The Bet – Nick/Eminem

Nick had lost the bet. He sighed. He was constantly reminding himself that he should never bet against AJ. The man always won. He had like psychic abilities or something. Nick
shoved his hands in his pockets and thought to himself that AJ should play the fucking lottery instead of making bets with him. He looked up at the numbers on the door. 1537. One large bodyguard stood outside the door looking rather menacing. Nick sighed
again. “Hey,” he said to the bodyguard. He got a nod inresponse. Nick cleared his throat. “Um, can I knock?”
“Mr. Mathers does not want to bothered right now,” he was told.

Nick nodded again. “But you see… I need to talk to… about something…”

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Good Luck – Zak/Nick

Nick toed off his shoes and climbed up on the bed, sprawling out. He watched as Zak went to climb up next to him and shifted, stopping Zak in his tracks. “I believe I said you need to earn that $100.”

Zak rolled his eyes. “Dude, that was for Benjamin Franklin’s gravestone for good luck.”

Nick smirked. “Oh, that $100 will bring you good luck. But, like I said, you have to earn it.” He shrugged, stretching his arms up behind his head. “If you don’t want to play… well then…”

Zak stood up at the foot of the bed and threw his hands in the air. Letting out a dramatic sigh he said, “Okay, what do I have to do?”


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Collared – Zak/Nick

Chapter One

Zak nestled into Nick’s chest. The lockdown had been long. The need for the testosterone high of his on-screen personality had wiped his energy. He breathed deep, inhaling the smell of Nick fresh from the shower. It was this time after the lockdown that he truly loved. Zak would melt into Nick within seconds of the cameras being shut off, allowing someone else to take control.

A strong hand stroked his back as the tv provided a muted background babble. Zak sighed happily, listening to the calm heartbeat beneath his ear. “Happy birthday,” he mumbled.
Nick kissed the back of his head. “Thanks, now go to sleep. Tonight is going to be a long night.” Continue reading

Claimed – Rick/Daryl

They had holed up in a house in a small development far off the main road. None of the houses had even been lived in yet. Most were not even finished being built, but there had been one house at the end of the street that must have been set up as the model home, complete with new furnishings. Rick laughed the laughter of an exhausted man who had felt all hope was lost. The little group wouldn’t all be able to have a bed, but that didn’t matter. They were safe and together. So Terminus had been beyond a bust. They were here and alive and that was all that mattered now.

Except for that whole lack of food thing. But that was only a minor issue…

Everyone insisted that Rick take a bed, who in turn insisted that everyone but him have a bed. Carl stalked around the house, still not entirely forgiving his father in his teenage mind for things that had been out of their control. Rick could care less what his teenage son thought of him at that moment because he still had him. Continue reading