Magic Man – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Chapter One

Nick started it, really. Or it could have been Aaron. Who brought the weed again? That was definitely Aaron. Yes definitely. And it was good. Zak felt good. He was floating above the bed he was sitting on, joint between his fingers. Nick sat across from him in the desk chair. When he laughed, Zak saw the musical notes come out of his mouth.

Ok, maybe it was Zak that started it.

He wanted to capture those notes. He had never seen musical notes come out of someone’s mouth before. “Aaron, bro, are you sure this shit isn’t laced with anything?” Zak asked.

Aaron lay on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. “Dude said that it was clean, but man… its some good shit.”


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Shackled – Zak/Nick

The air had grown cool in the hidden prison at San Marcos. Zak’s shoulders ached from their awkward positioning for the last forty-five minutes. Fifteen minutes more and someone would come to let him out of his shackles. He sighed flexing his shoulders back, not really feeling the fight in himself anymore. It was nearly 4am and he was exhausted. The Florida heat and humidity was unbearable to this Vegas boy. But deep in this pit, he felt the stillness. The darkness was not one that even your eyes could get used to. No one would hear you scream down here. No one would even know to look for you in the hidden room.

Footsteps approached from his left. The figure stopped in the doorway.


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Rainbow Valley – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Chapter One

Zak rolled over on his side to look at Nick. “No, seriously. How awesome would it be?”

Nick shook his head, pulling Zak closer to his body. “No. It’s crazy.”

“No crazier than anything else we’ve done,” he answered, resting his head under Nick’s chin.

“Zak, we would be naked.”


“Ok. So the whole world would be looking at my ass on camera.”


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Just Walk Away – Zak/Nick

Chapter One

Nick watched. Every movement engulfed his senses. He hadn’t noticed when it had become this strong. There had always been something about him, something that drew him to Zak. But now it was almost as if it had become a full blown addiction. Through the lens of the camera it was okay. At least that’s what he had convinced himself. Now… now even just sitting here across from him at dinner, he noticed it. Every movement had a musical score punctuated by his heartbeat. Zak would look up and smile at him and the tempo picked up. Aaron barely registered in his periphery and he hated that. He wasn’t sure which part of it he hated though- that Aaron even registered at all, or that one of his best friends was now on the fringe of his thoughts when they were together. He knew Aaron before he met Zak, but that didn’t even matter now. Continue reading

Just Breathe – Zak/Nick

“Nick!” Zak screamed into the heavy air.

“Zak, breathe. Breathe,” Nick whispered soothingly, swinging the camera around. Watching him through the LCD screen, Nick felt his own body tense at the look of fear in Zak’s eyes.

Clenching and unclenching his fists, Zak felt the tainted air enter his lungs, watching the dark shape that was Nick as he stood in front of him. “Nick…,” he whispered. Continue reading

Hero – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Admitting he was scared was not something he did well. Zak could just not utter those words when he actually meant them. He was the bad ass Zak Bagans, ultimate demon hunter extraordinaire. Nick would sometimes admit when he was scared, which wasn’t very often. Mostly, he was just “startled.” Aaron never realized how easily Nick startled, but he never said anything about it. Aaron though… he was always scared. He was never ashamed to show it.

In private, Zak and Nick always admitted that Aaron was the ultimate bad ass. Every investigation Aaron went off by himself. He knew he could fight with Zak and tell him no, but he went and he stayed. Continue reading

Fascade – Zak

Zak sat in the darkened room alone, senses heightened in his new environment. He could hear Aaron and Nick moving to their locations before it went quiet. Staring his digital recorder, Zak took a deep breath. “Is there anyone in here with me?” he asked.

He hoped there wasn’t. Being with two other guys and doing an investigation was one thing, but being alone in a closed room in an abandoned insane asylum is another. For the show, however, he was Mr. Badass Ghost Hunter/Provoker. “If there is, I’m all alone in this little room here. I’m all yours.” Continue reading