Smile – Zak/Nick

Nick hated it. Absolutely loathed it. He didn’t understand how he could just give in so easily. Every. Single. Time. That one thing could just make him change his mind, agree to anything, everything, no matter what. It was absolutely maddening. A simple smile from Zak Bagans made him weak in the knees and he couldn’t stand it. Not the same smile that Zak used for pictures and with fans. No, this was that dorky, goofy smile that he fell in love with so long ago. The one that always accompanied that laugh that was solely Zak’s. It encompassed his true persona, everything about him that so few actually knew. And Nick cherished it. Continue reading

Keeping a Secret – Zak/Aaron

Aaron grunted in frustration, running his hands through the older man’s hair at his hip. He hated keeping secrets, especially from one of his best friends, but damn did this secret make him feel good. Zak’s head bobbed as he groaned around the swollen cock in his mouth. Aaron felt his body tense as he bit back a moan, feeling Zak’s tongue do a wicked dance along the vein. He had been instructed to be quiet before he had been attacked. Nick’s room was right next door and any noise could make him suspicious.

Zak moaned deep as he felt the hot seed spill down his throat, gagging slightly. Aaron’s body melded into the chair as he came down from his high. Hands fumbled at his waist, his cock and clothing being rearranged so he looked presentable enough to go to dinner. Standing up, Zak straddled Aaron’s body, kissing him softly. Continue reading

Deep in Thought – Zak/Nick

He wasn’t really sure when it started. It never really started. It just sort of… evolved. Looks lasted longer, became touches. Those touches quickly filled with desire and need, taking them to where they were today. Fucked.

He could have walked away. He had every chance to. Zak gave him so many outs, so many times where he could have just gotten up and left or said no we can’t do this. We can’t do this. But Nick was never able to form those words. He was never good at saying no to Zak, even though he knew he was the only one that could tell him no and have Zak listen. But he couldn’t do it. He wanted it too. Maybe even more so than Zak. Continue reading

The Pool Table – Jason/Grant

“I like how we’re doing it old school. No professional cameras, no IR cams. Just us, with recorders and digital video cameras,” Grant smiled at Jason in the darkness of Johnny Rocket’s Bowl-O-Rama. Putting his camera down strategically on the side of the pool table, Jason wrapped his arms around Grant from behind, resting his chin on the smaller man’s shoulder. Grant grinned, shutting his camera down and setting it in front of him. He felt the hard dick press into his backside and ground against him devilishly. Continue reading

Why? – Grant/Jason

It hung thick around them. Jason could almost feel the weight on his shoulders, pushing him farther down into the uncomfortable hotel room desk chair. Grant sat on the bed, his head down. The statement hung there, in the air, suffocating them. Small pieces of thread met their fate at Grant’s fingertips as he weighted his response. Jason watched as the younger man’s body tensed and released with each thought, emotions passing through his features. He sat, not moving, not wanting to provoke. The temperature seemed to rise in the room as they suffocated in the silence. Jason realized his breaths had been coming quick and shallow when Grant finally cleared his throat. “I… I don’t know…” It came out a whisper, cautious.

Continue reading