Hidden Sanctuary

Dave Tango sat across from Samantha? Mary? Myra? Hell, he couldn’t remember her name. Whoever this girl was that his mother insist he take out to dinner was talking nonstop. Tango relished in the momentary silence when she would take a bite and chew. He really hoped she didn’t want dessert. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take.

His mom knew he was gay. Tango couldn’t understand why she was so insistent that he try to date girls anyway. It wasn’t like he was just going to up and change his mind and decide that, no, he definitely was not attracted to Steve. And no, he definitely did not have mind-blowing fantasies about the things they could do in the back of the tech van. This girl smelled like lilacs. Dave wrinkled his nose. He didn’t want freakin’ lilacs. He wanted the smell of nasty, cooped-up-in-the van-for-hours Steve sweat. He didn’t understand what was so difficult to comprehend about this for his parents. Continue reading

What Tango Found

Tango opened the door to Steve’s closet, their closet, trying to find a place to put all of his stuff. The move in hadn’t been nearly as daunting as he thought it would be, but one thing lingered. They had to clean out the closet. There was just no way they were going to fit Tango’s clothes, Steve’s clothes and all of the random assortment of junk on the floor in the tiny space.

Tango looked down. Just what the hell was all of that? On his hands and knees he started pulling stuff out of the bottom of the closet. Shoes were tossed into a pile, many he was certain hadn’t been worn in awhile, some just needed to be thrown away. A box of paperwork was set aside for Steve to go through. But there was a black gym bag in the back… Tango was impressed by the weight of it as he pulled it from the back of the closet. Unzipping it, his face lit up in surprise.

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Special Investigator – Tango/Ghost Adventures

Chapter One

Nick looked at Zak across the middle console of the SUV. “I can’t believe we agreed to meet him.”

Zak rolled his eyes for what felt like the hundredth time since they agreed to do this. “Its good for publicity, you know that,” he said, taking Nick’s hand up to his mouth, kissing the back of it softly.

“You know he hit on you at the-“

“He did NOT hit on me, Nick,” Zak cut him off. Nick grumbled under his breath. “But wouldn’t it be hot?” he smiled devilishly at him.

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