The Trailer – Jason/Grant

Jason grumbled as he sat on the couch of the trailer Grant had purchased. “Your backyard, G?”

Grant shrugged, sitting across from him on the small dining table. “This is where she wanted it.”

“Your backyard, G?” Jay repeated.

Grant sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “What did you want me to do, Jay? What did you want me to say? No, I’m sorry, Re. We can’t put the trailer in the backyard. See, the real reason why I bought it was so Jason and I could have a place to fuck that wouldn’t be our bed.” Continue reading

Lollipop – Grant/Jason

Grant sat at his desk facing Jason looking at paperwork in his hand, sucking on a tootsie roll pop. Jason, sitting across from him, watched as the red candy ball disappeared between his lips, making those disturbing slurping sounds. “G,” he said sternly.

Grant looked up at him, taking the tootsie roll pop out of his mouth and licking his lips. Jason shifted in his seat as the noticeably red tongue traced the even redder and slightly swollen lips. “Yeah, Jay?”

Motioning towards the stationary camera set up in their office Jason told Grant, “Stop it.”

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Spiders, Squirrel, and Cabins! Oh my!

Steve sat in the driver’s seat of the tech van, white knuckles glued to the steering wheel. Jason and Grant had already gotten out of their Yukon and were motioning for him and Tango to join them so they could greet the owner of the campground they were going to investigate. Steve looked over at Tango who just simply looked back at him with that deer in headlight look that had become so endearing at times like these. “We’re staying here, in the woods?” Dave asked him.

Steve nodded very slowly. He looked out the windshield at Jay and Grant who seemed to be getting impatient and plotted the most vicious ways of murdering them. Jason stalked over to Steve’s door and pulled it open. “Get out here. Don’t flip out in front of the campground owner or your balls will be mounted on my wall.”

“You didn’t tell me we’d be fucking camping,” Steve whispered through gritted teeth. Continue reading

Just an Affair – Jason/Grant

Chapter One

Jason sat on the front porch of the cabin just staring at his cell phone. He clicked the button to allow him to listen to the voicemail again.

Hey, Jay. Reanna isn’t… she’s being…. I don’t know if I’m going to make it to the cabin for the weekend. I’m really sorry. I’ll call you later.

I love you.

The last part was whispered, telling him that the wife was in cling mode. Jason grumbled to himself and grabbed a beer from the fridge he had painstakingly packed full of Grant’s favorites. He looked at the makings of chicken alfredo in the fridge and slammed the door shut. Walking back out to the porch, he twisted the top off, throwing it in the corner of the room since Grant wouldn’t be there to bitch at him. With a loud grunt, Jason sat in the rocking chair looking out at the lake, their lake, and propped his feet on the ledge in front of him. Continue reading

The Pool Table – Jason/Grant

“I like how we’re doing it old school. No professional cameras, no IR cams. Just us, with recorders and digital video cameras,” Grant smiled at Jason in the darkness of Johnny Rocket’s Bowl-O-Rama. Putting his camera down strategically on the side of the pool table, Jason wrapped his arms around Grant from behind, resting his chin on the smaller man’s shoulder. Grant grinned, shutting his camera down and setting it in front of him. He felt the hard dick press into his backside and ground against him devilishly. Continue reading

Tequila – Jason/Grant

Jason sat at the bar watching his very drunk best friend sway on the bar stool next to him. Looking down at his four empty beer steins and over at Grant’s four empty shot glasses, it confirmed his belief in the wonderfulness of beer. Staring at him through one open eye, Grant asked him, “Whatcha thinking, there Jay? Jay… Jason Hawes!” He screamed it as if they were not sitting directly next to each other at a very uncrowded hotel bar and erupted into a fit of giggles.
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Delayed – Jason/Grant

Note: Yes I actually stole the real tweets from Jay & Grant’s twitter accounts, misspellings and all. Right hand to God, yes they actually said that. The rest of the story is fictional… well as far as I know anyways.


Jason sat on the floor next to their suitcases staring at the Continental sign that had just changed from a departure time of 10:10am to 11:10am. He groaned, causing Grant to look up from his iphone and turn to look behind him at the monitor. “Oh geez, an hour?!”

Jason groaned again and stood, taking his cigarettes out of his pocket. He glanced over at the smoking room and turned back to Grant sitting in the chair. “I’ll be right back, G. You gonna be ok?”

Grant looked up at him, slight annoyance showing on his face. “No, I’m terrified of the big bad wolf. Go smoke your cigarette, just wash your hands before you come back.”

Jay nodded and stalked off. The automatic doors slid open, allowing some smoke to billow out into the terminal. He went directly to the corner, trying to stay away from other people so Grant wouldn’t bitch at him for his clothes smelling like smoke, even though he knew it was a fruitless effort. He inhaled deeply on the first puff, thoroughly enjoying the smoke in his lungs. It was the second best thing to calm his nerves. Turning around, Jay looked through the plexiglass at Grant sitting, typing on his iphone. Suddenly, his pocket vibrated. He laughed to himself. Grant was twittering. He opened the message

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The Museum of Sex – Grant/Jason

Grant wrinkled his nose as the thermal cam swooped across the artifacts. “Strap ons? Really? I cannot believe this place would be haunted.”

Jason chuckled under his breath. “People can get attached to objects that they loved, G.” Grant made an indistinguishable sound next to him in the dark and Jason had to laugh again. “Hey, you love that blue dildo so much, maybe when you pass you’ll follow that dildo around.”

Grant scoffed. “Your cock gives me more pleasure than that dildo. Shouldn’t I be more attached to your cock after death then?”

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Black Bag of Tricks Part 2 – Grant/Jason

Jason sat at command central glancing sideways over at Grant occasionally. The only word that the younger man had said to him that afternoon at lunch was, “Tonight.” Jason knew what that meant, and he didn’t like it. Grant had promised paybacks for the night he brought out the black bag of toys. Tonight was the night he was going to get it and that scared the hell out of him.

That night, Jason walked slowly back to their hotel room, quietly hoping someone would suggest going to the bar, or watch a movie, or anything that would involve him not having to go back to the room with Grant. Taking the room key card from his pocket, he slid it through the door. As the door swung open, he felt hands on his back shoving him in. The door slammed hard and Grant barked, “Naked. Bed. Now.”

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