Tension – Zak/Nick, Aaron

Aaron knew his position. It was something that was never going to change, but he had resigned himself to it. He was the goofball. The one that was left to the sidelines and gave all the glory to Zak. He was happy with that. After all, Zak deserved it. He was the idiot that was provoking these entities. He brought them all together. He created this Ghost Adventures Crew.

So here he was. Standing in the middle of a friggin cornfield. Waiting. Why? Because Zak told him to stand here. He could hear movement around him and he hoped and prayed that it was either Nick or Zak or maybe even the wind. Actually, he really hoped it was the wind. The wind was less likely to play a prank or jump out at him. Though Zak wouldn’t do that… Nick totally would. He was an asshole like that. Aaron sighed and scratched his bald head.


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He couldn’t describe it. Maybe it was becoming an addiction, this ghost hunting thing. Every cell in his body came alive on an investigation. His blood thrived on the adrenaline rush it produced, pumping through his body and seeping out of his pores with his sweat. The fight was a part of it. The drive. The hunger. He was starved for it. He began to crave it; thirst for it. Every lockdown, as they got closer and closer to the investigation site, his nerves lit on fire.

Addiction seemed like an appropriate word. Ghosts became his drug of choice. Investigations were the vessel through which they were delivered. His body ached for it. Living with the past in his home wasn’t enough sometimes. Other times it was too much. Too much. Maybe there was something that had nested in his soul; connected too much with him that drug him along and forced him into dangerous situations, screaming out at spirits he knew he couldn’t control. But that was half the fun of it, wasn’t it? Continue reading

Resistance – Zak/Nick

Nick groaned, rolling out of the motel bed and shuffled his way to the door. He sat and listened to Zak pound on the other side for a full five minutes, but apparently the man wasn’t giving up. Leaving the chain on the door, he opened it slowly. Zak fell forward as the door opened, pushing the chain taut. “What the fuck?” Nick asked. The stench of high dollar whiskey seeped out of his pores, assaulting Nick’s nostrils. “You’re drunk.”

“Lemme in,” Zak mumbled.

“No, go to your own room,” Nick said, attempting to close the door.

“No, please,” he whined. “I can’t fucking find my key.” Nick groaned, unchaining the door. Zak stumbled in, landing in the chair across from the bed. “Thanks.”


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Just Breathe – Zak/Nick

“Nick!” Zak screamed into the heavy air.

“Zak, breathe. Breathe,” Nick whispered soothingly, swinging the camera around. Watching him through the LCD screen, Nick felt his own body tense at the look of fear in Zak’s eyes.

Clenching and unclenching his fists, Zak felt the tainted air enter his lungs, watching the dark shape that was Nick as he stood in front of him. “Nick…,” he whispered. Continue reading

Fascade – Zak

Zak sat in the darkened room alone, senses heightened in his new environment. He could hear Aaron and Nick moving to their locations before it went quiet. Staring his digital recorder, Zak took a deep breath. “Is there anyone in here with me?” he asked.

He hoped there wasn’t. Being with two other guys and doing an investigation was one thing, but being alone in a closed room in an abandoned insane asylum is another. For the show, however, he was Mr. Badass Ghost Hunter/Provoker. “If there is, I’m all alone in this little room here. I’m all yours.” Continue reading

Claimed – Rick/Daryl

They had holed up in a house in a small development far off the main road. None of the houses had even been lived in yet. Most were not even finished being built, but there had been one house at the end of the street that must have been set up as the model home, complete with new furnishings. Rick laughed the laughter of an exhausted man who had felt all hope was lost. The little group wouldn’t all be able to have a bed, but that didn’t matter. They were safe and together. So Terminus had been beyond a bust. They were here and alive and that was all that mattered now.

Except for that whole lack of food thing. But that was only a minor issue…

Everyone insisted that Rick take a bed, who in turn insisted that everyone but him have a bed. Carl stalked around the house, still not entirely forgiving his father in his teenage mind for things that had been out of their control. Rick could care less what his teenage son thought of him at that moment because he still had him. Continue reading