Denial – Zak/Aaron, Zak/Nick, Aaron/Nick

Chapter One

Zak wondered what was so special about Aaron. What did he have that Zak didn’t? He could count on two hands what would make him more sexually attractive than the bald, goofy man so he just didn’t get it. But oh they were good. So good it was almost criminal. Only when the cameras were off was it even somewhat evident what had evolved between his co-investigators. He wasn’t even gay or interested in Nick, so he didn’t understand why it bothered him so bad, but damn. What did Aaron have that Zak didn’t?

He had seen both of them naked. Not exactly intentionally but they had changed clothes in front of each other before and since he noticed this development, he started paying better attention to their bodies. Sure Aaron had thinned out and okay he looked pretty good naked, but Zak was stronger and more physically developed. His body couldn’t be it.


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