The Ring – Zak/Nick

Nick sat on the edge of the bed that he had sometimes shared with his wife over the past 10 years. His gold wedding band felt heavy on his fingertips. The filtered sunlight coming through the curtained window seemed to shine directly on the engraving he remembered special ordering so long ago. Love you forever. His parents had told him to wait. Why did he want to get married so young? He didn’t really understand then why he wanted to get married. He was 19. He thought he was in love. This was the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with and maybe raise a family. Then they started planning for their wedding. Nick could pinpoint the day he fell out of love with his wife. May 19th. Zak and Nick’s first unofficial date. Nick had called him on the premise that he wanted to discuss the music for the wedding, as Zak was deejaying for them. When Zak got to the small restaurant, Nick had admitted that he didn’t call him to talk about music. He spent that night and the next at Zak’s apartment. Continue reading

Seeking Solace – Zak

Zak sat in his dungeon. It was the only place where he felt normal. Only in here was he himself. Outside… out there everything was different. He didn’t feel like he owned himself anymore. His soul had abandoned him to live in this dungeon and it had been replaced by those that he chased.

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Sunrise – Grant/Jason

Grant leaned his head back on Jason’s shoulder, his chest warm behind his back, as strong hands ran down his arms, interlacing their fingers. The water in front of them was still as a looking glass. Every small breeze made slight ripples, rocking the boats gently, creating a perfect soundtrack to their tired thoughts. Grant closed his eyes and turned his head to nuzzle into the rough stubble. Jay smiled and rested Grant’s hands on his bent knees, wrapping his arms around the man leaning against his chest. “We need more trips like this,” he whispered into the cool dawn air.

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