Magic Man – Zak/Nick/Aaron

Chapter One

Nick started it, really. Or it could have been Aaron. Who brought the weed again? That was definitely Aaron. Yes definitely. And it was good. Zak felt good. He was floating above the bed he was sitting on, joint between his fingers. Nick sat across from him in the desk chair. When he laughed, Zak saw the musical notes come out of his mouth.

Ok, maybe it was Zak that started it.

He wanted to capture those notes. He had never seen musical notes come out of someone’s mouth before. “Aaron, bro, are you sure this shit isn’t laced with anything?” Zak asked.

Aaron lay on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. “Dude said that it was clean, but man… its some good shit.”


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Torn – Zak/Nick

Chapter One

Nick grunted as Zak rolled his hips down against him. “Zak, untie me,” he groaned out as those evil hips swirled before raising again.

“Nope.” Lust filled blue eyes stared intently down into the chocolate browns, almost daring the younger man to challenge him.


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You Ruined Me – Zak/Aaron

Aaron sat on Zak’s front porch steps. The rain poured down in front of him, splashing onto his shoes. Zak wasn’t home, but Aaron had made up his mind. Tonight was the night. He was going to wait for him to get here, even if it took all night. He knew where he was and who he was with. The only fear he had was that Billy would come home with him.

I could be the first to let you know
That nothing means anything
Now I’m standing here outside your door in the pouring rain

Aaron leaned back against the front door. He heard Ridley claw at it with his little paws and whimper. He knew who was on the other side. Closing his eyes, Aaron hoped that Zak came home that night. He didn’t want to be out here still in the morning. That would look desperate, and he wasn’t about to look desperate. Of course, he knew it probably wouldn’t go like it did in his head. It probably wasn’t going to be the fairy tale that he envisioned. It’s not like he planned on this.


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Why don’t you stay? – Zak/Nick, Zak/Billy

Zak lay there, watching the numbers tick on the clock on his bedside table. Nick’s body was nestled snugly behind him, one arm thrown over, forehead buried in the back of his neck. But he knew it wouldn’t last.

I’ve been sitting here staring at the clock on the wall
And I’ve been laying here praying, praying she won’t call

Soft lips met his shoulder blade as Nick shifted. “You ok?” he whispered sleepily.

Zak sighed. “I don’t want you to leave tonight.”


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Vampire – Zak/Nick

Nick rolled his eyes. “You are not a fucking vampire, Zak. Seriously.”

Zak shielded his face from the hot desert sun with his arm up in the air. “I seriously think I’m turning into one, bro. I just can’t take this sun anymore.”

Nick walked over to the older man, pulling his long sleeve black tshirt up. “Well, you’re not burning to ashes, so I think you’ll survive.”

Zak bared his teeth at Nick, yanking his shirt back down. “Careful, I might make you my first victim!”

Rolling his head over to the side, baring his neck, he retorted, “Oh please, Zak! Come suck on my neck!”


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Triangle – Zak/Aaron, Zak/Nick

Aaron had never intended for it to go this far. Never. But it had… and they did… and man… He wasn’t going to say he regretted it, because he didn’t, but maybe he should have called Nick and warned him before their next lockdown.

Instead, here he was, awkwardly sitting next to an overly energetic and happy Zak, trying hard to avoid the accusatory gaze from Nick from across the table. Maybe a text message would have been safer than a phone call, but that point was moot now. Aaron shifted uncomfortably in his seat as Zak rested his hand on his arm momentarily while telling a story. Nick’s stare never faltered. Billy sat next to Nick in a happy, ignorant daze half listening to Zak and seemingly half wondering when he was going to shut up. In his own defense, Nick had broken up with Zak, if you could call it breaking up when you never even said you were together. Then Nick had left and Zak is a needy little bitch. ‘Come do this with me,’ lead to ‘stay with me,’ which lead to something of a physical relationship he never expected to have with a man, let alone his best friend.


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The Ring – Zak/Nick

Nick sat on the edge of the bed that he had sometimes shared with his wife over the past 10 years. His gold wedding band felt heavy on his fingertips. The filtered sunlight coming through the curtained window seemed to shine directly on the engraving he remembered special ordering so long ago. Love you forever. His parents had told him to wait. Why did he want to get married so young? He didn’t really understand then why he wanted to get married. He was 19. He thought he was in love. This was the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with and maybe raise a family. Then they started planning for their wedding. Nick could pinpoint the day he fell out of love with his wife. May 19th. Zak and Nick’s first unofficial date. Nick had called him on the premise that he wanted to discuss the music for the wedding, as Zak was deejaying for them. When Zak got to the small restaurant, Nick had admitted that he didn’t call him to talk about music. He spent that night and the next at Zak’s apartment. Continue reading

Tension – Zak/Nick, Aaron

Aaron knew his position. It was something that was never going to change, but he had resigned himself to it. He was the goofball. The one that was left to the sidelines and gave all the glory to Zak. He was happy with that. After all, Zak deserved it. He was the idiot that was provoking these entities. He brought them all together. He created this Ghost Adventures Crew.

So here he was. Standing in the middle of a friggin cornfield. Waiting. Why? Because Zak told him to stand here. He could hear movement around him and he hoped and prayed that it was either Nick or Zak or maybe even the wind. Actually, he really hoped it was the wind. The wind was less likely to play a prank or jump out at him. Though Zak wouldn’t do that… Nick totally would. He was an asshole like that. Aaron sighed and scratched his bald head.


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Ten Years – Zak/Nick

The small wooden boat rocked gently in the dark waters. Bright lights lined the waterway as they passed silently by. Nick held the man in his arms closer, thankful for this quiet time together. “I’m sorry,” Zak whispered, moving closer, half laying on Nick’s body.

Kissing the shell of Zak’s ear, he whispered, “For what?”

“Yelling at you…last night.”

Nick closed his eyes tight. “That wasn’t you, Zak. I know it wasn’t.” The gondalier steered their boat away from a wall with his foot, causing the boat to rock gently.


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Tease – Zak/Nick

Nick watched as Zak’s hands trailed down her hips, hips gyrating against her ass in beat with the bass of the music at the bar. Laying his hand flat against her stomach, he rolled his body against her, watching Nick watch him. Zak’s lips parted in a silent moan as she ground back against him, the music pulsing through his body.

Nick took a swig of his beer. His body was responding to the movements of the man he couldn’t keep his eyes off of and it was driving him crazy. Sweat beaded on his forehead and chest as his heart beat in time with the bass. Licking his lips, Nick’s throat felt dry. Zak knew watching him dance with women drove him insane.


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