Delayed – Jason/Grant

Note: Yes I actually stole the real tweets from Jay & Grant’s twitter accounts, misspellings and all. Right hand to God, yes they actually said that. The rest of the story is fictional… well as far as I know anyways.


Jason sat on the floor next to their suitcases staring at the Continental sign that had just changed from a departure time of 10:10am to 11:10am. He groaned, causing Grant to look up from his iphone and turn to look behind him at the monitor. “Oh geez, an hour?!”

Jason groaned again and stood, taking his cigarettes out of his pocket. He glanced over at the smoking room and turned back to Grant sitting in the chair. “I’ll be right back, G. You gonna be ok?”

Grant looked up at him, slight annoyance showing on his face. “No, I’m terrified of the big bad wolf. Go smoke your cigarette, just wash your hands before you come back.”

Jay nodded and stalked off. The automatic doors slid open, allowing some smoke to billow out into the terminal. He went directly to the corner, trying to stay away from other people so Grant wouldn’t bitch at him for his clothes smelling like smoke, even though he knew it was a fruitless effort. He inhaled deeply on the first puff, thoroughly enjoying the smoke in his lungs. It was the second best thing to calm his nerves. Turning around, Jay looked through the plexiglass at Grant sitting, typing on his iphone. Suddenly, his pocket vibrated. He laughed to himself. Grant was twittering. He opened the message

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