Spiders, Squirrel, and Cabins! Oh my!

Steve sat in the driver’s seat of the tech van, white knuckles glued to the steering wheel. Jason and Grant had already gotten out of their Yukon and were motioning for him and Tango to join them so they could greet the owner of the campground they were going to investigate. Steve looked over at Tango who just simply looked back at him with that deer in headlight look that had become so endearing at times like these. “We’re staying here, in the woods?” Dave asked him.

Steve nodded very slowly. He looked out the windshield at Jay and Grant who seemed to be getting impatient and plotted the most vicious ways of murdering them. Jason stalked over to Steve’s door and pulled it open. “Get out here. Don’t flip out in front of the campground owner or your balls will be mounted on my wall.”

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Blame it on the Vodka – Stango

“Steve?” Tango asked looking up at him through long lashes, his lithe body laid out on the bed. Steve smiled casually back at him. The vodka was settling into their blood, pumping sedation through their bodies. A blunt thumb stroked over Tango’s wet lips. “Kiss me,” he whispered.

The motion seemed slow and clumsy as Steve leaned forward from his sitting position. He put one hand on the bed at each side of Tango’s head, lowering himself down, lips puckering. Wrapping his arms around Steve’s back, Tango eagerly craned his neck up, meeting him halfway. A cautious first kiss, soft lips on soft lips, neither man closing his eyes. Tango lowered his head back down to the pillow, tongue darting out, tasting his lips. Steve followed him down, stopping inches from him. “That was good,” Tango whispered.

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What Tango Found

Tango opened the door to Steve’s closet, their closet, trying to find a place to put all of his stuff. The move in hadn’t been nearly as daunting as he thought it would be, but one thing lingered. They had to clean out the closet. There was just no way they were going to fit Tango’s clothes, Steve’s clothes and all of the random assortment of junk on the floor in the tiny space.

Tango looked down. Just what the hell was all of that? On his hands and knees he started pulling stuff out of the bottom of the closet. Shoes were tossed into a pile, many he was certain hadn’t been worn in awhile, some just needed to be thrown away. A box of paperwork was set aside for Steve to go through. But there was a black gym bag in the back… Tango was impressed by the weight of it as he pulled it from the back of the closet. Unzipping it, his face lit up in surprise.

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