Turn About is Fair Play – Sean/Norman

This story is a sequel to Exhibitionism Can Get You Into Trouble.

Norman smirked as he zipped the file folder on his desktop, quickly sending it off to Sean before leaving the house for a meeting he had set up for a movie he planned to film during their break from The Walking Dead. Grabbing his coffee, keys and cell phone he walked out the door.

With every vibration in his pocket, his day got better and better. He knew it was Sean. There were possibly a few text messages from Andy because, hell, they missed each other when they weren’t filming and possibly some from Helena and Mingus, but he’d answer those tonight. Hours later, Norman arrived home, back aching from being caught in Manhattan traffic on his motorcycle. Laying down on his bed, he pulled his phone out of his pocket. 142 missed texts and 5 missed phone calls. Apparently Sean called every hour. Norman smirked as he scrolled through the text messages.


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Exhibitionism Can Get You Into Trouble – Sean/Norman

Sean was giddy with excitement. He couldn’t believe Norman had agreed to this. Well, he icould/i actually… Norman was such a fucking exhibitionist whether he wanted to admit it or not. He watched the younger man lazily from the bed, his hand casually stroking his lower stomach beneath his t-shirt, as Norman went about setting up the automatic camera, taking a few shots of the man lounging on his comforter.

“You look comfortable,” Norman joked, looking at him through the camera.

Sean smirked. Oh yeah, this was going to be epic. “I’d be more comfortable if you came to join me over here, Reedenstein.”


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