Vampire – Zak/Nick

Nick rolled his eyes. “You are not a fucking vampire, Zak. Seriously.”

Zak shielded his face from the hot desert sun with his arm up in the air. “I seriously think I’m turning into one, bro. I just can’t take this sun anymore.”

Nick walked over to the older man, pulling his long sleeve black tshirt up. “Well, you’re not burning to ashes, so I think you’ll survive.”

Zak bared his teeth at Nick, yanking his shirt back down. “Careful, I might make you my first victim!”

Rolling his head over to the side, baring his neck, he retorted, “Oh please, Zak! Come suck on my neck!”


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Jealousy – Zak/Nick

Nick paced the floor of their New Jersey hotel room. “What the fuck was that all about, Zak?”

Zak lay on the bed, eyes closed, listening to Nick pace angrily. He could feel each heavy socked foot hit the dirty carpet. “What was what about?”

Nick stopped and stared at the motionless figure on the bed. “Seriously? Chris Fleming was all up on you.”

Zak snorted, raising up on his elbows. “Chris was not ‘all up on me,’ Nick.”

“He touched you! ‘Zak, come here! Feel this cool spot. Oh, Zak, do you feel that?’ Please,” he rolled his eyes and kept pacing. Continue reading