Aaron’s Discovery – Zak/Nick, Zak/Aaron unrequited

Aaron looked out the window at the clouds. Ten thousand feet in the air, fifteen minutes into the four hours of flight time and he was already bored. The half empty plane was eerily quiet. The hum of the engines in his ears was deafening. He could kill two birds with one stone and get half of one camera’s video done. Sighing, Aaron looked over at Zak and Nick. Zak was looking out his own window, bobbing his head to the music blasting into his ears from his Ipod. Nick was passed out next to him, seat back, and snoring softly.

Digging through his equipment bag, he pulled out Nick’s camera and his earbuds. He always volunteered to review Nick’s footage. No one had ever asked him why and he was thankful for that. Zak always talks to Nick’s camera, always gives Nick those little looks, always pays attention to Nick… That was why he always liked to review Nick’s camera. So just for that short time frame, he could pretend Zak was looking at him like that. For that moment in time, Aaron wouldn’t feel like the pesky little brother tagging along. Continue reading