Tension – Zak/Nick, Aaron

Aaron knew his position. It was something that was never going to change, but he had resigned himself to it. He was the goofball. The one that was left to the sidelines and gave all the glory to Zak. He was happy with that. After all, Zak deserved it. He was the idiot that was provoking these entities. He brought them all together. He created this Ghost Adventures Crew.

So here he was. Standing in the middle of a friggin cornfield. Waiting. Why? Because Zak told him to stand here. He could hear movement around him and he hoped and prayed that it was either Nick or Zak or maybe even the wind. Actually, he really hoped it was the wind. The wind was less likely to play a prank or jump out at him. Though Zak wouldn’t do that… Nick totally would. He was an asshole like that. Aaron sighed and scratched his bald head.


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Broken – Zak/Nick breakup

Zak looked through the haze at the man standing in front of him. Nick. He smiled, pulling him in closer. The smell was wrong. He wrinkled his face, running his hands up this stranger’s chest. “You’re not Nick.”

The stranger shook his head, but smiled. “I can be tonight.”

Zak pushed him away. No, he’s not Nick. He’s not good enough. Where was Aaron? Aaron would understand. He always understood. “Aaron?”

The stranger came closer again. “He’s busy.” Insistent hands pulled at his waist, fingertips dancing under his shirt, touching his skin. Zak’s heartbeat faster as he scanned the crowd over the stranger’s shoulder. Continue reading