Anniversary – Lance, Eminem

“Here we are again… It’s been a year. I brought you some flowers. I didn’t remember which kind were your favorite. So I just brought the um… fuck… what’d they call it? Oh. Spring Bouquet. It’s got um.. daisies… um.. some purple flowers… some pink flowers.. yellow flowers- daffodils I think. A bunch of stuff. I think you’d like them. They’re all.. I don’t know.” Eminem sat down heavily in the chair next to the bed.

“I just came by to say hi. I know I haven’t been here for awhile, but I figured since it was the one year anniversary, I’d stop by. Kinda make some time for you. I know I stopped visiting three months ago, but I went on tour and yeah. I’m sure you remember how it was being on tour. All that stress and everything. I’m actually supposed to be in the studio right now with Dre. He said it was a bad idea that I come and visit you and relive that night. But I kinda feel responsible . I could have stopped them and I didn’t. I barely know you. But I know that you didn’t deserve what happened. You are a really nice guy, man. I remember that time that Hailie and I were out at McDonald’s and I saw you across the street. There were paparazzi people there and they were taking pictures of my daughter and you distracted them. You came over and signed autographs and let them take pictures of you just so we could leave. I won’t ever forget that man.” Eminem rubbed his nose and looked out the window of the hospital. There was no movement from the bed. The low whir of the breathing machine and the beep of his heart beat were the only sounds in the room. Em got up and walked to the window. He watched people being wheeled out of the hospital, greeting their loved ones, getting in their own cars and going home. The man
laying in the bed in this room would never go home again. This man would be considered lucky if he opened his eyes again. Em sighed and rested his hands on the window sill. “I could have stopped them. He looked at me when you walked into the room. I didn’t say
anything. He looked at me before he pulled out the gun. I didn’t do anything. He looked at me before he pulled the trigger. I just walked away. I didn’t believe he’d do it. I’m so sorry.” Eminem sighed again and walked back over to the bed. He took the warm, lifeless hand in his own palm. “Lance, I’m so sorry.”

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