Masochist – Eminem/JC Chasez, past JC Chasez/Justin Timberlake

*NOTE: This story does not seek to pass judgement whatsoever.  There is a fine line where kink can evolve into abuse.  This is a story about that fine line.

Chapter One

Eminem cursed as he got out of the limo. “Fucking paparazzi. Fucking award shows. Fucking everything.” He ran his hands down his shirt. He looked over at Dre who nudged him forward. Slowly he made his way down the red carpet, answering questions of the reporters, nodding in all the right places. Funny how being a rebel still means fitting between the lines. Running his hands down his face he walked through the front doors of whatever the hell building they were in this time. `Fuck they all run together,’ he sighed. The young girl led him and Dre and the four other large black men to their seats. He slumped down into his seat. He let out another sigh and Dre looked down at him. “Dude, think about it this way: this is research for future albums.”

Em laughed. “Good point, but fuck Dre, I hate these damn things. They’re all fucking rigged anyways.” Dre flicked him in the head and leaned over to talk to the man on the other side of Em. Continue reading

Too Damn Good – Nick/Eminem

“You’re here,” Nick whispered.

Marshall scratched his head through the hooded sweatshirt.  “Can I come in?”

Nick stepped back to let him enter.

I missed you so much
That I begged you to fly and see me
You must’ve broke down

Nick could feel the lines forming in his skin as he was pressed against the door handle from the force of Marshall’s kiss.  A single tear collapsed onto his cheekbone.  He couldn’t believe that Marshall was here, had risked everything, just to make him happy.  And no one had seen him. Continue reading

Friendly Fire – Daryl/Connor, Shane/Murphy, past Daryl/Rick (In Progress)

Chapter One

Five days. That was how long Connor had been staring at the man who had stolen his brother’s face. The two men had barely spoken to each other, save the typical salutations which were only reserved for when they were in front of the rest of the group. But Connor could just not believe what his eyes were seeing.

“Connor, what exactly is ye obsession with that fucker wit’ me face?” Murph asked when they were in the woods alone.

“I don’t know what yer talkin’ ’bout, Murph,” he replied, continuing to pick up the needed wood for their fire that evening. It was a simple task that the brothers had taken on when they joined the group at the rock quarry, stumbling upon Daryl out in the woods. Aside from being extremely awkward around the redneck given his face, he deemed them not a real threat and offered to take them back.

“Ye can’t stop staring at ‘im. I see ye, ye know.” Murphy bent down to grab a large branch, nearly dropping everything he had already gathered, but he wouldn’t let the topic drop.

Connor shrugged. “He looks exactly like ye, Murph. How could I not stare? It’s like he could be yer twin ‘stead of me.” Really, he just found the other man fascinating and he wanted to know more about him and his damn crossbow, but it was so much more than that and he couldn’t tell his Murph that.


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Magic Man – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Chapter One

Nick started it, really. Or it could have been Aaron. Who brought the weed again? That was definitely Aaron. Yes definitely. And it was good. Zak felt good. He was floating above the bed he was sitting on, joint between his fingers. Nick sat across from him in the desk chair. When he laughed, Zak saw the musical notes come out of his mouth.

Ok, maybe it was Zak that started it.

He wanted to capture those notes. He had never seen musical notes come out of someone’s mouth before. “Aaron, bro, are you sure this shit isn’t laced with anything?” Zak asked.

Aaron lay on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. “Dude said that it was clean, but man… its some good shit.”


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Ten Years – Zak/Nick

The small wooden boat rocked gently in the dark waters. Bright lights lined the waterway as they passed silently by. Nick held the man in his arms closer, thankful for this quiet time together. “I’m sorry,” Zak whispered, moving closer, half laying on Nick’s body.

Kissing the shell of Zak’s ear, he whispered, “For what?”

“Yelling at you…last night.”

Nick closed his eyes tight. “That wasn’t you, Zak. I know it wasn’t.” The gondalier steered their boat away from a wall with his foot, causing the boat to rock gently.


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Perfect – Zak/Nick

The wind whipped apart the world outside of their hotel room windows, sending debris flying through the air. Zak pulled Nick’s shirtless body in closer as they lay in the bed in their dark room, watching the show as the lightning streaked across the sky. “‘S perfect,” Nick whispered, watching the clouds dance outside the window.


Nick rolled over, resting his body against the front of his lover’s. “This is perfect.”

Zak smiled, leaning his forehead against Nick’s. “Laying here being lazy?”

Lightning streaked across the sky again, lighting up their room. Soft lips caressed each other in the pale, brief light. Nick smiled against Zak’s lips. “Laying here with you, alone, in our hotel room with the storm outside. We can’t do anything; we can’t go anywhere; we can’t film. So we have to be here. 3000 miles away from Las Vegas and I finally get alone time with you.”


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Love Is… – Rick/Daryl

Chapter One

“Daryl, do you know what love is?” Carol asked him.

They had been talking about the garden and having food to eat that wasn’t canned and the intense possibility that he wouldn’t be the sole provider of meat here soon with the hogs coming up to age. The question had kind of come out of left field… at least for Daryl. “The hell you goin’ on about, woman?”

Carol shrugged and smiled that damn smile that meant she knew something he didn’t. He hated that smile. “Just a question.”

“The hell it is.” He took a bite out of the peach he had in his hand, adjusting his crossbow on his shoulder. “Should get goin’ anyway. Runnin’ out of morning and quiet.”


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Just Walk Away – Zak/Nick

Chapter One

Nick watched. Every movement engulfed his senses. He hadn’t noticed when it had become this strong. There had always been something about him, something that drew him to Zak. But now it was almost as if it had become a full blown addiction. Through the lens of the camera it was okay. At least that’s what he had convinced himself. Now… now even just sitting here across from him at dinner, he noticed it. Every movement had a musical score punctuated by his heartbeat. Zak would look up and smile at him and the tempo picked up. Aaron barely registered in his periphery and he hated that. He wasn’t sure which part of it he hated though- that Aaron even registered at all, or that one of his best friends was now on the fringe of his thoughts when they were together. He knew Aaron before he met Zak, but that didn’t even matter now. Continue reading

Deep in Thought – Zak/Nick

He wasn’t really sure when it started. It never really started. It just sort of… evolved. Looks lasted longer, became touches. Those touches quickly filled with desire and need, taking them to where they were today. Fucked.

He could have walked away. He had every chance to. Zak gave him so many outs, so many times where he could have just gotten up and left or said no we can’t do this. We can’t do this. But Nick was never able to form those words. He was never good at saying no to Zak, even though he knew he was the only one that could tell him no and have Zak listen. But he couldn’t do it. He wanted it too. Maybe even more so than Zak. Continue reading