Anniversary – Lance, Eminem

“Here we are again… It’s been a year. I brought you some flowers. I didn’t remember which kind were your favorite. So I just brought the um… fuck… what’d they call it? Oh. Spring Bouquet. It’s got um.. daisies… um.. some purple flowers… some pink flowers.. yellow flowers- daffodils I think. A bunch of stuff. I think you’d like them. They’re all.. I don’t know.” Eminem sat down heavily in the chair next to the bed.

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A Kind Gesture – Lance/Eminem

Lance stumbled out of the back of the bar, his fifteenth beer of the night still in his hand. He sighed and rested his sweaty back against the brick wall, closing his eyes, feeling the sweat drip off his eyelashes. He felt rather than heard someone near him. “Dude, you ok?” the person asked.

The voice was deep with a slight melodic quality. Slowly Lance lifted one eyelid, trying to focus on the blurry face in front of him. All it did was make him dizzy and feel like he was going to throw up. He reeled forward, doubling in half, causing the beer bottle in his hand to crash on the concrete. The last three beers he drank came up and landed on the pavement. A cool hand was placed on his back. “You need a ride home?” the voice asked.

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