Caught – Zak/Nick

The castle was homey, but still dank and musty and that pissed Aaron off even more. He caught them. They were blatant. He couldn’t believe they would have the balls to do it on an investigation right under his nose. He had caught them and it was on his camera. Nick had threatened him and Zak was ashamed. Aaron had Zak on camera down on his knees. He had every right to be ashamed.

The two men walked silently in front of him. The fight had gone out of Zak. His provoking and taunting weren’t nearly as vibrant as they were earlier. Nick kept glancing back at Aaron, anger etched across his face. Aaron figured he was pissed because he didn’t get off. He had interrupted their little party. The smell of sex was still strong on them and he hated them for it. Yeah, he had figured something was going on between them. Aaron wasn’t as stupid or oblivious as everyone suspected. He just knew how to play his part. But he didn’t miss the little touches, little sideways glances and comments. They didn’t know that he heard the hotel room doors open and close in the middle of the night as one went into the other’s room. One night in particular, Nick’s bed butted up against the same wall as Aaron’s and he heard a lot more than he had wanted to. Continue reading