC just stared out the window. How could he tell Lance that Justin had gone past JC’s point of masochism. Justin raped him, beat him, abused him, told him he was nothing and that he should beg for Justin’s love. And that JC believed what he said. He couldn’t, so he kept staring out the window.

Lance looked at JC. He wished he would take off the damn sunglasses. He couldn’t see the expression and emotion in JC’s eyes. “Does Eminem help you? Is he good to you?”

JC winced, thought a moment, then nodded. He was better than Justin. Lance leaned over and whipped off the sunglasses.

Immediately, JC’s hand flew up to cover his eye, but not fast enough. “Did Justin do that to you?” Lance asked.

“No,” he answered.


JC nodded. Lance’s features grew hard. “Lance, he… we…”

JC sighed. “Look. You promise not to tell anyone? I mean ANYONE.”

“Of course.”

JC turned his body towards him. “Last night, I was drunk and Eminem came up to me and said something about Justin, then I thought he was hitting on me and checking me out, which wasn’t true. But in which case, I hit on him. In a roundabout way, he found out about me and Justin. I blew him in the bathroom which he said was payment for keeping his mouth shut about me and J. Then he punched me twice. One hit my eye and one hit my nose.” Lance winced and cursed under his breath.

“No, you don’t understand. Let me finish. Then he went outside and I guess Justin was out there cause he came in. Justin, he…” JC shook visibly and Lance could see the pain with remembrance in his eyes. “He said… stuff… to me. Then, he grabbed me and threw me up against the wall and said…” He choked back a sob. “He said he was gonna rape me and make me bleed. Just like old times. But Marshall. He came in. He saved me. He threatened Justin to never come near me or he’d kill him. Then he gave me his home address and his phone number.” JC looked up at Lance. Shock was written across his face in big bold block letters. “Lance?”

“He said he was going to rape you? Make you bleed? Like old times? He’s done this before?” Slowly his voice started to raise, getting louder and louder. JC nodded. “How many times?”

He shrugged, his eyes falling down to the seat cover. “More’n a couple.” His fingers started to pick at a string that had come lose.

Lance turned back to the steering wheel. He could feel the anger flowing freely throughout his body. For the first time in his young life, James Lance Bass thought Justin Randall Timberlake was an ass that needed to die. He’s been an ass before, but now he didn’t even deserve to live. Eminem was looking better than the fabulous Justin. Eminem. “So what happened at Eminem’s house last night then?”

JC sighed again, still picking at the string. He’d buy Lance new seat covers he decided. “Well, I got home but Justin kept calling and he left a message saying he was coming over so I left. I didn’t know where to go cause you guys didn’t know and I looked like shit. So I dug out the phone number Marshall gave me and I called it. He even gave me the code to his front gate. I got there, we got me cleaned up and he straightened my nose. Then we watched a movie. After the movie was over I went home and went to sleep.”

Laying his head back against the car seat, Lance closed his eyes. He tried to calm his anger. He opened his eyes and looked over at JC, pulling on his car seat covers. A single tear fell down and hit on the blue material. Lance reached over and pulled JC into a tight hug. JC let out a sob. “Thank you for telling me,” Lance whispered. JC just nodded. “Want me to take you home?” He nodded again. Lance pulled away and turned back on the engine.

The car ride to JC’s house was silent. Lance knew where he was going after JC’s house. He just had to decide on the order of what he needed to do while he was there. Beat him, ask questions, then kill him or ask questions, beat him, kill him. He certainly couldn’t kill him first cause that would just be too nice. Pulling into JC’s driveway, he turned the engine off and started to get out.

JC’s hand on his arm stopped him. “I’ll be ok,” he said. “I promise.”

Lance nodded. “Call me if you need anything. You can come to my house you know.”

JC laughed. It was a good sound. “Lance, you live in Las Vegas and you’re just staying at Chris’ house for the week.”

Lance laughed too. “So you might need a vacation.”

JC waved him off again. “I’ll be fine.” Lance watched him walk up to the front door and go inside. Putting the car in reverse, he backed out of JC’s driveway. One more stop before going home to Chris’.


Chapter Five

When JC got inside, his phone was ringing. Reluctantly, he picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID. “Blocked. Nice try Justin,” he sighed and put the phone back down. JC laid down on the couch, sinking down into the Italian leather. The answering machine kicked on. To his surprise, it wasn’t Justin.

“Josh, pick up the phone. It’s Marshall.”

JC reached up behind his head and felt around the end table for the phone. “Hey,” he answered.

“Hi,” Marshall said.

“Hey, wait. How’d you get my number?” JC asked.

He laughed. “It’s not that hard. I called your manager and said I wanted to talk to you about writing on my next album.”

JC smiled, touched at how Eminem had actually sought out his phone number. “Well, I don’t know how to tell you this, Marshall, but I don’t exactly write your style of music.”

“Maybe I just wanted you to spell check it.” He could hear the smile in his voice.

“So did you call just to shoot the shit or just to piss me off?” JC asked, kicking off his shoes and socks.

Marshall laughed, recognizing a form of his line from the night before. He paused. JC noticed it.

“Shoot the shit.”

“How’s Hailie?”

“She’s good. Packing. Excited as hell to see you today.”

“She’s cute. Nothing like you.”

He laughed again. “You saying I ain’t cute?”

“You actually want my opinion?” JC smiled.

Em faltered. Damn, when had the conversation gone here? “What is your opinion? Not that I care.”

JC laughed. “Well then if you don’t care, I’m not going to give it. Where’s Hailie packing for? Ya’ll leaving?”

“Nah. I’m putting her on a plane tonight to go back up to Detroit. Kim and I have joint custody.”

“That sucks.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.”

“When do you put her on the plane?”

“Takes off about 8:30. So about… 3 hours.”

JC cleared his throat. “Wanna come over after you get done at the airport?”

“Timberfuck still bothering you?”

“I haven’t talked to him all day,” he answered honestly.

The corners of Marshal’s mouth folded down into a frown. “So you’re inviting me over just to hang out?”

“Well yeah, that was the general idea.”

The line went silent for a full minute. Marshall sat on his couch, listening to his daughter sing in the bedroom as she put clothes and toys into a suitcase, and chewed on his thumbnail. If he accepted this offer, the relationship between him and JC would change. However, at the same time, he was the one that had just called JC to talk. “Sure,” he finally managed.

“I can have dinner ready, say between 8:30 and 9?”

Suspiciously, this was beginning to sound like a date. “JC, are you asking me out on a date?”

“No, of course not. You’re straight. We clarified that after I blew you in the bathroom,” JC quipped.

Marshall opened his mouth to object to his tone, but quickly shut it. He didn’t know what to say. He came up with, “Shut up, Chasez.”

JC laughed on the other end of the line. “Well, if I’m going to be making us dinner, honey bunches, I better get going so I can decide on what to cook. Love you, kiss kiss.”

Marshal’s ear was met with a dial tone. Fucking bastard. How dare he say that to him. Fucking queer. Fuck if he was gonna show up at JC’s house between 8:30 and 9pm that night. Fuck if he couldn’t get that skinny ass pop singer out of his head.


Lance drove up into Justin’s driveway. Justin’s Escalade was gone. He knocked on the door anyways. No answer. Lance sighed and sat down on the stoop. Well, there was two options. One: sit here and wait for him to come back- which was tempting, or two: go home and try again later. Opting for the second one, he got back in his SUV and pulled out of the driveway. Flipping open his cell phone, Lance decided it was a good idea to call Justin and let him know that they needed to talk.


Eminem had made it to JC”s house three cursing phone calls and two dead ends later. He had stopped at the store on his way over and bought red and white wine. It felt wrong to show up to someone’s house for dinner and not have something to offer. He parked his Navigator in the driveway and walked up to the door with the wine.  He knocked on the door and waited for JC to answer. 

He pulled open the door and Em’s eyes went wide. He wasn’t gay but damn the man looked good. Jeans that fit just so. No shoes. Nice white, flimsy shirt, buttoned halfway. His hair was all disheveled and curly. Those eyes. Those bright, shining, smiling eyes. He realized he was staring. “I… um… I brought wine. I didn’t know what kind to bring so I brought red and white.”

JC smiled. “Come on in.” Marshall walked by JC, noticing his eyes traveling his body. Em had stood in front of his closet for a half hour. He opted for jeans instead of sweatpants. Loose fitting as they were, they still showed his ass. He even put on a nice button up shirt. Be damned if he didn’t feel like he was going on a date.  Fuck if he ever looked this nice for anyone. JC took the wine bottles from his hands and put them in the freezer to get cold in time for dinner. Marshall slipped his hands in his pockets and looked around. He had never been in JC’s house. Ha. Never been in JC’s house. He had known the guy for like two days. It was almost meticulously kept. No clothes around. No empty food containers that had just been forgotten about. It felt very… welcoming. Home. Relaxing. Inviting. He turned to see JC leaning against the door frame from the kitchen smiling at him. “You like?”

Marshall smiled back. “Yeah. I do, actually.”

“Dinner’s ready, if you’re hungry.”


JC shook his head. “Good.” He walked casually to the dining room, mentally shaking his ass just enough to be sexy, not enough to be vulgar. Marshall followed him, looking at the decorations on his walls, the furniture. The dining JC led them into was nothing fancy. Nothing like Eminem had suspected it to be. A simple wood table. Sage green walls. Pictures of beautiful artwork. JC gestured for him to sit down so he sat. JC brought out the food and the white wine from the adjoining kitchen and sat down across from him. Shrimp with baked potatoes and brocolli. The brocolli looked smushy and the baked potatoes looked a little overdone. He was almost scared to try the shrimp. JC poured him some wine in his glass. “I’m impressed,” he said.

“Impressed with what?” Marshall asked.

“Honestly, that you haven’t gone running out of here cursing up a storm yet.”

“Well, its not a fucking date. Just two guys having dinner.”

“Right. If I had lit the candles. Then it would be a date,” JC smiled and ate a shrimp.

“Don’t fucking joke.” Marshall scooped himself up some shrimp and speared a baked potato. He had to admit, the shrimp were pretty good. They tasted like they had been sauteed in a garlic butter sauce. The baked potatoes weren’t as bad as they appeared. The inside was nice and steamy. They stumbled over casual conversation during dinner. Discussing everything from weather to sports.

Marshall found himself fighting to avoid enjoying JC’s company. After dinner was over Marshall helped JC carry the dishes into the kitchen and mutually agreed to do the dishes later when they weren’t so full. “Play you a game of pool,” JC grinned.

Marshall shrugged. “Sure,” he answered. It was better than sitting there watching a movie. Then it really would feel like a fucking date.

JC’s game room reminded Em very much of his own. There was a bar on the far wall, stocked to the brim with alcohol. In the middle of the room was a pool table, complete with the Budweiser light. Against the wall on the left side was a poker table with six seats. Along the other wall was a two small bistro type tables with two chairs at each. He felt like he just stepped into a bar. “You any good,” JC asked him, grabbing the pool cues and taking the balls out of the storage shelf.

Marshall smiled slightly. “I’m okay. Not the best I’ve ever met. Why? Wanna make a bet?”

JC laughed as he racked up the balls on the table. “Sure. What are we betting?” He sat on the end of the table, his pant legs riding up slightly, exposing his ankles, the sandals long discarded. He handed Em a cue stick.

Marshall watched his feet swing back and forth slowly, taking the pool cue. “I dunno, your table, you decide.”

JC smiled, sliding slowly down off the table. “The loser has to do whatever the winner wants for an hour.”

Em licked his lips. A guy sliding down off a pool table should not be that fucking sexy. Whatever the winner wants for an hour? Yeah, sure. I’ll make him suck my motherfucking cock again just for making me think queer thoughts. “Deal. Rack `em up.”

Chapter Six

JC stood, lining up his shot. All he had left was the 8 ball. Marshall had one stripe ball on the table, then he would be shooting for the 8 ball. This was going to be a difficult shot. He was going to have to bounce the cue ball off the right side of the table, around the stripe ball to hit the 8 ball into the corner pocket. Fuck. JC had to lean on the table slightly. He glanced back at Marshall, who was watching JC’s every move. Slowly, JC smiled to himself. Looking back to his shot, he pulled back the cue stick and smacked the ball. Too hard. He hit the 8 ball and it bounced out of the pocket. Dammit. He also lined up an awesome shot for Em’s stripe ball. Dammit again.

Marshall smiled as he rounded the table for his shot. He made it look so easy getting that last stripe ball in and having the cue ball line up perfectly with the 8 ball. He looked over at JC, “Ready to do whatever I want for an hour?”

JC snorted. “Who says you’re gonna get that in?”

Shrugging, he leaned down, and smoothly tapped the cue ball and watched as the 8 ball dropped in the pocket. Fuck and a half. Marshall smiled widely as JC pursed his lips. “So what can I make you do for an hour? Hmmm…” He dramatically tapped his index finger to his lips. JC took all the balls out and put up the pool cues. This better not be to awful.

Standing against the table, JC crossed his arms over his chest. “Okay, so what am I gonna do for you for an hour?”

“I dunno yet.”

JC sighed. “We’ve been playing for a half hour and you haven’t decided in that time frame what you wanted me to do?”

“What were you gonna have me do?” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.

JC fidgeted. “I don’t know.”

“You’re lying.”

“Am not,” he shot back.

Em got up in JC’s face. “You were gonna have me fuck you, weren’t you?”

He paled. The thought had crossed his mind. But there was no way he was willing to act on that thought. Eminem could break him in half.

“No,” he tried to play it off. “I wouldn’t fuck you anyways.”

“Damn straight you wouldn’t,” Marshall said and backed away to the other side of the room.

“I do have something that could lighten the mood though, if you’re interested.”

Eminem’s interest peaked. “And what would that be?”

JC disappeared into the other room and came back shortly carrying a small plastic baggie full of weed. “I didn’t know you smoked, Josh,” Marshall said, raising his eyebrows.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, Marshall,” JC laughed. “Living room, let’s go.”

They walked out into the living room and sat down on the luxurious brown leather couch. Marshall ran his hand over the leather. It was like something you’d see in a library. JC pulled the coffee table closer and pulled out some paper and shook some weed out of the bag. Each rolled his own. JC fumbled for a lighter. Pulling one out of his pocket, Marshall shook it at JC and offered to light his joint. He smiled and put it between his lips. JC looked into his eyes as Marshall lit his joint. He smiled and puffed slowly. Marshall took his time. He savored each puff.

Sitting back against the soft couch, he closed his eyes. He was actually having a good time hanging out with this boy-bander. Alone. In his house. Alone. Hailie gone. No one home. He opened his eyes and looked at JC. He watched as JC held the smoke in his mouth and let it go, closing his eyes, experiencing it as it left him. His shirt was still halfway unbuttoned. The nearly translucent white draped his body. Eminem shifted where he sat. JC’s hands looked smooth, his legs and arms muscular. He had the body of a dancer. Em knew his voice; the boy could sing.  For just a moment he wondered what JC sounded like when he came. If he was loud or talked a lot during sex. Rubbing himself through his pants, he moaned softly. Damn this weed, make a man not think clearly.

JC saw Em rub himself out of the corner of his eye. One more puff and he looked over at him, through his haze. “What are you doing?”

Marshall looked at him, feeling desire spur in his stomach. No way in hell he was going to let his body act on it. “Thinking.”

“Bout?” Josh puffed.

“You.” Dammit.

JC smiled. Marshall’s cock jumped in his pants. “What about me?”

“Why the fuck you turn me on.” Why the fuck my mouth won’t stop moving when my brain tells it to.

Slowly, JC put down his joint and climbed over Marshall’s body. Running his hands over the rapper’s tattooed arms, letting silk blend with ink. Leaning down, JC breathed, “Do you want me to kiss you?”

His mind could barely take in this new scene. His arms, yes his arms could definitely feel JC’s hands, those soft hands he was watching earlier trace them lightly up and down. Those eyes, beautiful deep pools of blue he remembered so well from the bathroom just a few nights ago were above him. Kiss him? No.

“No.” Marshall flipped them over, laying JC lengthwise down the couch, putting his joint in the ashtray on the table. “I’m going to kiss you.” Leaning down, hesitating only slightly, he ran his tongue over JC’s lips. Josh moaned and ran his hands up Marshall’s back, pulling him closer. Rubbing his hands up JC’s sides, Marshall conquered his mouth, battling with his tongue. Josh’s hands found the hem of Em’s shirt, making their way inside.  Silk rubbing against Marshall’s back, moaning into JC’s mouth. The sensation was almost too much to bear. Breaking his hold on JC’s mouth, he moved down, sucking on his neck, slowly grinding his hips down onto Josh’s, eliciting moan’s from the beautiful brunette.

Vaguely the couple heard the door open. Steps into the hallway adjoining the room. Fast steps out. JC’s hands had found Marshall ass, squeezing it in time with every agonizingly slow grind. Marshall pulled JC’s shirt up to his neck and off over his head, throwing it over the back of the couch. Silk. His entire body is silk. Softly, he hears JC moan, “Justin.” He stops. Fuck no that bitch did not just call me Timberfuck. Cold water met his back. Jumping up, Marshall came face to face with Justin Timberlake, fury raging in his eyes.


Chapter Seven

“What the fuck are you doing here,” Marshall spit at Justin.

“I could ask you the same thing,” he countered. “Thought you weren’t gay, Eminem.”

“I’m not, fag,” he said, stepping closer.

Justin’s face turned a bright pink. “Then why were you just all over my man?” he said pointing down at JC.

“Justin..,” JC tried to get up, reaching out to Justin. He batted him away, watching as Josh landed on the floor on his hands and knees.

“Go get your shirt on, God damned slut,” Justin said, kicking JC in the ass to get him moving.

Marshall’s fists clenched at his side. “Josh, get back on the couch and stay there.”

Justin gaped when he did what Em said. “What the fuck are you doing? Get your shirt on!” He smacked JC across the face.

Marshall lunged at him, knocking Justin down to the floor in a heap. Pounding on him over and over again. He smiled when he felt his nose break. Laughing when he pulled back his fists and there was blood on them. Falling when JC pulled him back off him. “Don’t kill him, Marsh, please. I’m ok.” JC’s face was ringed with light through Marshall’s hazy stare. Looking down at Justin, all he saw was red. Fuck. Assault and battery. He could see it coming, even in his stoned state. Fuck, stoned. Drugs. Shit. Have to clean up.

Justin lay on the floor motionless, awaiting another beating. Pulling his hand up to his face, he could feel his nose pulled slightly to the side. Blood covered his hand when he pulled it away. He started screaming. Marshall went into the bathroom to clean up, wiping the blood from his hands and arms. JC got Justin a towel and an ice pack. Coming out of the bathroom, Marshall saw JC hovering over Justin who was still laying on the floor, attempting to clean himself up. A slight tinge of something hit his stomach.

He couldn’t quite place it, but he didn’t like how close JC was kneeling to Justin. Sensing his presence, JC looked back at Marshall, pleading him with his eyes. “Fix it. Please.”

“Fix what?”

“His nose. It’s broke. I can’t do it.”

Marshall stormed across the room. “Fuck no I’m not fixing it. He deserves to have a broken nose for the way he treats you. Hell, he deserves more than that and he’s lucky I didn’t give it to him.”

Slowly JC got up and walked over to him, rubbing his hands on Em’s arms. Marshall closed his eyes, his muscles involuntarily relaxing beneath the touch. Wet. His tongue tickled the skin in front of his ear. “Watching you do that turned me on so bad, baby. Fix his nose so he can leave and we can finish what we started on the couch,” JC moaned.

Marshall groaned. Never had a man’s voice affect his groin like this. Fucking boyband queers. He stalked across the room.  Kneeling down next to Justin, he took his nose in his hand. Justin’s eyes grew wide and his hands flew up to Marshall’s arm. “Don’t fight me or I’ll rip it clear off your fucking face,” he seethed. Justin’s hands fell down. Whimpers elicited from his mouth. Death by enraged rapper. Sharp searing pain came over Justin’s features as Marshall pull the cartilage back in place.

Smacking Justin softly in the face he leaned down and whispered, “Next time I won’t be so nice. Keep your fucking hands off him and keep your ass out of his house. I want you to leave your key on the table by the door when you leave. If it isn’t there, before the night’s over you’ll be dead.” He got up off the floor and walked over to the couch, picking up the joint and examining it carefully. Fuck the cops and probation and all that shit. He needed a hit right now. He puffed it, pulling the smoke into his mouth, watching as Justin got up, gave JC a sideward glance and finished wiping the blood off his face. JC stood on the opposite side of the room, eyeing Justin carefully. Justin looked over at Marshall, who sat in between JC and himself.

If Justin made a move at Josh, Marshall could easily intervene. Justin sighed, defeated. He took out his key ring and took the key to JC’s house off. “Bye, Josh,” he said and left.

JC sat down next to Marshall on the couch and picked up his own joint. They both heard the door close and waited to hear Justin’s car leave the driveway. He looked over at Em. “Why did you do that?”

Marshall coughed. He didn’t really have an answer for that. He got pissed off. Josh doesn’t deserve to be treated like shit. “You’re too nice.”

JC laughed. It sounded like music, a symphony. Marshall could swear he could see the notes coming out of his mouth. “So that’s why you attacked Justin? Because I’m too nice?”

“He hit you. You don’t deserve to be hit.” Marshall took a long pull on his joint. His cock was still hard from earlier. He vaguely remembered JC still owing him an hour of his service.

Licking his lips he looked over at him. JC saw the lust and pure need in Marshall’s eyes. Setting down his joint, he leaned back along the sofa. Marshall was on his body in a heartbeat. Rough hands caressed JC’s chest, lips fumbled at his neck. Josh moaned, pulling up Marshall’s shirt, which was thrown off and sent to join JC’s somewhere on the floor. Delicate fingers traced intricate tattoos. Being stoned had made JC completely fascinated with Marshall’s body art. Em’s body shuddered as JC’s hands caressed his arms. His cock ached in his pants and JC’s administrations on his body were not helping the situation. Naked. They needed to be naked. He sat back and started unbuttoning JC’s jeans. JC’s hands found his Rot in Pieces tattoo on his lower stomach. Tracing each letter with his finger, his nail slightly scraping along the delicate flesh. Marshall closed his eyes and moaned. Yes, they definitely needed to be naked. He needed sex now. He could blame sex with a man later on the dope.

Yanking off JC’s pants and boxers, he was taken aback when he saw JC’s cock leaking precum on his stomach, the head nearly purple with need. His own cock throbbed in sympathy, but this was not something he was used to seeing.

Noticing the pause, JC looked up at him. “Are you ok? You’re not wigging on me are you?” He held Marshall’s hips in his hands, rubbing circles on them through the denim with his thumbs.

Josh’s voice brought Em out of his trance. He looked up at his

lips. Those same lips that had just tasted so good a few minutes ago. Those eyes. The deep blue pools that went on forever, pulling Em in. Leaning down, he captured JC’s mouth with his own. He didn’t want to fall into those pools. Anything to keep JC’s eyes closed. Just a few minutes in those pools and he could slip and drown.

JC’s hands wrestled to get in between their hot bodies. He pulled open the button on Em’s jeans and eased the zipper down. Slowly, he pushed his index finger into Marshall’s pants and rubbed it along his aching cock. He was rewarded with a moan against his lips and a thrust against his hand. Freeing his hand, he managed to push Marshall’s pants down over his ass. Groaning in frustration, Em got up and pulled the rest of his clothes off. JC watched in complete fascination. Marshall’s body was beautifully sculpted. His legs and arms looked so powerful, muscular and defined. Laying back down along JC’s body, Marshall’s lips found his again. Josh’s hands rubbed down Em’s naked back and over his ass, cupping it and pulling it down onto him. Marshall moaned and thrust against his naked cock. When the shaft of his cock met that of JC’s a warning started to go off in his head. His brain was panicking. His body was tingling. His cock was screaming. JC moaned into his ear, gently bringing him back to reality. “Fuck me,” he said. “Shove that hot cock up my ass and fuck me raw, Marshall.”

Em stopped. His lips lay motionless against JC’s neck. What the fuck was he doing? He reared back and looked down at JC. Shit. God damn boyband queer thinking he could get him stoned and convince him to fuck him. Marshall got up off of JC and grabbed his clothes quickly. He pulled on his boxers and pants. Josh looked up at him confused. “Marshall?”

Glancing back at him on the couch, Em scowled and said, “Keep the wine.” He left JC’s house without another word. JC fell back on the couch, covering his face with his hands. Everything had been going so well, so perfect. Marshall had wanted this. Hell, he had needed this. JC sighed. He threw his clothes back on and went to do the dishes.

Chapter Eight

Marshall stormed into his house. What the fuck had that been? When did he become queer? He picked up a knick knack from a nearby table and threw it across the room. “Marshall?” His aunt came out in her pajamas. She had clearly been asleep. Shit.

“I’m okay. Just some… tough shit at work. Go back to sleep,” he said, sitting down on the couch in a huff.

“You sure you’re ok?” she asked, moving slightly more into the room.

He waved her off. “Yeah, I just need a hot shower and some sleep. Thanks, Aunt Edna.”

“No problem, honey. Go to sleep soon.” She went back to her bedroom.

Marshall heard the door close. Covering his face with his hands, he rested his elbows on his knees. What the hell is going on? Sure, he’d joked about being gay before. The sight of another man doesn’t gross him out. However, when a man actually makes a pass at him, that pisses him off. He threatens them, beats them, makes fun of them, anything to make them go away and express his superiority over them. Why the hell wasn’t it the same with JC? Why couldn’t he punch him when he came to his senses while he was laying on top of him?

Sighing, Em pushed himself up off the couch and wandered to his master suite. He tore off his clothes on the way to his bathroom. He stepped into the shower and turned the hot water on full blast. The hot water hit on his still hard cock. He moaned and bit his lip. He could have just had Josh suck him off again, like in the bathroom before. Fuck, why hadn’t he thought of that.  Josh’s beautiful lips surrounding his cock; his tongue working against his shaft. The subservient look in those deep blue pools as Josh kneeled before him. Marshall laid his head against the tile wall, his hand easing down his body and stroking his cock, the picture of JC on his knees in front of him in the bathroom stall blazing in his mind. Catching himself, he switched the image. Jessica Simpson. He’d fuck that girl blind as long as she was gagged. He tried picturing her blond hair and blue eyes, and double-D tits. Gritting his teeth, he worked his cock harder. The image wouldn’t stay in his head. Jessica’s blue eyes turned into JC’s deep blue pools. Her hair turned to JC’s brown, with those exotic blond streaks. Those lips red and plump when Marshall pulled him up to face him. His head lulled back as he came against the white tile, moaning out Josh’s name softly.


JC woke up the next morning alone and his hand on his cock. Moaning softly, he stroked himself, details of the dream still vivid in his imagination. Marshall moving above him, holding his hands above his head, gritting his teeth, moaning out his name. JC could almost feel Marshall’s cock moving inside him. Taking off his boxers, Josh spread his legs a little wider and used the soft cotton material to stroke himself. Pinching his nipples with one hand, rubbing his thumb over the head of his cock with the other, JC moaned Marshall’s name. The feel of the soft cotton rubbing against his shaft felt so good. His nipples started to hurt from the agitation of him pinching on pulling on them, but the pain was addicting. Josh could feel his orgasm starting to rise. He stroked his cock harder, making his fist tighter around the head. “God..,” he moaned, arching up off the bed, his cum shooting up onto his stomach. Eyes closed tight and hand still on his cock, JC came down from his high. Slowly his body made its way back down to the sheets, muscles untensing. Breathing deeply a few times to slow his heartbeat, he wiped the cum off his stomach with the boxers. The phone rang next to his bed. He looked at the time. 10 AM. Only Lance would call this early. Rolling over, he picked up the phone. “Hi, Lance.”

“How’d you know it was me?” he asked on the other end of the line.

“You’re the only person besides Johnny that would call before noon and Johnny is on vacation,” JC smiled.

“Damn. Well, have you seen Justin?”

The smile faltered. “Last night he kinda busted up a little get together I had, so yeah I guess. Why?”

“Do you know where he is?” Lance was sounding worried.

“No. He probably went away for a few days. He kinda walked in on something last night.”

“Something as in what?” The seriousness in his voice rose as the tone dropped.

JC wiped his hand over his face. Well, Lance already kinda knows. “Marshall and I had dinner over here last night and we were kinda doing some hot making out on the couch when Justin came in.”

Lance audibly sighed on the phone. Was that disappointment? “Lance, its my house. I can do whatever I want in my house. If I want to fuck Marshall on the front door step I can.”

“JC, calm down. I’m just trying to figure out where he would be without calling his mom.”

“Did you call Trace and Nelly?”

“Nelly’s out of town and Trace hasn’t talked to him since yesterday afternoon when he went over to play some Xbox.”

It was JC’s turn to sigh. “Want me to call his cell phone?”

“Did anything happen last night, JC? Between you and him or him and Marshall?”

JC bit his lip. “Well yeah.”


“Marshall broke his nose.”

“WHY?! You let this happen?!” Lance’s voice rose, anger evident.

“I pulled him off before he could do anymore damage.  Justin… he kicked me and slapped me and Marshall just went off on him.” He got up and went to his drawers and pulled out some boxers.

Lance was silent on the other end of the phone. JC figured Lance was putting it all together and he was going to come up with an explanation as to where Justin was and how to get there. He gave him time to put two and two together while he got dressed.

“So he saw you and Eminem together last night. Nudity?”

“I had my shirt off.”

“Who was on top?”

“Marshall. He made him leave his key when he left.”



“Josh, call his cell phone then call me back. I’m going to swing by his house again.”

JC sighed. Calling Justin after last night was the last thing he wanted to do. “Okay.” He hung up with Lance and looked at the phone. Great. Justin. Calling Justin. Dialing. Think about dialing first. Slowly he punched the familiar numbers into the phone. The numbers he had used when it was 4 in the morning and Justin wasn’t home yet, when Justin was on tour and he hadn’t called for a week, when he woke up in the morning after sex and Justin wasn’t there. Those same numbers he punched heavily into the phone.

Ringing. Four rings. Six rings. Voicemail. Still the same damn message. JC mouthed the words along with the recording, “Hi, you’ve reached Justin. Unfortunately I can’t answer my phone right now, but that’s not unusual. Please leave a message after the tone and I’ll get back to you when I get back to you. Peace. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Hey Justin. It’s me. Um, I’m sorry you walked in on us last night. Lance is really worried about you, says he can’t get ahold of you. Please give him or me a call back. Thanks.” He hung up. Please give him a call back. I don’t want to talk to you. JC sighed again and dialed Lance’s cell phone.

“Anything?” Lance picked up.

“Voicemail. I left a message telling him to call me or you.”

“I called Joey and Chris. They haven’t heard from him either. I’m still on my way to his house. What are you doing today?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t really made any plans. I just woke up like 10 minutes before you called.”

“How about doing a Justin search?”

JC made a face. He did not want to do a Justin search. “Sure. Let me eat something first.”

“Okay. I’ll go by Justin’s place then head over to yours.”

“Kay. See you then.” They hung up. JC growled and stretched. He rubbed his stomach and went to rummage in his kitchen for breakfast.


Marshall sat in Dre’s studio, listening to the beats Dre was trying for one of Marshall’s new songs. He sat in the leather chair next to Dre, biting on his thumb nail, gazing off in the distance. He knew Dre was talking and he knew he needed to be listening. Amazing how he could see Dre’s lips move yet no sound was coming out. Or at least, no sound was going into his ears.

Em snapped back to reality. Sudden closeness and vibration melted his thoughts.  “Marshall Mathers!!!” Dre was yelling into his face.

“Yeah?” he muttered.

“Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? You’ve been bothering me for almost two weeks to lay down the beat for this track and now you’re not even fucking pay attention.”

Marshall scowled. “Leave me the fuck alone.” He got up and made for the door, but Dre’s strong hand on his arm stopped him.

“Normally I let shit slide, but something’s bothering the fuck out of you and it has been since the awards show. Tell me what the fuck it is or don’t bother coming into the studio for the next three weeks until you get this shit out of your system.”

Fuck. How the hell could he tell Dre that he had just been dick to dick with JC Chasez last night? And fucking enjoyed it, fucking jacked off to him sucking him off last night in the shower. Dre let go of his arm and motioned for him to sit. Shit he wasn’t getting out of this. Maybe he could make something up.

“Hailie’s sick.”

“You’re lying.”

Fuck. Marshall sat. This was going to take awhile. “How do you know I’m lying?”

“You just put her on a plane last night and you haven’t talked to Kim since she left.”

Sigh. Groan. Shit god damn mother fucker. New lie. Thinking…..

“How’s JC?”

Thoughts stopped. Skin paling. What the fuck had Dre just said. “What?”

Dre laughed. “I asked how JC was. You went over to his house last night.”

Em’s jaw dropped. “You’ve had someone tailing me.”

“Since the awards show.”

Shit… “What about the um…” His mouth went dry. “What about the after party?”

“We know that there was a little party in there between you and Chasez and the door was locked. Then Timberlake went in and he saw you wait outside around the corner for about five minutes and then go back into the bathroom. Is that what’s wrong, Em? You lose a bet with Chasez or Timberlake?”

“Fuck no I didn’t lose no bet.”

“What’d you and Chasez talk about while you two were locked in that bathroom?” Dre was prying and it was pissing off Eminem.

“What the fuck is it any of your business? Maybe he’s my new dealer.”

Dre laughed again. “We know he likes it up the ass, but we also know the only thing Chasez deals in is fine weed and there was no smoke coming out of that bathroom.”

Em smiled at the thought of JC’s weed last night. He remembered, he saw JC glow.

“Ya’ll fuck?” he asked seriously.

Marshall gave a start. Did a double take. “What?! What? No! No! NO! Dre, man, you know I’m not gay! Come on! No, we didn’t fuck. We’re not gonna fuck. I’m not gay.”

“Okay, okay calm down,” Dre said, waving his hands in front of him as if in defense. “But something did happen. I’m not a nosy person, but something with Chasez and Timberlake is bothering you.”

Em sat for a second. Wait. “How long was your tail there last night?”

“Long enough to see Timberlake come and leave with a bloody nose. And also… long enough to see you come out of the house half naked.”

Em’s face blushed a deep crimson, which caused Dre to erupt into more laughter. “Okay, fine. I’ll you. But Dre you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this shit. I don’t even know what’s going on.”

“You know I won’t say shit to anyone. But you know if you need someone to talk to, just give me a call.”

Marshall sighed. “Okay… that night at the awards show, Josh came on to me. I used the fact that he and Timberfuck had been together against him and had him suck my cock in the bathroom. That was when the doors were locked. Then I left and Timberfuck was standing outside. I waited to see them come out cause I figured Josh would tell him everything. When they didn’t come out I got curious. I didn’t think they’d be fucking in there. So I walked in and I see Timberfuck pinning Josh to the wall, grinding against him. Josh looked like he was in pain and like he was ready to cry. Then I heard Timberfuck say he was going to rape him `like old times.’ And I snapped. I gave Josh my phone number and my address if he needed some place to go. So he called that night cause Timberfuck was over at his house and he kept calling him. I told him he could come over. When he showed up, he was in such bad shape. His nose was crooked and his eye was swollen and there was blood all over his face. Nobody would have ever recognized him.  Wait… the tailer would have seen that too.” Dre nodded. Marshall scowled and went on. “I fixed him up. I guess that’s when I first kinda… yeah. He had some biting come backs. Made me wanna smack the shit out of him, but turned me on at the same time. He had gotten to his breaking point where he just didn’t care anymore. I made him laugh though. It was sexy as hell. Then we watched a movie, not close together and he went home. The next day though, I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I wanted to talk to him again. So I called while Hailey was packing. He invited me over for dinner after I put her on the plane. He looked so good…”

Marshall paused, his mind drifting off. Dre sat patiently. He thought that Marshall hadn’t realized his feelings for JC. He was angry towards himself for them. “The food wasn’t bad. He’s certainly not a gourmet cook though,” he laughed easily. “I brought the wine. I felt like it was a date, and yet I didn’t go running or curse at him, or hit him. He joked that it’d only be a date if he had lit the candles. We played pool and made a bet that the winner gets to have the other do whatever he wants for an hour. I won.” Em smiled again.

“So what’d you have him do?” Dre asked.

“I haven’t made him pay up yet.”

“What are you going to have him do then?”

“Maybe take an hour long cooking class,” Em laughed.

“So you’re expecting other dinners then?” Dre joked.

Em’s face grew serious. He paused. Looking down at his hands he said, “I ran out on him last night. I got scared. We were… we were so close to… I just freaked out. I ran out on him.”

“Did he start it?”

“No. I did. But we were smoking that weed. He had a glow to him last night. And when Timberfuck came in. When he slapped Josh hard across the face. I couldn’t handle it. I wanted to kill him. I think, if Josh hadn’t of pulled me off of him, I think I would have.”

“You have feelings for a man,” Dre pointed out.

Em scowled again. “No I don’t.”

Dre laughed. “Em, come on now. Have you been listening to yourself here?” He started counting off reasons on his fingers. “You flipped in the bathroom when Timberlake was grinding up on him, you gave him your phone number and address, you admitted to having feelings for him that night when he was at your house, you said he turned you on, you said his laugh was sexy, you called him the next day because you couldn’t stop thinking about him, you went over to his house for dinner and brought wine, dinner was like a date, and you almost had sex with him last night.”

“We were stoned.”

“That’s not an excuse.”

Groan. Marshall wiped his hand over his face. He was losing this battle. “Does it matter IF I have feelings for him?”

“Not to me,” Dre shrugged. “But I think that’s what’s bothering you. You even sounded upset that you had ran out on him last night.”

“Cause I was a scared little bitch, that’s why.” Em sighed. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

“Fine. Go home. Call JC.”

“Fuck you,” he shot at him.

“I think JC would get pissed,” Dre laughed and winked at him. Em’s face went into shock. He stalked out of the studio and flew home. How dare Dre… how could he have the audacity… He decided he would call Josh when he got home.


JC’s phone rang as he came out of the bathroom. It had been almost a half hour. It was probably Lance saying to let him in at the gate. “Lanncccceeee,” he sang into the phone.

“Um, is Mr. Chasez there?” a female voice asked. Oops. “Uh, who’s calling?”

“This is Sylvia from Orange County General Hospital. I really need to speak to Mr. Chasez if he’s there.”

“This is Mr. Chasez,” he answered. The hospital? What the fuck?

“Mr. Chasez, we have a patient here, a Mister Justin Timberlake. We have you listed on here as an emergency contact.”

“Oh my God, Justin. What’s wrong with him?” JC sat down. Oh shit. Oh shit.

“He was brought in an hour ago. He’s currently in a coma. I cannot give you the details over the phone due to security reasons since he’s such a high profile patient. We’d appreciate it if you came down in person.”

The other line was beeping. He looked at the phone. Lance. “Yes, Sylvia, Lance Bass and myself will be right down there.”

Chapter Nine

Em hung up for the seventh time. Where the hell could JC be? Sighing and running his hands over his face, he hoped that what he did to JC last night could be overturned. He needed to talk to him about this… this… whatever he was feelings towards him. He sat back and dialed the number for Kim’s house in Detroit.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Put Hailie on.”

“Well its good to hear from you too,” Kim snorted. Marshall could hear the rustling as she put her hand over the phone and shouted for Hailie.

“Daddy!” she screeched over the phone.

He smiled. “Hey, kid. How was your flight?”

“It was okay. We went out to dinner last night. It was good.”

“That’s good. I miss you already, Hay Hay.” Em laid his head on the back of the couch and closed his eyes. He did miss his daughter, his little ray of sunshine.

“I’ll be home soon, daddy.”

“But who’s gonna take care of me while you’re gone,” he playfully whined over the phone.

She giggled. “Uncle Nathan.”

Em snorted. “But I want my Hay Hay to take care of me.”

Hailie giggled again. “I have to go, daddy. We’re going out to meet some of mommy’s friends. I’ll bring you home a present.”

“Okay, Hailie. I love you. Put mommy back on the phone.”

“I love you too, daddy.”

Rustling. He heard Kim tell Hailie to go put her coat on it was getting cold outside. “What, Marshall?”

“What friends are you taking her to meet, Kim?” he asked her, trying to sound threatening and as dangerous.

She scoffed. “Friends from work. They’re clean, Marsh. Don’t worry, I’m not like you.”

“Love you too, honey.” He hung up on her.

His stomach rumbled. Food, hmm. He wondered where JC was and if he was hungry. Maybe he’d like to get some lunch. Early dinner. Maybe a movie. Maybe just spend some time together. Clear up what he fucked up last night. Em sighed. He picked up the phone again and dialed the seven digits of JC’s cell phone.


JC sat in the waiting room of the hospital waiting for the doctor to come out. Nervously he ran his hands through his hair.  Looking over at Lance for some comfort and finding none, he sighed and closed his eyes. They had called Joey and Chris. Both were on their way. They wanted to avoid calling Justin’s mom until they knew exactly what had happened. His cell phone vibrated in his pocket. Marshall’s name was on the caller ID. Lance glanced over and saw the name. “Answer it, Jayce.”

JC gave him a weak smile and flipped open his cell phone. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey, Josh,” Em answered. He winced at the tiredness in JC’s voice. God, I hope he wasn’t up all night thinking about what I did.

“What’s going on?”

“You sound tired.”

JC laughed. “I’m exhausted.”

“I tried calling your house a couple times you never answered. I hope I’m not bothering you.”

He smiled. “So you’re tracking me down?”

Marshall had to laugh. He hesitated for just a second, cleared his throat, then said, “I just, um, wanted to apologize for last night, about what I did. The running out part. I really think I need to talk to you about this. Maybe over dinner?”

Josh listened as Marshall rushed his words. Despite the stress of Justin being in a coma and the heartache of last night, he smiled deeply over these words. “I accept your apology, but I can’t meet you for dinner tonight, Marsh. I’m sorry.”


JC sighed. “I’m at the hospital. Justin’s in a coma.” A sudden thought occurred to him. “Marsh, where did you go after you left my place last night?”

“Home. What happened to him? Do you want me to come down?” he said, concern lacing his voice.

“Where were you this morning?”

“Josh, I didn’t put Justin in a coma. I went to Dre’s this morning to work on tracks. My aunt saw me come in last night. I took a shower, went to sleep. I woke up, went to Dre’s and I just got home, called you, called my daughter, and then called you again. Now I’m talking to you and that’s basically where I’ve been since I last saw you. Dre’s had a tail on me, so I have proof of where I’ve been.” He was pissed that Josh would even consider him as a suspect.

JC sighed again. “I’m sorry, Marshall. We don’t even know what happened yet. I just… after last night… I’m sorry. You can come down if you want. It’d actually be good to see you.”

Lance looked at JC, stunned. JC smiled at him.

“Really? You want me to come down? What hospital are you at?”

“Orange County General.”

“Okay. I’ll be there in less than a half hour.”

“See you then.” JC smiled as he hung up the phone.

Just then the doctor and a detective came through the doors. JC and Lance jumped up at their approach. “Mr. Bass, Mr. Chasez,” the doctor nodded. They nodded back. “Justin is still in a coma, however, it is not as deep as it was when he first came in. His heart rate is increasing along with brain activity. His situation is promising.”

“Do you know what happened?” JC asked, looking from the doctor to the detective.

The detective cleared his throat. “We found Mr. Timberlake about 7 AM this morning. His Mercedes crashed into a tree of the highway. He was inside, slumped over the steering wheel. I need to ask you some questions, if you don’t mind.”

JC and Lance answered the detective’s questions about their whereabouts the night before and who would be able to verify their stories. They questioned JC intensely and inquired about Marshall’s whereabouts. He told them that he would be coming down to the hospital within the next 20 minutes if they would be willing to wait. They agreed and stepped over to the side after getting contact information.

Josh and Lance were allowed in Justin’s hospital room. He looked awful. Portions of his face were swollen, cuts and bruises were everywhere. His right arm was in a cast. His right leg was raised and in a cast. They could see the form of a brace around his ribs. JC had to bite his lip to keep from crying. He let out a little cry of surprise when his cell phone started to vibrate. “Hello?” he answered.

“Where are you? I’m in the lobby.” It was Marshall.

JC let out a sob. “Third floor, room 245.”

“I’m on my way.” He hung up.

JC excused himself from Lance and stepped outside. “Josh!”

Marshall ran up to him.

Unconsciously, JC wrapped his arms around Marshall’s shoulder’s and buried his face in his neck, sobbing. Em in turned wrapped his arms around Josh’s waist and rubbed his back, soothing him. Marshall pulled back and shrugged off his grey zip-up sweatshirt, leaving it to the floor. He pulled JC back close, flush against his body. Josh wrapped his arms tight across his white t-shirt clad back. He could feel Marshall kissing up his neck, whispering to him, telling him everything was going to be okay. Lance stepped out of Justin’s hospital room and cleared his throat. JC pulled back and wiped at his eyes. Lance stuck his hand out at Marshall, who wrapped one arm protectively around JC’s waist. He stuck his right hand out to Lance. “Marshall.”

“Lance. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard some great things about you,” Lance smiled.

Em laughed nervously and looked at JC who blushed a deep crimson. “Nice to meet you too. So how’s um, Justin?”

“He’s a trooper. Ambitious bastard. He’ll be okay. Doctor’s said he’s already slowly pulling out of it. But the detective said that he wants to ask you some questions cause you and JC were the last ones to see him last night.” He motioned towards the guy in the grey suit sitting in the waiting room outside of the ICU.

Em winced. Great. Cops. “Sure, of course.” He leaned over and kissed JC on the lips. “I’ll be right back.”

Lance leaned over to Josh as Marshall walked through the doors to the detective. “That’s quite a change from last night.”

JC sniffled. “He said he wants to talk over dinner tonight and he apologized for last night when he ran out.”

“You okay, Jayce?”

“Yeah. It just like hit me. About everything.” He bent down and picked up Marshall’s sweat jacket.

“He seems nice,” Lance said, smiling.

JC beamed at him. “You really think so or are you just saying that?”

“No, I mean it. Has he hit you or said anything mean to you?”

“Only that first night in the bathroom, but that was before… before he saw me and Justin. Before he got to know me.”

“Before you were an actual person and not just a boyband queer?”

He laughed slightly. “Yeah, I guess so.”

The doctor walked by them to check on Justin and they nodded as he went into the room. Marshall came back through the doors, putting his cell phone back in his pocket.

“You have to go somewhere?” JC asked.

Marshall looked momentarily confused. He looked down at his hand putting his cell phone in his pocket. “Oh, no no. I was giving them Dre’s numbers so that they could verify my being there this morning and talk to my trailer. I’m here. Dre said I have the next three weeks off.”

“That’s awesome. What do you plan on doing on your little vacation?” JC smiled.

“Well…” Em cleared his throat. “I was really hoping that we could get that conversation in at some point.”

“Gentlemen?” the doctor came out of Justin’s room. All three heads turned in his direction. “Mr. Timberlake is awake.  Groggy, but awake. If you’d like to see him…” He stepped out of the way.

Lance walked into the room. Justin smiled at him. JC stepped into the doorway. He smiled wider. “Josh..,” he choked out. Marshall stepped behind JC and wrapped his arms around his waist. Justin’s smile faltered.


Chapter Ten

Justin’s face hardened when he saw Marshall wrap his arms around Josh’s waist. Lance noticed and turned to JC. “Can you guys give me a minute with him?”

JC just nodded and walked back out to the waiting area. Marshall followed him, a few steps behind.

“Why is he here?” Justin asked Lance, his voice barely above a whisper.

“JC asked him to come cause he was upset about you. What happened, Just?” Lance asked, pulling a chair up next to the bed.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he pouted and turned his face away from him.

Lance smiled at the childish side of Justin. So strong and determined, yet not completely grown out of his childish faces, even if he didn’t realize it when he made them. He leaned forward a little, a devilish smile on his face. “I’ll have the nurse cut off your pain killers if you don’t tell me.”

Justin’s head whipped around, anger and hurt written all over his face. “You wouldn’t.” His eyes dared Lance.

Lance nodded. “I would. Cause if you did this stunt yourself, its stupid and we need to figure out what the hell is up.”

Justin pouted again. Lance hoped the thought didn’t cross Justin’s mind that the nurse wouldn’t listen to him since Justin was awake now. “Jayce left me,” he said so softly Lance had to struggle to hear him.

He felt his face harden and forced to relax. Lance bit his tongue at the words he wanted to say to that statement. JC should have left him a long time ago. “I’m sorry,” was all he could say.

Justin winced as if those words seared his heart. He brought his hand to his chest and rubbed just below his collarbone, his eyes far off, not realizing his own touch. “We were happy. Twisted as it was, we were happy.” He looked at Lance.

“Twisted?” he asked, leaning slightly closer to the bed.

Justin sighed and closed his eyes. Seeing movement outside the window, Lance looked up and saw Joey and Chris standing outside the door. He motioned for them to wait. “You wouldn’t understand, Lance,” he laughed a little. “Hell, I still don’t really understand.”


Joey and Chris looked through the window at their friends. Justin’s eyes were closed and Lance signaled for them to hold on for a minute. “Hey,” Chris said, looking through the window of door at the end of the hallway, “that’s JC.” They headed through the doors, Joey leading the way. Walking through the doors Joey stopped short. Chris ran into his back. “Dude, what are you doing?”

Peeking around Joey, he saw what startled his friend. JC sat in the plastic yellow chairs, talking quietly with and holding Eminem’s hand. Upon hearing their entry, Josh looked over and smiled sadly. “Hey guys.” He got up and gave them each a hug, squeezing them gently.

“Heya, JC,” Joey said, returning the hug. “Who’s your friend?” he asked, motioning towards Em.

JC smiled at him and looked back at Marshall and extended his hand. “That’s Marshall.”

Em got up and took his hand with his left and extended his own hand to Joey. “Hi.”
“You’re Eminem!” Chris screeched.

Marshall laughed nervously. The last thing he needed was a scene in a hospital. “Yeah, you found me out. How about not telling anyone I’m here?”

Chris gulped and nodded. Joey just looked at JC, eyeing him as if he’d done something wrong. “What’s the news on Justin?” he asked, motioning towards the closed door.

JC sighed. “He’s awake. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Lance must know more since he’s in there talking to him.”

“Yeah, we saw that. Why aren’t you the one in there?” Joey asked.

Fuck, they don’t know, Marshall thought. JC looked down at the floor and squeezed his hand a little tighter. “Justin and I broke up last week,” he said softly.

Chris’ eyes shifted from JC to Eminem and down to their linked hands. He was trying to put two and two together but for some reason the second two had grown a really big nasty head that resembled Eminem and it was screaming obscenities at him. This two and two just didn’t seem to add up to four. “Hey, Jayce can I see you out in the hall for a minute?”

JC nodded and followed him out the door. “What’s up?”

“Um, so you and Eminem like a thing now?” he asked nervously, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

He shrugged and looked back through the window at Marshall who was staring at him intently while Joey was talking to him. “I guess so. He came down here for me cause I needed him.”

“But Jayce… this is just weird… he’s Eminem!” he said, throwing up his hands. “He HATES us. You’ve heard his songs. Come on, man. He’s making a fool of you and us in this charade.”

JC’s face hardened, anger flaring in his crystal blue eyes. “Yeah, Chris. He hates us. That’s why I made him dinner last night. That’s why he tracked down my cell phone number just to talk to me. That’s why I blew him in a bathroom stall at the awards show. That’s why he was naked on my couch last night. That’s why he’s standing in that room right now when I told him I needed him.  You come on, Chris. We’re in the business too, okay? You know that we’re separate people out there. Out there doesn’t matter. Out there is just for the money. In here,” he pounded his chest for emphasis, “in here is what really matters. He’s here because he cares. I wish you could see that. Justin and I are over and I’ve moved on to him.” JC stormed through the doors and sat back down in the plastic chairs. Chris watched him go and sighed. Looking up he caught Eminem’s cold blue eyes glaring at him, slicing him apart from the inside out.

Joey cleared his throat, sensing the tension in the room. Chris walked out the room and down the hall, rounding the corner. Marshall sat back next to JC, letting their legs touch. Lance came through the doors and looked at JC. He blushed and scratched his head. “Um.. next?”


Chapter Eleven

JC, Lance, and Eminem sat alone in the waiting room. Nurses walking by glanced at Em and the two other men, eyeing the strange combination cautiously, noticing the close quarters between them. Em, with his leg up against JC’s, his hand across the back of his chair. Lance was bent forward, his head in his hands. Marshall watched as the nurses walked across. He sighed and glanced over at Justin’s door through which Joey and Chris had disappeared. Josh looked at Marshall through glazed eyes. “You wanted to talk?” he asked.

Marshall looked around nervously and wiped his hands on his pants. “Not here. Maybe today isn’t the best day to talk.”

JC shrugged. “If it’s good news, today would be the best day to do it. It would make my day better. If it’s bad news, today would still be the best day to do it, so we don’t ruin tomorrow.”

He laughed slightly. How can you beat that logic? “Well, fuck. If you want to think about it like that, can I take you out to dinner later?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

JC smiled, a real, genuine smile. He settled back in his chair and sighed dramatically. “I suppose.”

“C..,” Joey said, coming out of the room, Chris following closely behind. “Justin wants to talk to you now.”

“Thanks, Joe,” he said, getting up and walking through the door.

Joey and Chris sat next to Eminem, who moaned inwardly at their glances. He looked to Lance for help. Lance had seemed to warm up to him being with JC. Hell, at least the man had spoken to him civilly. However, Lance didn’t seem to be of any help with his face buried in his hands. The guy next to him cleared his throat causing Em to swivel his head towards him. Joey smiled. “You a friend of JC’s?”

He looked down at his hands. Friend? Yeah… Maybe more. I don’t know. “Yeah. Recent friends.” He looked past Joey to Chris who was sitting back against the chair, refusing to look at any of them. He looked pissed. Em smiled. He felt like Yoko Ono.

“That’s cool,” Joey said, scratching his head. He looked like he wanted to say or ask something but wasn’t really comfortable with it. Marshall had a feeling he knew what that something was.

“I didn’t take him from Justin,” he said looking right at Joey, who froze mid-motion. His elbow was frozen in the air, look of shock on his face. This declaration even caused Lance to look up. Chris snorted. He was really starting to piss Em off. He wasn’t judging his boyband ass, so why should he judge his ass? He hadn’t done a God damn thing to him as of yet, hadn’t even considered it. Now a few thoughts were running across his mind. No one would miss him right?

“So you’re um…” Joey motioned with his hands, trying to say having sex without saying those words exactly.

Marshall sighed. “No.”

Joey sat back against the chair. He looked confused, but satisfied. “Okay. But it’s good to see you here for him. You really seem to be what he needs right now.” He put a heavy hand on Marshall’s knee in one of those gestures that people do in the movies that he always hated.

But the words he had said…. He needs me? Its good for me to be here? Marshall smiled. “Thanks.” He sat back and looked at Lance, who smiled back at him.

“Hey, Em, wanna run down and get some coffee with me real quick?” Lance asked.

Hmm… interesting… wonder what he has to say. “Yeah, sure. Josh will probably be in there for awhile.” He got up with him.

Lance gestured at Joey and Chris who both shook their head no. They walked down the hallway to the elevator. Em hit the down button and looked at Lance. “What’d you want to say to me?”

He looked at him surprised. “What do you mean?”

Marshall shrugged. “Normally when someone says, `hey come get coffee with me,’ it means they have something they need to say. So, what is it? You don’t have to bullshit around with me.”

The elevator came and they got in, going down to the first floor. “Actually, I just wanted coffee and I didn’t think you’d want to be alone with Chris and Joey. And that’s not bullshit,” he laughed gently.

Marshall eyed him. What the hell? “So you just didn’t want me to be uncomfortable with them?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“What makes you think I’m comfortable with you?”

The elevator doors opened and they walked through the hallways to the cafeteria. “Never thought you would be. I just don’t care what you and JC do cause he’s told me about you and about him and Justin. Joey and Chris don’t know shit and I don’t know what JC wants them to know.”

Marshall saw Lance’s logic. Smooth. “So he’s told you about me?”

“Yup.” Lance ordered his coffee. “And JC likes blueberry muffins and hot tea.” Marshall grabbed two muffins and a cup of hot water and a tea bag.

“Sugar?” he asked him.

“Two bags.” He grabbed two bags of sugar and paid for it all.

Lance smiled. He wanted to test Marshall and see how far he would go. He took the bait and ran. Getting back into the elevator, Lance looked at Marshall with the muffins tucked in his pockets and reading the back off the teabag and laughed silently.

Who would have ever thought that Eminem would be buying muffins and a cup of tea for JC Chasez? “The press would love this,” he laughed. Em scowled at him as the elevator doors closed.


“Justin?” JC walked through the door of his room, closing it softly.

“Josh,” he choked out.

JC sat down next to his ex, tears in his eyes. “What happened to you?” he pleaded, taking Justin’s hands in his own.

“Do you love him, Josh? Do you really love him? Is he really worth it?” Justin asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

“What? Marshall? Justin, I just met him,” he answered, confused. Justin’s head fell back against the pillow, his eyes closing. “Is that what this is about, Justin?”

Justin sighed and turned his head away from JC so that he wouldn’t see the tear rolling down his face.

“Shit, Justin. You’re the one that left me. Don’t you remember?” Josh sighed and ran his hand over his face. “You know you mean the world to me. I hate to see you like this. Won’t you please talk to me about this?”

“What do you want me to say? I already told you I made a mistake, Josh. I said I wanted you back, but no. You’re too busy fucking around with this… this… whatever the fuck he is. Josh, he’s just going to hurt you. You don’t know what he is,” Justin spouted, hurt and anger in his eyes.

“Neither do you, Justin. Marshall’s been very good to me so far. I don’t think I can take you back right now… you released me… I want to explore other options right now. You don’t realize…,” he sighed again

.Justin looked at him, angry now. Explore other options. That’s just stupid. “I don’t realize what, Josh? Tell me, since you know so much now.”

“That. That right there. I told you my fetish and you explored it with me. I never expected it to leave the bedroom though. You just make me feel like shit all the time. I’m not your slave; I’m not submissive to you all the time, okay? You don’t get that anymore. You’ve brought it out here, Justin.” JC got up and started pacing the room. “You took it way too far and when I tried to tell you, you’d slap me and tell me to shut up. I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t. I’m sorry. I’m happy where I am.” He looked at Justin, his exboyfriend, exlover, best friend. He’d shared so many memories with this man. So many firsts and so many lasts. This man had occupied his life completely, filled every void in every aspect for two years of his life. He wanted to see what it was like with someone else. But now, seeing Justin laying in that bed, casts on his legs and arms and his chest wrapped, tears rolling down his face in pain, JC’s heart broke.

“I did it,” Justin said.

JC sighed and sat back down in the chair. “You did what, Jus?” he asked, exasperated.
“I ran my car off the road, after seeing you with him. I drove around. I couldn’t stand it. The image of him on top of you, rubbing himself all over your body- it was burned in my mind. I could hear the wet smack of his lips on yours. I could hear your moans, hear him make you sound like that. I couldn’t deal with it. I love you. I can’t stand to have you with anyone else, Josh. I’d rather die. Please come back to me,” he pleaded, eyes searching JC’s, begging, his hand grabbing JC’s and holding on.

JC looked at him surprised and hurt written on his face. “I…”


Chapter Twelve

Marshall and Josh walked out to Marshall’s Suburban. JC had been silent since he came out of Justin’s room, only nodding when Marshall had asked him if he wanted to go. Now, he opened the door for him before going over to the drivers side. Something had happened in that hospital room that had disturbed Josh. More and more Em was starting to hate Justin. Despise him. Loathe him for making Josh feel like this. He climbed into the drivers seat, turning the car on and putting it in drive. He looked at Josh before pulling out of the parking space. “You ok?” Nodd. “You sure you want to do this tonight?” Nodd. Marshall nodded back. He was making this more difficult. “Where do you want to go to eat?” Shrug. He sighed. He was getting angry. “Dammit, Josh. Help me out here. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

JC turned angry eyes on him. “Nothing is fucking wrong with me. Just drive. I don’t give a fuck where we go as long as we go.”  Em tore out of the parking lot and headed towards a small business district he knew of. There was a small family owned restaurant that he and Dre did business at sometimes. He pulled into the parking lot after twenty minutes and looked over at JC. He sat smiling, taking in the lights around the overhang, the few bistro chairs set outside with candles on the tables. “You like?” Marshall asked him.

“I love it.”

They walked into the restaurant and were promptly greeted by a small, plump Italian woman smiling widely. She enveloped Marshall into a hug. “Mr. Mathers! So wonderful to see you again. Ahhh you brought a new friend. Good good, come on I take you to your table.” She grabbed two menus and led them to the back of the restaurant to a private table in a separate room. Autographed pictures of celebrities were all over the walls. “Here here. Drinks?”

They ordered their drinks and watched as she waddled out of the room. Josh smiled at Marshall. “Mr. Mathers!!” he laughed mimicking the woman.

Marshall laughed with him. “Shut up, Chasez. Dre and I do a lot of business here. They’re good people. They keep their mouths shut.”

“Ahh. Well then they won’t talk about Eminem and JC Chasez out on a date,” he joked.

Em scowled. A date. Don’t call it that. Maybe it is. “Nah, they won’t say anything.” He bit his lower lip and slid closer to JC in the booth, sliding his arm across the back of the booth behind JC’s shoulders.

“So, what’d you want to talk about, Marsh?” JC asked, leaning into his arm.

Em cleared his throat. “You sure you want to do this before the food comes?”

“Yeah, I do. I hate suspense and if I eat with this apprehension in my stomach, I’ll get sick.”

Marshall looked up and saw JC’s crystal clear blue pools looking into his own blue eyes. He licked his lips. Shit. Fuck. God damn it. Okay. I can do this. Yes. “Okay. I’m sorry I ran
out on you last night. I really am,” he started. JC shifted his body, turning it towards Eminem. The old woman brought the drinks and a bell to sound for the waiter when they were ready. “I talked with Dre this morning about you.” A feeling of dread hit JC’s stomach. “He about smacked the hell out of me cause I kept denying it. He had a guy tailing me so he basically knew everything already. He made me realize some stuff though. He…” He trailed off, picking at his fingernails.

“What did he make you realize?” JC asked, his mouth dry with anticipation.

Em looked at him. Fear was in his eyes. Pure, unbridled fear. “I have um.. I just needed to say… I um…” Marshall leaned forward and kissed Josh. “I have feelings for you,” he mumbled against his lips.

JC kissed him back with earnest, wrapping his arms around his neck. Marshall pushed him back gently, rubbing his hands down his sides. “So I guess this means you have feelings for me too?”

JC nodded and kissed his lips softly. “I am so new to this. If I fuck up I apologize, I really do, but I know its gonna happen.”

“That’s okay. We all fuck up,” he whispered, running his hand down Em’s face. He smiled. “I guess we should figure out what we want to eat.”


Chris, Joey, and Lance walked out to their cars. Justin had bid them all go home so they didn’t waste their time at the hospital fussing over him when there were nurses everywhere that could do that and look twice as better doing it. “Heya, Lance,” Joey said, before parting their ways at the end of the steps.

“Yeah, Joe?” Lance asked, pulling his keys out of his pocket.

“What do you think of Eminem and JC together?” he asked. Chris scoffed behind him and stalked off mumbling to himself.

Lance shrugged. “Honestly, I think they’ll do okay together. Jayce has told me stuff about their relationship and its going good so far. He’s been really good to him. He doesn’t hit him or yell at him from what I know of. So I think I’m just gonna let this play itself out.”

Joey nodded and looked down at his feet. “But what about Justin?”

Lance groaned inwardly. How can he say `fuck Justin’ to a man that doesn’t know the whole story? He can’t. “I think Justin will be okay. I mean, they just broke up and then he goes and gets into this horrible car accident. It will take time, but yeah, he’ll be fine. Come on, man. It’s Justin. He’s always fine.”

Joey just nodded. “Well, I guess that’s it then. Do you wanna get dinner?”

Lance shook his head. “Nah, I wanna go back to the house and think some. It’s been a long day. You go though with Chris.  He seems to be a bit upset about all this and I don’t wanna deal with him at the house right now.” Joey laughed. “What do you think about Eminem, Joe?”

It was Joey’s turn to shrug. “He seems okay. I don’t really know. Maybe next week we should all have dinner together. Maybe I’ll have something at my house one night so we can get to know him better.”

Lance smiled and nodded. “Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe we shouldn’t tell Justin about that quite yet.”

“Yeah. He didn’t seem to take too well to him. I don’t blame him though.”

“Yeah… Well… I’ll call you tomorrow, Joe.”

Joey waved and started walking in the direction Chris went. Lance sighed and walked over to his car, resting his head against the window before getting in. So much shit going on. He wanted to call JC but he knew better. He was out on his first official date with Eminem, but something had happened in Justin’s room that was clear in his face when he walked out the door. What had happened in there? What had Justin said to him? Did JC finally declare his independence? Lance sighed and got in the car. Home for food and sleep. He’ll worry about it tomorrow.


JC and Marshall stumbled into Josh’s living room, JC’s hands tearing at Marshall’s back, his lips battling with his lover’s. “Ugh, Marshall,” he moaned. Em guided him to the couch, bending him over and laying him down on the soft brown leather. Josh smiled up at Marshall and silently prayed that he would not run away.

Marshall smiled back down at him, ignoring the instinct to flee. He ran his hands under Josh’s shirt, feeling the taut muscle flex under his touch. He pulled the t-shirt up and over JC’s head. His chest was unmarked, no tattoos, no scars. “Beautiful,” he whispered. Josh smiled and pulled him down, kissing him passionately.

Marshall gave in, enjoying the masculine arms that wrapped around his back, feeling his cock swell in his pants, grinding against the swollen cock in the pants of the man below him. He groaned and thrust against JC. Josh threw his head back and moaned loudly, running his hands up Marshall’s back, pulling his shirt up and over his head. Em lifted up and tore the thin material off his arms. He laid down, chest to chest with the beautiful man. He kissed him softly. “You have such beautiful eyes, Josh.”

JC laughed and ran his fingers through Em’s hair. “You have the same eyes, baby.”

Em smiled at the term of endearment. He kissed him again. “No.. your eyes are different. They’re so much bolder. They’re so… full of life.. liquid.” He ran the back of his hand across JC’s angular cheekbone. “Beautiful deep blue pools I want to drown in.”

Josh kissed him gently, sucking on his lips, never closing his eyes. They shared the connection, feeling the electricity increase in the kiss. Marshall worked his hands down between them, unbuttoning JC’s pants, determined to follow through this time. Josh rubbed his hands up and down Marshall’s arms as his hands worked on his pants. He traced the tattoos with his fingertips, noticing the way his muscles moved under his touch, feeling them flex and release.

Pulling down his pants and boxers, Marshall scooted down JC’s body. He kissed down his stomach, detailing the definition with his tongue, and came to face with JC’s full erection. Josh watched, waiting to see where Em was taking this. He hesitated then licked slowly up his cock. JC bit back the urge to close his eyes and moan. He pulled him up and kissed him. “Make love to me, Marshall,” he whispered. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against his lover’s lips.

This is it. No turning back. First experience. God, he felt like a virgin again. Marshall got up off the couch long enough to take off his pants and boxers. He laid back down along JC’s body, the erotic feeling of JC’s cock brushing against his awakening emotions in his body he never knew existed. Shit. How the fuck do I do this? He panicked. “Um.. Josh?” he started.

JC kissed him gently. He eased his legs out from underneath Marshall and set one over the back of the couch and placed the other with his foot flat against the floor. The head of Marshall’s cock rubbed against Josh’s tight opening. JC moaned involuntarily.

“Don’t we need to like um.. loosen or something?”

JC shook his head. “I like it like this.” He pulled

Marshall’s body closer, feeling the head pressing against his tight ass now, fuller than before. “I wanna feel you rip me apart, owning me.”

Marshall’s cock jumped at the thought of owning JC. Marking him. He took JC’s hips in his hands and pressed his cock against the tight opening, feeling it give way slightly. “Fuck Josh. You’re so fucking tight I don’t know if I can get in.” JC took Em’s hips and pulled him against him hard, forcing his cock into his ass. He threw his head back and screamed, closing his eyes in pain. Marshall’s eyes widened at the sudden tightness around his cock, JC’s scream dulling his senses. He fought every urge to drive into JC’s body and cum so hard up into his ass. He waited until JC’s tense body relaxed slightly and JC gave him the nodd to go on. He sank his hips deeper against JC’s, his cock pushing all the way into the hilt. Tears started to roll down Josh’s cheeks. Marshall kissed them away, whispering words of comfort. “Keep going,” JC choked. “God keep going, it feels so good.”

Em moved his cock inside of JC, steadily increasing his pace and his force, loving the feel of the heat surrounding him. He was so much tighter than every woman he had ever been with, even the virgins. His body was so much more defined as he ran his hands over the well-developed lines. JC sang out his pleasure through screams and moans of his lover’s name. Marshall kissed up JC’s neck when he arched back, licking over his Adam’s apple, biting down on his shoulder, leaving a small mark. Josh’s breath hitched and Em felt a warmth grow between them. He looked down at JC’s cum spread between them, sticking to their bodies. A cry caught in his throat, his cock spasmed at the sight of hot cum emitting forth from JC’s dick. Marshall moaned out his own orgasm, burying his face deep in JC’s sweaty neck, his cock still buried deep in his ass. Stars burst on the back of his closed eyelids; words he himself couldn’t understand were coming out of his mouth.

Josh stoked his back as he came down from his high. He kissed his forehead when Em opened his eyes again. “Oh my God. That was fucking amazing,” he moaned, pulling himself out of Josh.

JC moaned with him. “You are a fucking God. I won’t be able to sit for a week.”

“I’ll fuck you for that week,” Em whispered, burying his head in the pillow behind Josh.

Josh smiled. “So you liked your first experience then?”

Marshall talked into the pillow, rubbing JC’s sides as he talked. JC took that as a yes. He yawned. Marshall pulled his head out of the pillow. “Tired?”

“Exhausted. God damn. What do you say we move this to the bedroom?”

Marshall nodded and got up, holding out his hand to help up JC. He leaned in and kissed him passionately. JC smiled into the kiss wrapping his arms around his neck. Em bent down and picked Josh up behind the knees and his back. “Where’s the bedroom?”

JC laughed. “Up the stairs and to the left. Don’t carry me up the stairs, you’ll hurt your back.”

“Nonsense.” Marshall carried him up the stairs and into his bedroom, laying him down on the bed. They curled up together on top of the sheets, enveloping each other in their arms.


Lance sat down in his favorite chair in his office. He picked up a pencil and started batting it around in his hands. What to do about Justin and JC? What to do about JC and Eminem? Leave it alone? Intervene? Let JC figure it all out for himself? Let Eminem kill Justin and pretend like he knew nothing about anything? Possible. Not probable. He’d feel bad for Justin’s family.

Justin’s family… Justin has a girlfriend. What the hell? Lance jumped up and grabbed the phone. Nobody had called Cameron. He grabbed his address book and looked her up, dialing her number quickly. It was only 9:30. She would still be awake. Hell, she was probably waiting for Justin to call her or come by. It rang three times before she answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, Cameron. It’s Lance.”

“What do you want?” she asked. She sounded pissed.

“I just wanted to call and let you know Justin’s in the hospital. He got into a car accident this morning. The doctor’s said he’ll be okay though.”

“Why the hell should that matter to me?” Okay.. Confused. “Um… you’re his girlfriend?”

She laughed. “I think you should his boyfriend, Lance. Let JC nurse him back to health. I don’t date gay men.” She hung up on him.

His boyfriend? As of yesterday, as far as Lance was concerned, Cameron knew nothing about Justin’s extracurricular activities. Justin fucked up everything with Cameron just to go kill himself over JC? What the hell? Lance poured himself a stiff Scotch. Tonight was going to be a long night.


Chapter Thirteen

Marshall rolled over in the bed. He yawned and stretched, opening his eyes. That ceiling fan was not his. His brow furrowed. Closing his eyes, he avoided panicking. He rolled back over and buried his face in the pillow. These pillow covers did not smell like him. They smelled like sweet Egyptian cotton, freshly washed, almost new. They smelled like JC. Marshall reared up on his elbows and looked around the room. JC was nowhere to be seen.

He didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, call Dre, or have himself committed. Marshall Mathers III fucked a man last night. Falling back down to the pillow, he contemplated smothering himself before images of Hailie popped in his head. Growling he rolled over onto his back. There was movement in the room next to the bedroom. He could hear JC humming softly. The same Marshall Mathers the third who fucked a man the night before smiled to himself at the sound of JC’s voice.

He climbed out of the bed and pulled on his boxer shorts. He walked down the hallway, following JC’s melody. One door in the hallway was open slightly with light streaming through the crack. Em pushed it open a bit more and peered inside. JC was sitting in a nice red leather chair in his black silk boxer shorts. He was bopping his head along with an imaginary beat in his head, humming whenever he felt it appropriate, writing down little notations. Marshall opened the door all the way, hoping to catch JC’s eye. He didn’t even flinch.

Em caught a glimpse of the notepad he was writing on. There were no words really. It seemed like just a jumble of letters. Looking around the room, it looked more like his own house. It was a complete disaster. Crumpled up balls of paper, note pads, sticky notes, and paper clips were all over the floor.  It looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed in weeks. The desk was littered with random papers, take out containers, and drinking glasses. To the left of the door where Marshall was standing there was a bookshelf with what looked like extra supplies that hadn’t quite made it to the floor or the desk yet.

He glanced back at JC in the chair, still oblivious to him standing there. Em grabbed one of the blue sticky notes and threw it at JC in the chair. The man still did not flinch. He just kept writing. `What the fuck is it gonna take?’ Marshall thought to himself.

“I saw you standing there,” JC said, not looking up from his notepad. Em walked farther into the room and sat on the floor opposite JC in the chair. He looked up and blue eyes looked into blue pools. JC smiled lazily. “How long have you been up?”

Marshall shrugged. “Bout five minutes.”

“Wanna go out for breakfast?”


JC hid his shock and hurt well. He bent back down to his notepad. “Kay.”

Em watched JC write. The way his face contorted when he couldn’t quite find the right words that he wanted. The way he ran his hand through his hair when it fell into his face. The way he bit down on the end of his pen when he appeared to have lost his train of thought. Marshall rested his hands on the back of JC’s knees. JC looked up at him, slightly confused. Em smiled and pulled. Josh slid down the chair, his butt landing on the carpeting right in front of Em, his legs around Marshall’s hips. Em pulled him in closer, kissing his lips softly, sucking his bottom lip.

Josh’s eyes fluttered and finally closed, letting Marshall kiss him. Em pulled back and ran his hands through JC’s hair and looking in his eyes. “I want to take you to my house for breakfast.”


Lance stopped and got Joey on his way to the hospital to visit Justin. “Where’s Chris?” Joey asked.

“Said he had something to do this afternoon. He’s gonna come by the hospital later tonight.”

“Cool. So um.. How about Wednesday for the dinner thing at my house?”

Lance nodded. “Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll bring the drinks.” He looked over at his friend. “You get to call and invite the people.”

“That’s fine. I’ll do it right now.” Joey smiled his wonderful Italian smile and dialed numbers on his cell phone. “Heya, JC. How’s it going? Did I call at a bad time? Oh no no nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to call and invite you and Marshall to a cookout at my place on Wednesday night. Oh around 7. Yeah, swimming, alcohol, food, pool, darts. Yeah, cool, see you then.” He hung up and smiled at Lance as they pulled up to the hospital.

“Shut up, Joey.”

They went up to the hospital room to find Justin watching a movie on the tv eating McDonald’s French fries. “Hey, where did you get those?” Joey asked, trying to steal the fries from him.

Justin yanked them out of reach. “Get your own. The nurse brought me these.”

“How ya feeling?” Lance asked.

“Oh I’m fine. I’ve only been here a day and I can’t wait to get out of here,” he answered, shoving fries in his mouth.

“Dude, when you came in here you were in a coma. You’ve made some intense progress but I doubt you’re getting out of here any time soon,” Joey commented sitting down in the chair next to the bed. Justin just waved him off.

“The nurses are hot though, and they bring me whatever I want.”

Lance and Joey laughed as various young nurses kept walking by the room and giggling.

“So, guys, um how’s JC?” Justin asked, eyes focused on the tv.

Joey and Lance exchanged glances. “Haven’t talked to him,” Lance answered. Justin just nodded.

“Anything we can get you, Just?” Joey asked.

He shook his head. “Just hang out for awhile and keep me company.”

“Sure,” they answered.


Chapter Fourteen

Joey took the meat out of the fridge to take it to the grill outside. Lance and Chris were already there along with some of the bodyguards who had been let in on the secret relationship between JC and Eminem. Now, that’s all who they were waiting on since Justin was indisposed at the hospital and also wasn’t basically invited because of that fact.

JC and Eminem stood outside of Joey’s front door. “We can still leave if you want to. They don’t know we’re here yet.” Marshall cursed under his breath. Meeting Josh’s friends at their fucking home. He already met them at the hospital, talked to them on the phone when they called JC’s house or his cell phone, cursed them when they interrupted something. This was the last fucking place he wanted to be, but it made JC happy. And damn him and his smile, cause when he smiled it spread to his eyes, where the feeling danced and light reflected out. JC fucking Chasez. “No, I want to do this for you.”

JC smiled that smile. Marshall’s stomach bubbled. “We can leave whenever you want to.”

Em leaned over and kissed him gently. JC reached up and knocked on the door. Joey opened the door and enveloped both of them in a hug and ushered them inside and back out onto the back patio.

Nervous glances and greetings were given to the couple as they sat down on a lounge chair. The conversation on the patio died as everyone just sipped their drinks. Chris made sure to stay on the opposite end of the lawn. He didn’t approve of Eminem but he didn’t want to upset JC or Joey. Lance was hanging out with Joey at the grill, watching the whole party suddenly freeze up.

Joey looked at Lance and nodded over in JC and Em’s direction. Lance nodded back and walked over to them. “Hey guys. It’s good to see you again,” he sat down next to Eminem on the lounge. He was met with JC’s smile and a death glare by Em. He cleared his throat and tried again. “Everyone really wants to get to know you, um… They’re really excited to meet you.”

Marshall looked around and finally noticed that all eyes were on him. He smiled nervously and looked over at JC. JC pulled him up and led him over to the grill. Marshall surprised himself by speaking to Joey before Josh could. “Hey, man. Burgers look good.” Joey smiled widely and clapped him on the back.

Joey thumbed at Marshall and looked at JC. “Your boyfriend knows a good burger when he sees one. I’d say he’s a keeper.” He went back to flipping the burgers.

Josh beamed at Marshall who blushed and ducked his head. JC leaned over and kissed him on the lips causing him to blush even deeper. The phone rang and Joey sprang into the house to pick it up, tossing the burger tongs in JC’s direction. “So your friends don’t care?” he Marshall whispered.

“Care about what?” JC whispered back, inspecting the burgers.

“About like.. you being like… um..,” he stuttered.

“Gay?” JC finished for him, raising an eyebrow dramatically. Marshall blushed again but nodded. Josh shrugged. “They pretty much always knew. I mean J and I messed around like the whole time the group was together so I think it was pretty obvious.”

“But like, they don’t care if you have boyfriends?”

JC laughed. The sound was sweet. “They prefer that I have boyfriends and not just sexual flings but they also prefer to meet my boyfriends.”

Two and two were put together in Em’s head. “Which is why we’re here…”

“Exactly.” JC smiled and kissed him gently. “Why don’t you go introduce yourself to those big menacing men over there so you feel more comfortable while I go see if I can help Joey carry anything else out.”

Marshall nodded and walked over to the bodyguards. JC walked inside the house where Lance and Joey were talking over the kitchen counter. Joey saw JC come in minus the new attachment. “How’s he doing?”

JC shrugged. “He can’t believe that its okay to you guys that I’m gay and that I have boyfriends.”

Lance and Joey laughed. “As long as you don’t bring a different guy home every night, it’s cool, C.”

“That’s what I told him,” he answered, watching Marshall talk to the body guards where he looked like he felt more at home.

Lance watched JC watch Em. “You like him a lot don’t you?”

He smiled at him. “Yeah, I do. He’s really a good guy. Nothing like they print in the media.”

Joey snorted. “And Justin’s not the playboy that they print either. Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.”

Em looked back towards the house nervously, looking anxious for JC to come back outside. His hands were shoved deep in the pockets of the jeans JC picked out for him. Lance thought he might know why JC was going for this bad boy.

Joey went to the fridge and pulled out more beer to set in the cooler outside. He motioned for everyone to follow him as he walked through the sliding glass door. Lance glanced around for Chris, seeing him on the far side of the pool with his feet in the water.

“Hey man,” Lance sat down next to him.

“What?” Chris asked, taking a long gulp of his beer.

“Just thought maybe you could go say hi to our guests?” Lance pushed.

Chris snorted.

“Well at least say hi to JC. He’s your friend and Eminem makes him happy, so that’s what you’re going to have to deal with.”

“Yeah, just so I can be in another one of his songs,” he retorted.

Lance sighed. “You’re gonna be in another one of his songs if you don’t pull the stick out of your ass and at least play nice. At least he’s fucking trying and he supposedly hates us.”

“It’s all fake, Lance. You don’t get it. In the end JC is going to be back with Justin and Eminem is going to be a pissed off little bitch who’s going to hate every one of us.”

Lance got up. “Believe what you want, Chris. JC is happy right now. Happier than I’ve seen him in awhile. Let’s just leave it at that. If you want to be a dick and not talk to anyone the
whole night then you do that and I’ll stay here for the rest of my stay in LA.” He walked away.

Chris looked into his beer as if it possessed all of life’s secrets down the bottle neck. He sighed. “I wish I had a Magic 8 ball right about now.”

Joey pulled the burgers off the grill, setting them all on a plate. “Food!!” he yelled. He laid them on the table next to the buns and all the condiments. Everyone got up and grabbed paper plates and arranged their burgers. Chris sighed again and got up from the pool. `Might as well,’ he thought to himself. He went over to the table and stuck his hand out to Eminem. “Truce?” he said.

Em looked at him like he wanted to knife him. JC nudged Marshall in the ribs while he filled his plate. He grunted, “Truce.”


After eating, people were wandering around talking, playing pool, hanging out by the pool still. Eminem sat in the den, watching JC kick Joey’s ass at pool. Watching JC line up his shot reminded him that he still had not made him pay up for that hour that he won the night he first had dinner at Josh’s house. Lance sat down heavily next to him. Bud Light was highly evident on his breath. Marshall looked at him and fought back a nasty comment. Throughout the entire night he had to remind himself that these were Josh’s friends. He sighed. “Hey Lance,” he muttered.

“Hey. Having fun?” he asked. Apparently he wasn’t as drunk as he smelled.

“Sure. But I think we’re going to go home soon.”

Lance glanced at JC, noting that he was currently occupied and faced Eminem. “What is it you want with him?”

“What the fuck?” Em glared angrily at Lance.

“You heard me.” Lance stared back at him, not backing down, his eyes demanding.

“What the hell is it any of your business? Go fucking talk to someone else before I pound your ass into the ground,” he answered, attempting to keep his voice to a low, fierce whisper so as not to alarm JC.

Lance didn’t move. “No, I want to know. JC is one of my best friends and I don’t want to find him in the hospital like Justin.”

Eminem froze. The truth comes out. He got up and faced Lance, staring down at him. “I didn’t put fucking Justin in the fucking hospital. And I wouldn’t fucking hurt JC. I’m the one that fucking saved JC cause all of ya’ll were too fucking wrapped up in yourselves to notice it. So stay the fuck away from me.” He stormed out of the room and out of the house, slamming the front door behind him.

JC and Joey were staring at Lance from the back of the pool table. JC just shook his head, put his cue stick on the table and chased after Eminem. Joey went and sat down next to Lance. “Did you finish off all my beer by yourself?” he asked him jokingly.

“No… I just wanted to know. And I think I got my answer.”

Joey looked at him, confused. “You got your answer? You’re nuts.”

“No. Justin told me a secret about JC,” he laughed slightly. “You would never think its true. But Justin just went a little too far and it scared JC. But I think Eminem would go farther than Justin in the long run. I really do…”

“Lance, what the hell are you talking about?” Joey asked, getting up to put away the pool balls.

“Justin dumped Cameron to be with Jayce, right before the car accident.” Joey just nodded like he knew this information all along. “He loves him. I really believe he loves him.”

“Okay, so Justin realizes he fucked up. That’s great. But Jayce’s already moved on, Lance. He’s happy where he is. Maybe it’s time for Justin to move on. They were together for a long time, so yeah it’s gonna be hard. I dunno Lance. They’re grown, let them make their own decisions.”

Lance sighed. “Yeah…”

“What’d he go too far in anyways? Too many flowers? Too much sex?” Joey laughed.

Lance just shook his head. “You won’t tell anyone I told you?” Joey crossed his heart. “JC’s a masochist. He likes it hard and dirty in the sack.”

Joey busted out laughing.

“But Joe. You’ve heard the stories about Eminem. You’ve listened to his songs. What if he goes farther than Justin?”

Joey sighed. “Maybe we should talk to JC instead of Eminem… and maybe we should do it when both of us are completely sober.”

“Oh shut up,” he retorted, getting up. Joey laughed as Lance stumbled away down the hall.

Chapter Fifteen

“Marsh!” JC chased Eminem down the driveway to their car. “Marshall! Wait for me dammit!” Em stopped when he reached the Expedition, banging his fists into the hood. “What the hell happened in there?” JC demanded.

Marshall turned toward him, anger flaring in his ice blue eyes. “What the fuck happened in there? Your fucking friends! Fuck, Josh.” He looked JC in the eyes, noticing the pain. “Shit. I’m sorry. They just don’t like me. I can’t control that. I tried okay? I really did. Then that shit had to go and ask me what the hell I want with you. What the fuck does he think I want with you?”

“Lance was drunk. He probably won’t remember this tomorrow,” Josh countered.

Marshall shook his head. “He wasn’t that drunk. He was barely slurring. He knew what he was saying to me. I played nice, JC. You have nice friends, but just to a point. Everyone’s nice to a point. Then the truth comes out. Now I know how they really feel about me.” He sighed.


JC wrapped his arms around him from behind. “Maybe this is all wrong. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this.” He felt Josh’s body tense against his. “We’re from two different worlds. I could never fit into yours and I seriously doubt you’d fit into mine.”

“I never asked for a long term commitment,” JC whispered into his shoulder.

Em lowered his head. He couldn’t turn around and look into JC’s eyes. He just couldn’t. Those eyes that showed so much emotion. He couldn’t bear to see the hurt in them right now, the pain that he was causing. JC sighed. “If that’s how you really feel about it though..,” his voice trailed off.

Marshall groaned and lowered his head to the hood of the expedition, resting it on his forearms. A week. That’s how long they had officially been together. A whole fucking week that consisted of incredible sex, shared dinners, long phone calls, intense emails. He never knew how a week could feel like a month in a relationship. But this just wasn’t any regular relationship. This was the forbidden. He had taken fruit from the forbidden tree. Hell. He took a whole fucking basket.

He closed his eyes. Why does it have to be so hard to completely cut someone out of your life that barely existed less than two weeks ago? No… he couldn’t break up with JC right now. Not over this. This was a stupid reason. He raised up and swivelled around to face JC, taking him in his arms. “No. It’s not what I want. I was just talking from anger.” He kissed him softly and whispered into his ear. “You still owe me an hour.” JC smiled evilly and ran around to the passenger seat of the Expedition climbing in as Em got behind the wheel.

Em pulled out of the driveway, all four wheels leaving tire marks on Joey’s driveway. JC made a mental note to apologize later. It was 20 minutes to JC’s house, and 45 to Eminem’s. Shit. JC didn’t think he could wait that long. He looked over at Em, his eyes intent on the road. He took off his seatbelt and faced the man behind the wheel. If its going to be a slight drive, why not have some fun? Slowly JC ran his hands down his chest, scratching his thumbnail over his nipples through the shirt.

Closing his eyes, he let out a slight moan causing Marshall to look over from the steering wheel. “Oh fuck, Josh,” he whispered. JC hands slipped down further, playing with the hem of his shirt. He opened his eyes slightly, noticing Marshall watching him out of the corner of his baby blues. Slowly JC pulled his shirt up, rubbing his hands over his abs, appreciating all the hard work he puts in when he’s at the gym. His hand disappeared up his shirt, rubbing and tugging on his nipples, making JC to virtually convulse in his seat. “Josh… fuck you. You’re going to make me have to pull over.”

JC smiled and pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it down on the floor. His hands took on a mind of their own. They traversed his body, fingertips running over hard muscle and soft flesh leaving a hot burning trail behind. He felt the car jolt and start gaining speed. JC kicked off his sandals, leaving them on the floor of the car with his shirt. He let his foot wander over to the driver’s seat, using his big toe to rub up the outside of Em’s leg. He was rewarded with a growl. Marshall reached down and grabbed his foot. “Josh. I’m already gonna fuck you until you can’t fucking walk anymore. Don’t make me want to fuck you until you can’t fucking move.”

JC licked his lips seductively at Em, wiggling his toes in his grip. Eminem whipped into JC’s driveway, cutting the engine off. He ran around the car reaching JC’s door as he was getting out. Em slammed the door and pushed JC up against it. His naked back pushed into the door handle. The cold metal sent shivers up his spine. Em growled into his ear, grinding his hips against him. “Teasing me in the car, bitch. I should make you beg for it now.”

JC moaned and whispered, “We’re in the driveway baby. The world can see us.”

“Then let them fucking watch,” he moaned back, lifting JC up, wrapping his jean-clad legs around his waist. “Let them see you begging me to fuck you, hear you scream my name as my cock drives into your ass, hear you moan so loud when you cum. Let them see how beautiful you are.”

Josh’s head hit the window, his eyes squeezed shut. “God, Marshall. Inside..,” he breathed. “I’m not gonna last.”

Marshall easily lifted Josh’s upper body from the car and carried him to the house. There was one slight problem though. “Fuck Josh. The door’s locked.” JC groaned so deeply it made Em’s balls tighten and his eyes roll back into his head. “Fuck it,” he whispered setting JC down who instantly started digging in his pockets for the keys. Marshall dropped his pants and his boxers and started working on getting JC’s off in between the pats from his hands in search of the keys.

“Don’t worry about the keys.”

“Baby we gotta get inside.” Cool air met his screaming cock. JC hissed.

Marshall turned him around and pushed him up against the door. “I told you I want the world to see me fuck you.” He grabbed JC’s legs and wrapped them around his waist. Josh moaned. Fucking outside on his front door in perfect view of the security cameras and the street in front of JC’s house. It felt so… so… dirty. JC almost let go thinking about it. He wrapped his legs tighter around Marshall’s waist. “Then fuck me, baby. Make me scream your name.”

Marshall positioned himself at JC’s tight ass, pushing the head in slightly before planting his hands on either side of Josh’s head on the door. With one swift hard push he was deep inside his ass. JC screamed with the pain. He could feel his ass ripping from the inside out from the lack of lubricant, but damn it felt so good. Marshall had learned not to wait for the okay from JC. He started pumping his cock in and out of his lover’s sweet hole, pushing in deeper, forcing his cock to go in harder. Josh was clawing at his back, moaning and screaming his name to the passing wind overhead. With each pump, Em let out a soft moan into JC’s ear. His hands traveled the silkiness of Josh’s uninked body. Only after a week he could already describe every accent, curve, and definition line in his lover’s body. He licked up JC’s neck languidly as his hands pulled his ass farther apart, allowing a much deeper access. Josh let out a loud, piercing scream and Em felt hot fluid on his chest. Two more pumps and he was unloading into JC, caressing him, holding him. “I love you,” he whispered coming down from his high.

After being released from love’s grasp, JC bent over and collected the clothes laying about the porch area. He picked up his pants and shook them. Sure enough, the jingle of keys was heard in the front left pocket. He pulled out the keys and let them in the door. Marshall kissed Josh once, passionately on the lips before heading straight to the shower. Josh stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a water from the fridge. `I love you? Did he mean it or was it just the sex talking?’ he mulled. He heard the shower started and decided that right then, it didn’t matter. He had said those words. He had said he wanted the whole world to see them fuck. In a week’s time Marshall had gone from hiding amongst the coats in the closet to coming out of the closet, locking the door, and setting it on fire. Secretly, he hoped so much so soon wasn’t too much.


Chapter Sixteen

One week later, Justin was calling and making arrangements to have all the flowers and gifts sent to his house. He was going home. Granted, it was with a private nurse, but he was still going home. He was told he had to take it easy because there were stitches still in his side and they weren’t supposed to come out for another week. However, the last thing he wanted to do was lay in bed and watch tv. Justin checked his watch for what felt like the billionth time. Lance was supposed to be there in five minutes to pick him up. Needless to say, he was excited. The nurse came to the door of his room and knocked softly. “Mr. Timberlake? Mr. Bass is here for you,” he said to him.

Justin jumped off the bed and into the awaiting wheelchair with his small bag of personal belongings. The nurse wheeled him out to the back of the hospital to meet Lance. He was leaning up against the nurses station chatting with one of the nurses when the elevator doors opened.

Justin all but jumped up and ran from the elevators to bounce on him.

“Hey, Justin,” Lance laughed, struggling to support Justin’s weight.

“Mr. Timberlake!! Your stitches!! Don’t pop your stitches!” the nurse yelled as she wheeled the abandoned wheelchair down the hallway.

Lance set Justin down. “You ready to go, Jup?” Justin nodded and smiled at the defeated nurse as they walked out of the hospital. “So you want to go get something to eat before you go home? I know hospital food sucks.”

Justin raised his face to the California sunshine, breathing in the sweet non-sterile air. “No, I want to go home.”

Lance just nodded and smiled. They climbed into the car and drove towards Justin’s sprawling mansion. Justin fidgited next to Lance when they ran into traffic on the highway. “You okay?” he asked.

Justin tried to smile, but it failed to reach his eyes. He looked back down to his lap where his hands twisted nervously. “How’s um… How’s JC? He never came to see me.”

Lance sighed. He would think that Josh would at least go see how Justin was doing. No use in lying. “He’s doing good.”

Justin nodded, expecting nothing less. “How’s Eminem?”

Lance groaned. “As abrasive as ever.”

“Are they still together?”

Lance nodded. Justin nodded back. “Do you love him, Justin? Like honestly and truly madly adore him?”

“Lance, that man has been my life since I was sixteen. Hell, since before I was sixteen.” Justin’s face contorted.

“Yes, I love him.”



JC stretched his arms lazily above his head in the ever fading sunlight. It had been a long day at the beach. He closed up his laptop that he had brought with him and set it in his bag. He stretched back against the chair and watched his boyfriend chase his daughter around on the sand. He smiled to himself. His cell phone rang in his bag beside him. Absently JC reached for it and flipped it open. “Hello?”

“C, it’s Lance.”

JC groaned inwardly. He didn’t want to talk to Lance right now. He knew today was the day Justin was supposed to be coming home. And he also knew that Lance would be the one to pick him up. Since the week before he had been staying at Joey’s. He had told them he didn’t want to go home until he knew Justin would be fine. Now he couldn’t get away from him, Lance, the ever responsible one. “Hi Lance.”

“Whatcha doin?” he asked, nonchalantly.

“Why?” Marshall plopped down next to him, planting a wet kiss on his cheek and giving him a questioning glance. Josh shrugged and smiled at his boyfriend. Hailie was playing on the shoreline, splashing in the breaking waves.

“Justin’s home.”

“That’s good.”

“JC, why didn’t you go visit him when he was in the hospital?”

“I was busy.”

“That’s bullshit,” Lance’s voice rose.

JC sucked in his breath, risking a glance at Em beside him. He didn’t need him to hear this conversation. The consequences for Justin and Lance could be negative. Marshall yelled down at Hailie to not go too far into the ocean, the waves were getting stronger.

Apparently he hadn’t heard Lance screaming yet. “How about I call you when I get home?”

“No, we’re talking about this right now. I don’t care if he’s there or not. JC, that’s really shitty of you to not go see him in the hospital. Even just as a friend. Fuck, Jayce. He was fucking HURT. I don’t care how you feel about him. That man was in the hospital because of you and your sorry ass couldn’t even go see him. I need you to be a better person than that. Why didn’t you go see him?”

JC sighed. “Hold on.” He leaned over and kissed Marshall on the cheek. “I’m gonna go for a walk and talk business. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Marshall nodded and watched him get up and walk away. “I didn’t go see him because I’m not ready to see him, Lance,” he answered when he felt he was a safe distance away.

“What do you mean you’re not ready to see him?”

JC sighed. “Those things he said to me. The things he did Lance..”

“Shut up, JC.”

“Excuse me?” he almost yelled.

“I said shut up. I know about your kink. Justin told me. You got off on it. Don’t even try ‘that those things he did’ nonsense. You fucking loved that shit. So maybe he went too far. He did that because he thought you liked it. He said you never complained and when you said no he thought it was because you were playing with him. Sit down and have a fucking talk with the man. You broke his heart, Josh. He’s in love with you and he’d do anything for you.”

JC could feel the blush rising in his cheeks. He was embarrassed as hell that Lance knew about his kink. “Well, if you haven’t noticed Lance, I’m kind of WITH someone now,” he
fought back, keeping his voice low but letting the anger radiate through.

“You’re with Eminem, JC. If you really honestly think that that relationship is going to go anywhere, then by all means stay with him. But he’s the most openly anti-gay man out there. You think he’s going to let your relationship come out in the open? I know you and Justin were talking about coming out together. I know you two were talking about a commitment ceremony. You two were settled, JC.”

“Lance. Stop. Please. I really like Marshall. He’s very sweet to me. This is new to him. I wouldn’t expect him to come out. Plus it was Justin that broke it off not me.”

“He came back to you. He broke up with Cameron before he went over to your house that night and he even told her why. She’s pissed that the famous Justin Timberlake would leave her for a man.”

JC sucked in a breath. “Well… I can’t control that now, can I?”

“Okay,” Lance answered. His voice softened. “Just go by and see Justin. Just as a favor to me. See how he’s doing. Say hi, hope you feel better, sorry about that nasty car crash. Damned lucky that never made it to the tabloids.”

“Yeah, I’m amazed that never happened,” JC mumbled.


“Nothing. Yeah, all right. I’ll swing by tonight,” he answered, defeated.

“Okay. Thanks, JC.”

“Yeah, thanks for the swift kick in the ass.”

“Anytime. That’s what friends are for.”

JC sighed and slowly started making his way back to Eminem.

Lance’s words slowly rolled through his head. He was settled with Justin. He did love him. He’s all he’s ever known. He sighed again.

He sank back into his beach chair and watched as Hailie played with one of the random kids on the beach. Marshall had put on a hat and sunglasses and appeared to be sleeping in his chair. “You awake?” He answered with a grunt. JC smiled and leaned over to kiss him.

“Josh, not here,” Marshall said, moving away, putting his hand in between them.

“Why not here?” he asked, hurt.

“Joshua, people are here,” he answered, obviously irritated.

“So, nobody can recognized you in the hat and sunglasses. Plus they wouldn’t believe it anyways.”

“You know I don’t like to do it in public with other people around.”

“Well, you kissed me earlier. And that was without the hat and sunglasses.”

“No one was on the beach then.”

JC sat back in his beach chair. “Fine.”

Marshall heard the frustration in his boyfriend’s voice. “I’ll make it up to you later.”

“I’m going out later.”


“A friend’s house.”

“Am I invited?”


“Why not?”

“I’m not having this conversation here.”

“Why the fuck not?”


“Don’t fucking yell out my name!”

JC sighed. “I’m going over to Justin’s tonight to see how he’s doing. Lance just brought him home from the hospital. I just got yelled at for not going to see him in the hospital.”

“What the fuck? You’re not going over there by yourself. No telling what Timberfuck might try.”

“Stop calling him Timberfuck.”

Marshall looked hard at JC. “You’re not going over there period.”

“What?” JC’s head swiveled around towards him.

“You’re not my mother. You can’t tell me what I can and can’t do.”

“Fuck that, I’m your boyfriend and he’s your ex-boyfriend. The guy I fucking SAVED you from in the bathroom that one night.”

JC growled. “Marshall. I’m going over to Justin’s tonight. You’re not coming with me. You’re going to spend time with your daughter. Or you can pack the shit you have at my house up and take it back to your place.”

Em just looked at him. “You’re not serious.”

JC stared at him in his most stone face and ripped the glasses off of his face. “I’ve never been more fucking serious in my life.”

Marshall took the glasses back from JC’s hand and put them back on. “If that’s how you feel then fine. I’ll see you when you get back tonight. Hailie goes to bed by 9.”

“Sure,” Josh answered. He pulled a notebook out of his bag and started scribbling notes in it. Marshall stared off into the ocean, watching Hailie play.


Chapter Seventeen

JC pulled up into Justin’s driveway. All the lights were turned off inside and he silently worried that Justin was sleeping.

He sighed and walked up to the front door, clutching the flowers from the supermarket in one hand.

“Minute,” he heard come from inside. Justin opened the door wearing only a pair of pajama pants. He leaned against the door and looked at JC, a genuine smile spreading across his face. “So he emerges.”

“I bought you flowers,” JC mumbled, thrusting them out at his former lover.

Justin took them and opened the door wider, inviting JC in.  Slowly he walked in, standing just inside the door. Justin disappeared into the kitchen putting the flowers into a vase with water. “You comin’ in or are you just going to stand in the doorway?” he called from the kitchen.

“Um… I can’t stay long.”

“So that means you can’t walk all the way in the door?” he asked, reemerging from the kitchen, drying his hands on a dishtowel. JC shrugged. He looked terrified and nervous as hell. “Don’t worry, Josh. I’m not going to attack you. I still have stitches in my side.”

He walked a few more steps into the house. “So um… are you feeling better?”

“Better how?”

JC looked him in the eyes. “In general.”


“Why not?”

Justin shrugged and walked away to the back of the house. JC sighed and followed him. He led him into the great room where the tv was blaring. Justin laid down on the couch and hit the volume button.

“Wow you actually followed me. So does your keeper know you’re here?” Sitting down in the easy chair next to the couch, JC nodded. “But he’s not my keeper.”

“Well, he kept you from coming to see me in the hospital, so I just assumed.”

“Justin, please. I came here to see you, not to talk about Marshall.”

“Well, you’ve seen me. I guess you’ve done what you came here to do,” Justin said, turning the volume on the tv up. JC got up and took the remote from him turning off the tv. “C!”

“Stop. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why can’t you just move on, Justin?”

Justin sighed. “You really want to pop my stitches don’t you?”

“Just, I’m serious. What the hell is up with this? You have your own career. I have my own career. We’re all moving our separate ways,” JC screamed, gesturing wildly with his hands. “Can’t we just leave it at that?”

“Honestly, Jayce? No. I don’t want to leave it at that.”

Justin got up. He was an inch taller than JC and a wall of solid muscle that his old lover could never equal. He used both of those items to his advantage now, backing JC up against the wall. “I love you too much to leave it at that. I dumped Cameron to be with you that night that I found HIM on top of you on the couch that you and I had bought together. I was coming there to tell you that, to beg you for a chance. One last chance, Josh. That’s all I wanted. You could have told me I went too far. I never realized. I love you so much. I would never, ever intentionally hurt you.”

JC’s eyes were wide. Justin appeared bigger than he was before. He braced himself up against the solid wall behind him, pressing his fingers into it, gaining strength from its solidity. “Then why did you try to kill yourself?”

Justin closed his eyes and winced in pain. “I realized I couldn’t have you. You didn’t want me anymore. I didn’t have a reason for life.”

“The Justin Timberlake not have a reason for life? Oh please. You have so many fans out there, Just.”

“I don’t care about the fans okay? They’re in love with an image. They’re in love with Justin Timberlake. You fell in love with Justin. Just plain old Justin from Memphis, Tennessee. That’s what I lived for. I got up every morning thinking about you and how lucky I was to have a man like you in my life that was willing to give up so much just so I could live the way I did. You were the reason I took every breath every minute of every hour. Then he took that away from me.”

“Justin, you’re forgetting one simple thing here. You dumped me,” JC answered, getting up into Justin’s face.

Justin sighed and backed off of him. “I know I did. I really honestly don’t know why I did that. I guess I thought maybe I really didn’t need you. Maybe I could live without you and be happy with Cameron. Then when I saw him come out of that bathroom and knew something had gone on in there… I was so… so angry and jealous. I love you, Josh.”

JC sat back down in the easy chair and put his face in his hands. Justin walked over and sat on the arm of the chair and rubbed his ex-lover’s back. He leaned his head over and rested it on Justin’s knee. Running his fingers through Josh’s hair, Justin whispered, “I never stopped loving you.”

Josh looked up into his eyes. Sliding down onto his knees in front of JC, Justin slowly took his hands into each of his own, bringing them up to his lips and kissing them softly. Tears started to brim around JC’s eyes. He started to shake his head `no’ but Justin stopped it with his hands. His touch was gentle, his hands warm on JC’s ears. He pulled JC’s head down slightly, meeting him halfway, kissing his lips so gently they barely touched. Josh sighed when he pulled away, his eyes still closed. That familiar spark was still there. He knew this touch. His body was attuned to it.

Justin stood up, pulling JC up. He wrapped his arms around him, squeezing him to his hard muscular body gently, resting his hands on JC’s back. Josh rubbed his nose against Justin’s resting his hands on his shoulders, before leaning in and kissing him again. Justin kissed him back with fervor, sucking on his tongue, moaning softly into Josh’s mouth.

JC was the first to pull back. “Justin… I can’t… I have…. I can’t…”

Justin kissed down his neck, biting the skin ever so softly, leaving tiny little marks. “You can’t or you don’t want to?”

JC moaned. “I can’t. Marshall.. He’s home…”

“But you’re here, and you don’t appear to be running away from me.”

JC pulled Justin’s head up to look him in the eye. “Do you want me to run?”

“Only if it’s up the stairs to the bedroom.” JC’s cock jumped at the thought. He kissed up his angular jawbone to his ear and whispered, “What do you say, C?”

Josh thought about it. He could have sex with Justin right here and go home and not have sex with Em. Or he could leave the house right now and go home and have sex with Em… who’s daughter would be in the other room… and who would also be a bitch the whole night so he probably wouldn’t be getting any sex anyways. JC groaned. He looked in Justin’s pleading baby blue eyes, begging him to stay, give up his body just one more time. Slowly Josh’s resistance caved and his body folded against Justin’s, his hand running down his back, grabbing his ass roughly as his lips crashed down hard on his ex-lover’s.

Justin moaned into JC’s mouth as they kissed, slowly guiding him to lay down on the couch. In one fluid motion, JC’s shirt was off and Justin was working on his pants as JC’s hands were fiddling with the string on Justin’s pajama pants. Each man rid the other of the last of their clothing, leaving them naked and in need. Justin lay down on top of JC, his hands caressing the soft skin. Justin’s lips trailed small kisses down JC’s neck, his hands rubbing on his lover’s inner thighs, causing JC to moan and move beneath
him. “Justin, please,” he begged.

Justin smiled against his lover’s neck and took his right hand and slowly started to stroke JC’s cock. JC threw his head back and moaned loudly. “God, Josh. You’re so fucking sexy when you do that,” Justin moaned back.

JC raised his head and looked Justin in the eyes, lust radiating between them. “Timberlake, you better fuck me before I get up off this couch and take care of it myself.”

Justin bit his lower lip and spread JC’s legs wide. He positioned himself at JC’s entrance and poised, ready to push in when a thought occurred to him. “How long has it been…?”

JC sucked in a breath. “Two days. I’m fine, just do it.”

He pulled him down and kissed him hard. Justin braced himself with his two hands on the arm of the couch straddling JC’s head and rammed his cock inside Josh’s tight ass. JC screamed and scratched at Justin’s straining arms. Slowly Justin started moving as JC’s muscles relaxed around him, leaving less resistance to his intruding cock. He felt so tight, Justin closed his eyes at the sensation.

He had missed this, just holding him as they rocked back and forth together, sharing mumbled `yes’s’ and stifled moans.  JC kissed up Justin’s neck and back down his shoulder, biting down when Justin hit on his prostate. Justin moaned deep in his ear, causing JC to buck underneath him. JC’s hands unconsciously ran down Justin’s sides, scraping along the stitches. Justin stopped dead and winced hard in pain. He looked down at JC, with his closed eyes and a pained expression, his hips bucking wildly under Justin, willing him to start moving again.

Justin took JC’s hands in his and pulled them over Josh’s head in an attempt to prevent further painful interruptions.  Leaning down, Justin attacked JC’s lips, sucking and nibbling on them, eliciting groans and moans from the older man beneath him. A few more swift hard pumps of Justin’s cock buried deep inside JC’s ass, and Josh’s body went still, his mouth open in a silent scream. Justin felt the familiar warm sticky fluid flow between their bodies. Smiling he kissed up to JC’s ear as he let himself go deep inside his lover. “I love you so much,” he whispered.

JC smiled with his eyes closed as he came down from his high. “I love you too, Marsh,” he whispered back.


Chapter Eighteen

JC pulled up into Marshall’s driveway. He checked himself over before he got out of the car. He didn’t think there were any red flags or signals that anything had happened with Justin. That is, there wouldn’t be if he could keep his mouth shut about it and he didn’t get that guilty expression across his face. He sighed for what felt like the millionth time tonight.

Laying his head down on the steering wheel, he considered just driving away and not stopping until he ran out of gas. He wouldn’t care where he ended up as long as it was far away from here and far away from Justin and Marshall and all the drama of his life right now. Justin and Marshall. Two of the most amazing men he knows. He had found happiness with both of them. Both of them wanted him.

Both of them loved him and he loved both of them. Love. Many wars have been fought because of that emotion. Love for a person, love for a country, love for a religion. Marshall and Justin were waging their own war for love, his love. Each hated the other and JC was stuck in the middle with a profound love for both of them.

Justin. Ever since the MMC years, Justin had been there. Justin had been his forever. Everything had been so good until he told him about his masochism kink. That had ruined everything. He had gone crazy and taken over JC’s life. Demeaned and objectified him. At the same time, he had made him feel like everything in the world. When Justin looked at him, he felt like the sexiest man alive. In his presence he knew he could do anything.

Marshall. God, Marshall. He had come in and just threw JC’s life on a spin. He was so much different than anything he had ever known. A touch of his hand lit his skin on fire. A single look from him could turn JC on in less than a second. His smile could sooth his nerves and make everything seem like it was going to be okay. His love was tenfold and stifling. Marshall threw himself and his heart into everything he did, including loving someone. He introduced him to his daughter as his special friend, then kissed him right there. Hailie had asked why her father had just kissed a man. Marshall had said because he loved this man. JC had almost cried.

And now? Now JC was sitting here alone in a car with his head on the steering wheel contemplating love. A sharp knock came on the window. JC’s head snapped up and he piveted, ready to turn the car on and flee. Marshall was standing outside the car, in a wifebeater and sweatpants with a concerned look on his face. His arms were crossed over his chest, hands rubbing his biceps. A cool sea breeze was blowing through Marshall’s property. JC opened the door as Marshall stepped back and let him get out. “Are you okay, Josh?” he asked, genuine concern lacing his voice.

JC wrapped his arms around Em’s neck, feeling his strong hands settle around his waist. Planting a soft kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek, he nodded and whispered, “I’m ok, just really tired.”

Marshall nodded and wrapped his arms tighter around JC’s waist. “How’s Justin?”

The question surprised Josh. At the same time, it felt good to know that he cared enough about JC to ask about Justin. “He’s getting better. He still has stitches in his side and they hurt him. But in general, he’s ok I think.” He felt Marshall nod into his shoulder. “Let’s go inside. You’re cold.”

JC led Marshall inside the door and down the hallway to his bedroom. Marshall sat down in a chair opposite the bed and watched as JC slowly undressed and threw his clothes in the corner of the room. Standing in his boxers JC looked over at his boyfriend in the chair. “You comin’ to bed?”

Marshall nodded again and stood up walking over to JC and wrapping his arms around him, kissing him passionately. Pulling back Em whispered, “I’m sorry about this afternoon. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I don’t want to take your friends away from you.”

JC smiled and kissed him softly. “You’re forgiven. Let’s go to sleep.” He pulled back the covers and climbed in bed, followed by Marshall. JC sighed and smiled. Sleep sounded so good. He felt Em’s hand travel up his chest, rubbing the rough pads of his fingers across his nipples. Josh moaned softly. He bit his lip, and rolled over on his side, away from Em. “Not tonight, baby. Not right now. Today has taken too much out of me.”

Marshall hand ran down JC’s side, his lips caressed his neck. Josh bit back a deep moan. Marshall knew all of his hot spots and damned if this wasn’t turning him on. Slowly, Em’s hand made its way down to Josh’s cock, stroking it gently. “Seems like your body wants to,” he whispered.

JC rolled over and faced his boyfriend. He let a slow, lazy smile form across his face. “Marshall, baby, please.” He kissed him softly. “I’ll make it up to you in the morning.”

Marshall returned his smile, grabbing his boyfriend’s ass and pulling him closer. His fingers grazed over Josh’s opening. JC sucked in a breath and felt his muscles clench involuntarily. A stern look came over Em’s face. He brushed his fingers across JC’s ass again, pushing two fingers easily into him. JC’s face contorted in pain.

Marshall reared back. “You let him fuck you. Fuck, Josh! I can’t fucking believe you!”

JC buried his head in the pillow, fighting back the tears that threatened to fall.  “That’s why you didn’t want to fuck me tonight, isn’t it? That’s it?! God fucking damn, JC.” Marshall got out of bed and started pacing the bedroom. “Do you still love him?”

It was JC’s turn to rear up from the bed. “What?!”

Em advanced on him. “Do you still fucking love him? Was it a pity fuck or a getting back together fuck? I need to know if I’m fucking wasting my time here. I introduced you to my daughter. I let you sleep in my fucking bed. Fuck, Josh.” He fell down into the chair, resting his head in his hands.

Josh got out of the bed and walked up to him. “You let me sleep in your bed? You LET me? You said you fucking loved me. Was that a lie? Or do you just want me to spread my legs for your dick? I’m not a fucking whore, Marshall.”

Em jumped up from the chair. “Obviously you are a fucking whore if you just let your ex fuck you.”

JC punched Marshall, knocking the man backwards a few steps. Reaching up to his nose, Em pulled fresh blood away. JC got up into Em’s face. “If you want to know, I moaned out your name when we fucked.”

With that, JC gathered up his clothes, putting them on as he walked through the house and out the door.


Marshall sat in his living room, looking at the photo that he himself had framed and put up. A photo of him and JC in his studio, JC’s arm’s wrapped casually around his neck. They had spent the day together in Em’s studio, recording and writing random shit.

He had JC on tape rapping. It was the funniest thing Marshall had ever heard. He couldn’t remember a time when he had laughed so hard.

Marshall was still staring at the picture when someone knocked on his front door. Possibly, maybe it was JC coming back. He got up and looked through the peephole. He grunted, staring at Justin Timberlake’s disproportionate face. His hands were in the pockets of his jeans that were a size too big. His t-shirt was faded and wrinkled. The man looked like shit. Em walked over to the locked drawer in the table by the door, pulled the key from his keyring and unlocking it. Pulling out his small handgun, he walked over to the door and opened it, taking direct aim in the middle of Justin’s forehead.

Justin barely even looked up. He wasn’t surprised to see a gun aimed at him. Hell, he wasn’t supposed to be alive right now in the first place. “Why are you here?” Em growled.

Justin finally looked up at him. The hurt obvious in his eyes. The man looked like he had been whipped and beaten. “I wanted to congratulate you.”

Eminem held the gun steady, unwavering. “For what?”

“Josh. He’s um… he made his choice. I just wanted to tell you myself that you won’t see me anymore or hear from me. I just wish you both the best,” Justin said, and turned to go.

“Are you fucking with me?” Em asked, dropping the gun down by his side.

Justin turned back. “You were holding a gun to my head. Do you think I was fucking with you?”

Marshall leaned over and put the gun on the table. “He’s not here. He ran away from me too. I just figured he had run back to you.”

A confused expression came over Justin’s face. “No, he told me that it was over. Our relationship is to be professional, as he put it.”

“Fuck.” It was no more than a whisper, but Justin heard it.

He stepped back up to the door. “What happened?”

A cold hard glare was turned on him. “Why the fuck should I tell you?” Em growled. He stormed back inside the house, leaving the door opened.

Justin sat and contemplated just closing the door and leaving or walking inside and following him. Going against his better judgement, he followed the man inside. Eminem’s house was clean and straightened. He had a feeling that was JC’s touch. He saw the light down at the end of the hallway and went towards it.

The door to the bedroom was wide open. Justin sat and watched as Em paced back and forth in the room, opening and closing drawers, pulling clothes out and throwing them on the bed. The covers on the bed were tangled and haphazard. Justin deduced that the fight had happened here. He recognized some of the clothes Em was throwing on the bed as JC’s. Silently he wondered if the older man had realized this. “What are you doing?” Justin asked.

Em pivoted around, turning an angry glare on Justin. “Packing. What do you want now?”
Justin shrugged and sat down in the chair across from the bed. “To talk.”

“Fucking Timberfuck. Get the fuck out of my house,” Em mumbled under his breath, still throwing clothes on the bed. “My daughter is in bed down the hall. She already heard one fight tonight. I do not want her to hear another one.”

Justin reached up and grabbed Em’s hands. He resisted slightly, but the fight had left him. “Do you know where he went?”

Marshall shook his head. “So what makes you think that leaving here is going to help find him?”

The cold eyes came back as the muscles in his arms tensed. He ripped his hands out of Justin’s. “I’m packing so that the minute I find him, our family will be on a plane to Michigan.”

The words `our family’ had hit Justin hard. “So you’re going to have a commitment ceremony so soon?”

“A what? No, we’re not doing anything. He’s apart of our family because my children and my family love him. They ask about him. I love him. I’m taking him to Michigan to get away from the shit that goes on here. I fucking hate this state.” He turned around and went back to packing up their clothes.

Justin got up and stood next to Marshall at the bed. “You got angry cause I fucked him.”

Em let out a snort.

Justin turned Em to look at him, his hands on his shoulders. He ran his hands up to his neck and pulled him closer.

Justin kissed him softly. “If I fuck you, you’ll both be even.”


Chapter Nineteen

JC banged hard on Joey’s door, not caring if he woke Brianna. Joey came to the door in sweatpants, his hair messed up from sleep. “What’s up, C?”

JC pushed his way past his friend. “Where’s Lance?”

Joey motioned towards the guest room and closed the front door. “You okay?”

Josh looked at him, wondering how much Joe knew. “I will be.” He went to go towards the guest room, but hesitated. He turned to Joey and smiled. “Thanks for not sticking your nose too far into my business, Joe.”

Joey shrugged, a confused look on his face. “Long as you’re not in trouble, it’s not really any of my business.”

JC nodded and headed for the guest room where Lance was staying. He threw open the door to find Lance sleeping peacefully in the bed. He heard Joey walk up the stairs and go back to bed.

JC looked around the room and found a deck of cards on a table close to the door. He picked up the deck and threw the box at the sleeping figure, hitting him squarely in the back of the head.

Lance sat up, rubbing where the pack had landed. “What the fuck?” he mumbled sleepily.

JC stalked farther into the room. “You fucking ass!” he screamed. Lance’s eyes grew huge as he realized who had thrown the cards at him. “You and Justin! You planned it all out didn’t you? Trying to get me to go back to him. Trying to get me to leave Marshall. I can’t believe you would fucking DO that, Lance!”

Lance’s jaw worked, no words coming out. He didn’t know what to say.

“No, don’t even try to talk your way out of it. I know that you did it. I KNOW, Lance. I don’t want you to even think about messing in my life again. I don’t even want you to have an opinion of me or what I do. As far as I’m concerned you can fuck off. I’m happy with Marshall and I don’t plan on leaving him anytime soon. So you can just fucking deal with that.” JC wanted nothing more than to just go up to Lance and pound on him until the pain from his fight with Em dissipated. Instead, he walked out of the room and left Joey’s house.

Lance sat in the bed, still looking at the door that JC had just disappeared through.


Eminem grabbed Justin and threw him down on the bed on top of the clothes that he was throwing out to pack. “If I fucked you right now, where would I be? If I fucked you right now, what would you get from it? Think he would come running right back to you? I should kill you now that I have the chance, Timberfuck.” Releasing him, Marshall stood up straight and walked over to his dresser, grabbing some keys. “But that’s not what JC would want, so get the FUCK out of my house.”

Justin stood up dazed from the bed and walked down the hall. As soon as he was out the front door, it slammed behind him. He sighed and walked over to his truck, climbing in to go home, defeated.

Marshall walked back down the hall, attempting to wipe the scowl from his face. He opened the door to his little girls’ room and peeked inside. They were sleeping quietly, not seeming to be disturbed by the two fights in the house that night. Closing the door quietly, Em turned on his heel and headed out the door. He got into his Expedition and stopped. Where the hell was he going to go? He couldn’t just drive around all night and leave the girls there. His aunt and uncle weren’t even in town. He sure as hell wasn’t going to call Dre or 50. Fuck. JC’s house, then home. He pulled out of he driveway and sped down the street.

Em pulled up into JC’s driveway and noticed his car in the driveway. He breathed a sigh of relief and walked into the house. “JC?” he called out. He didn’t answer. Marshall walked to the bedroom and peeked in. No Josh sleeping in the bed. Bathroom? He checked all the bathrooms in the house, systematically turning on the lights, pulling back the shower curtain, turning the light off and leaving. Frustrated, Em threw himself down on the overstuffed brown leather sofa in the living room. He sat his head in his hands and pouted. Where the fuck could JC be? He checked every place that seemed logical… He sat back and pulled out the old trick.

If I were JC, where would I be after I got pissed at my boyfriend and stomped out of the house? Got pissed…boyfriend…. feelings… rage… studio! He hadn’t checked JC’s studio! Of course! Triumphant, Marshall all but ran up to JC’s studio door. The door was closed, but not locked. There was no noise coming inside, but there was a small light on in the room. He could see the faint touches of it from underneath the door. He opened the door slowly, walking carefully inside. “Josh?” he whispered.

“Come in,” came the reply.

Marshall walked in and leaned against the wall, not sure how close JC wanted him right now. He didn’t want to piss him off anymore.

“Why’d you come, Marshall?” JC sat in his desk chair with only the small desk lamp on. A notebook was in his lap, scribblings all over the page.

“I…” Em threw up his arms. “I love you. That’s why I came. I fucking love you. I’m fucking IN love with you. I realized that when you walked out on me tonight. I realized the pain that it caused me when I found out you had slept with… with him. After you left…” he sighed. “After you left I sat down on the couch and looked at that picture of you and me in my studio. I think that was one of the best fucking days I’ve ever had with someone other than my daughter.”

JC sighed and looked down at his notebook. “Marshall, I didn’t break up with you…”

“Did you mean what you said?”

He sighed again. “Which part?”

“You moaned my name, with him.”

“Yeah. I meant that. You can ask him.”

“I don’t want to ask him. I just kicked the fucker out of my house.”

JC’s head jerked up. “What?”

Marshall came forward and sat on the floor in front of JC’s chair. “I just kicked him out of my house. He came over to congratulate me. Then he propositioned me.”

“HE WHAT?” JC jumped up from his chair. “You fucked him?”

Marshall shook his head. “I threatened to kill him.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“It isn’t what you would have wanted.”

JC sat down on the floor in front of Eminem, crossing his legs in front of him. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. “You left the girls alone?”

Marshall nodded. “I had to come find you. I wanted to bring you back. Come back with me? I’m sorry for being such an asshole.”

JC smiled and kissed him softly and leaned his forehead against his boyfriend’s. “If your fans could see you now.”

Marshall laughed. “I don’t think half of them would believe it.”


Joey knocked on Lance’s door. “Lance? You in there still?”

“Yeah, Joe, I’m here.”

Joey came in the room and sat down at the foot of the bed. “He looked pissed.”

“He is pissed.”

“What’d you do?”

Lance laughed. “I fucked with his sex life apparently.”

“You fucked JC?”

Lance shook his head. “No. Justin did apparently. I just convinced JC to go over there and see how Justin was since he never visited him in the hospital. It was up to J to get JC to come back to him. I just got his foot in the door.”

“Sooooo, he’s pissed cause you and Justin were conspiring against him?”

“Yeah, that’s basically it.”

“So he’s still with Eminem.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”


“How can you not care about this, Joey? How can you not care about JC being with someone like Eminem?”

Joey shrugged and looked at his friend who had anguish written all over his face. “JC’s intelligent. Justin and him looked good together, but JC’s obviously completely against getting back with Justin. JC and Eminem look weird together, but hey sweet and salty sometimes go together. From what I saw at the party, they treat each other very well and they’re very happy together. If JC is happy, that’s the most important thing. Right now, he’s happy.

Leave it at that. Just be there for him when he isn’t happy. If you have concerns, let him know, but then move on and let him figure it out. So, I really do care. JC’s important to me and so is his happiness. So I’m telling you to chill out and leave your nose out of his business.” Joey poked Lance’s leg for emphasis.

Lance groaned and flopped back on the pillows. “Fine. Whatever. I’ll tell him to come crying to you after Eminem gets arrested for drug possession or something.”

Joey shrugged again. “Okay. I’m going back to bed now. Are we going to have anymore interruptions tonight?”

Lance looked at the clock. 4 in the morning. Jesus fucking Christ in a box. “I hope not. I hope if Justin has anything to say, he can say it tomorrow.”

“Okay. We’ll go see Justin tomorrow- which is in like 6 hours. So goodnight.”

“Night, Joe. Sorry about all that.”

“Whatever.” Joey walked out of the room closing the door on Lance. Lance sighed and rolled over onto his stomach. Tomorrow he was going to have a long talk with Justin about the art of seduction. He thought Justin was perfect at it. Apparently the man had a few things to learn still.


Chapter Twenty

Lance couldn’t sleep. Images of JC ripping off Justin’s head danced through his head. He rolled over onto his other side and decided that he needed some serious mental help and that he was going to call Chris in the morning and ask for advice. Then he thought that Chris would just tell him to fuck himself and hang up. Lance sighed. He’d really fucked up things with his friends this time.

He sat up in the bed and rubbed his face. Looking over at the clock, he saw the time change to 5:07 AM. He groaned. He picked up the phone and dialed Justin’s number. On the second ring he picked up. “Yeah?”

“Did I wake you?”

“No. I haven’t been able to sleep.”

“Me either. JC visited me tonight.”

“Gee, he visited me too. Did you get to fuck him?”

“Justin, that’s not even funny.”

“Lance, you said this would work. You fucking said this would work and he’d come crawling back to me! He fucking moaned out HIS name! Not mine! I can’t deal with this, man.”

Lance sighed. This situation was seriously fucked. “Justin, calm down.”

“Don’t you tell me to calm down. You’re not the one that’s being left out in the dark because of some crude obscene straight rapper who decided that it would be fun to steal your boyfriend. Don’t tell me to calm down. I’m done taking your advice, Lance.”

“I don’t want to give you any advice. JC just came over here and yelled at me to keep my nose out of his business. I really did think that would work. It seemed to work every other time.”

“Yeah well. Every other time he didn’t have anyone else sitting at home waiting for him.”

Lance fluffed up his pillows. Justin brought up a good point. “Well. We’ll see how he is after a few months. Maybe it’s just a phase and he’s on the rebound. Hell, Justin. I think I’m to the point where I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore about all of this.”

He heard Justin sigh on the other end of the phone. “I know it. I love him. But I guess for right now I have to give him his space. I have to respect what he wants. That’s why he won’t come back to me anyways right? So I have to give him his space and maybe in time…”

Lance smiled. “Maybe in time, he’ll come home. Once he sees that you’re willing to change.”

“Yeah…” Justin yawned. “K, Scoop. I’m gonna catch some sleep. Thanks for calling. You really did actually make me feel better.”

“I’m glad I made one of us feel better. Night, Baby J.”


Lance laid back down in the bed and watched as the clock rolled up its numbers, clicking away the seconds of his life.


Eminem and JC lay in the bed, naked bodies entertwined, sweat still glistening on their chests and backs from their passionate love making when they got home. JC lay on his stomach with his head on Marshall’s shoulder, his hand drawing random designs across his lover’s nipples. Marshall smiled and ran his finger’s through JC’s hair. It was so soft. He was glad those blond streaks were growing out. They looked awful. But then again, they were apart of JC, and everything about JC was beautiful. Was that what they call a paradox? Joshua Scott Chasez was a paradox.

Nonetheless, he was his paradox. “Do you want to have a commitment ceremony?”

JC’s head jerked up. “What?”

Marshall shrugged. “Justin brought it up tonight. He asked if we were going to have one.”

“What did you say?”

Em’s face contorted. “I don’t really remember. But do you want to have one?”

JC smiled. “Are you asking me to marry you?”

Marshall shifted underneath him. “Well… no…. I just wanted to know if the thought had gone through your head… like… if it’s even something you’d do… if you ever thought about it…”

He was silenced by JC’s hand over his mouth. “Justin and I talked about having one. But we were only going to have it after we came out to the public. Which I guess isn’t going to happen now.”

“Why not?” Em asked, rubbing JC’s back, tracing the muscles with his fingertips.

“Well… I mean… your image…”

Em shrugged again. “All of my friends already know. All of my family already knows.”

“Dre knows you’re with me?” JC squeaked.

Marshall laughed. “He had a tail on me that night that everything happened at the after party. He knew that you came over to my house that night. He kind of just assumed everything after that.”

Realization dawned on JC. All of Em’s friends knew about him. They could have come after him at any moment. Oh wow. “Do they..? What did they say?”

Marshall laughed. “Let’s see. I got a lot of “he’s too fucking skinny, you’d break him in half” and “but he’s in NSYNC” and “he moves good onstage so he has to be good in bed.” So, I don’t think they really care. It was surprising, but Dre had apparently warned everyone beforehand. So they were prepared.”

JC was amazed. Eminem’s friends had accepted their relationship. Granted, he still wouldn’t want to be in a room with all of them alone. But they didn’t cast out Marshall because he was sleeping with JC. That’s a good step in the right direction. “But, I’m not going to come out publicly, unless I’m sure this is going to be a lasting thing.”

Lasting thing. Yeah. Lasting thing. JC’s mind was trying to wrap around this whole situation. Marshall wasn’t asking for a marriage, but he was asking for a commitment. This was really soon after Justin. Really soon. Hardcore commitment. Like help me raise my kids for right now kind of commitment. Wow. He was going to have to think about this. “JC? You in there?”

Fingers were running through his hair. He focused his eyes on Marshall’s face. He kissed his boyfriend softly. “I’m here.”

“I want to take you somewhere.”


“Detroit. My home.”

Wow. Commitment.

“I can’t stand it here anymore. At least not for right now. I need to get away, but I want to do it with you.” Em watched it click in JC’s eyes. He knew he had seen the suitcases in the corner when they came in the room, but sex seemed more important at  the time.

“Can I think about it for a bit?”


JC got up and took a shower. Soaping himself up, he thought again about the differences between Justin and Marshall. They were both loving, but Marshall never even tried to exploit his masochism kink. In a way it was nice, because Justin had used it to his advantage. Marshall was kind and sweet and willing to come out if he would just say yes I will be committed to you. Commitment.

Marshall was good. He would be good to him. He would also be angry if he left him. Very angry. But Marshall was good to him. Treated him well. Loved him. He even asked how Justin was. He was trying to take an interest in the people in JC’s life. He went to Joey’s party. He saved him from Justin. Em knocked on the door. “Shouldn’t you be pruny by now?”

JC looked down at his hands and smiled. “Yes. I’m getting out.” He turned off the water and dried off, putting on boxers.

Marshall was sitting on the bed flipping through channels on the tv. “You realize that there is nothing to watch on tv at 6 in the morning? Well, nothing except the news,” he muttered, shutting off the tv.

JC laughed. “I normally like to be asleep at 6am. You’re showered?”

“I used the bathroom down the hall. You think I was going to wait for your ass to get out? I’m tired.”

“So you waited for me to get out of the shower before going to sleep?”

“I didn’t want to fall asleep without you in my arms.” He pulled JC down to him and guided them up to the middle of the bed.

Josh laid down, his back to Marshall. Wrapped in his lover’s embrace, JC felt warm, safe, and protected. Marshall pulled the covers up over them and relaxed his grip on JC, kissing the back of his neck. Strong hands rubbed down his back and over his stomach, soft fingers gently caressing his skin. “Silk,” he heard Em whisper.

“I’m committed to you,” JC whispered, drifting off to sleep. Dazedly, he thought, `So this is what love is supposed to feel like.’

~El Fin~

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