Magic Man – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Chapter One

Nick started it, really. Or it could have been Aaron. Who brought the weed again? That was definitely Aaron. Yes definitely. And it was good. Zak felt good. He was floating above the bed he was sitting on, joint between his fingers. Nick sat across from him in the desk chair. When he laughed, Zak saw the musical notes come out of his mouth.

Ok, maybe it was Zak that started it.

He wanted to capture those notes. He had never seen musical notes come out of someone’s mouth before. “Aaron, bro, are you sure this shit isn’t laced with anything?” Zak asked.

Aaron lay on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. “Dude said that it was clean, but man… its some good shit.”


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Scarefest 2011 – Zak/Aaron, Zak/Nick/Aaron

Zak whined from the passenger seat of the van as they drove to the airport, going home from their lockdown. “What do you mean you can’t come to Scarefest?”

Nick shrugged. “Dude, as of last week, you weren’t going to Scarefest. I have plans to head to Florida to record my album. I can’t cancel that now just because you want me to go. It’s the only time I have to do it.”

Zak scrunched his face. “But Aaron and I are both going.”

“So then you and Aaron get alone time.”

Aaron made a noise behind them in the van. Zak turned and gave him a look. “You don’t want alone time with me?”


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Rainbow Valley – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Chapter One

Zak rolled over on his side to look at Nick. “No, seriously. How awesome would it be?”

Nick shook his head, pulling Zak closer to his body. “No. It’s crazy.”

“No crazier than anything else we’ve done,” he answered, resting his head under Nick’s chin.

“Zak, we would be naked.”


“Ok. So the whole world would be looking at my ass on camera.”


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Hero – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Admitting he was scared was not something he did well. Zak could just not utter those words when he actually meant them. He was the bad ass Zak Bagans, ultimate demon hunter extraordinaire. Nick would sometimes admit when he was scared, which wasn’t very often. Mostly, he was just “startled.” Aaron never realized how easily Nick startled, but he never said anything about it. Aaron though… he was always scared. He was never ashamed to show it.

In private, Zak and Nick always admitted that Aaron was the ultimate bad ass. Every investigation Aaron went off by himself. He knew he could fight with Zak and tell him no, but he went and he stayed. Continue reading

Comfort – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Aaron stared across the limo at the two men that he had spent far too much time with over the past seven years. Zak’s head lay back against the black leather, his breathing labored through his blocked sinuses. Nick texted his wife that they had landed before putting his phone away and pulling Zak over to lay against him. Grunting, he relented, leaning against Nick’s shoulder, sniffling.

Aaron smiled as Nick kissed Zak’s forehead. “Nap when we get there?” he asked.

Zak yawned at the mention of it. He nodded, scooting over so Aaron could come sit next to him. Shaking his head, Aaron stayed where he was, regardless of the pout he was given. “When we get to the hotel, you can get me sick.” Continue reading

Caught in the Slash – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Aaron poked Nick. “These women are trying to steal you from your wife, bro,” he chided as they scrolled down the Tumblr webpage.

Nick chuckled, “Not a chance, man. Not a chance. Most of these girls are after Zak.”

“I wonder if any of them is that one girl that hid in his bushes a few months back…”

“I bet one of them is. Poor Zak. I’m sure she was just a scout. There were others hiding in the woods that would have ran and jumped him.”

Both of them laughed as Zak walked in the door of the GAC offices. “What’s so funny?” he asked. Continue reading